When To Use Silk Plants And Artificial Trees

Live plants are often the first choice for corporate or business office settings. In many cases, though, silk plants and trees are a more appropriate option. The following is a run-down of environmental, maintenance, cost, and other factors to take into consideration while planning your next commercial interior landscaping project.

Tropical Plant Maintenance Draft
Installing silk trees in a lobby area is an effective way to make a good first impression on visitors. At the same time, these areas are often drafty and subject to temperature swings, making for poor conditions for indoor tropical plants. Silk plants, meanwhile, are durable, weatherproof alternatives for casinos and other commercial projects.

Live plants require proper lighting conditions. Silk plant products, in contrast, are a viable choice for darker conference rooms, offices, or other indoor office settings with little available natural light.

Hard-to-reach areas and areas with electrical equipment can be precarious for maintaining live green plants. Silk plants and trees don't require watering and other routine maintenance that could put your staff in potentially dangerous situations, making them a safer alternative.
Heavy Tropical Plants

Load Bearing
Live tropical plants can be very heavy due to the weight of the soil and water they require. When the load bearing capacity of an area is a concern, silk trees are a much lighter alternative. As an added benefit, they can also bolt securely to the floor.

Secure Areas
Maintenance is an important part of the health of green plants. In private offices, and secure areas, this can pose regularly scheduled maintenance challenges. Here, low maintenance silk plants are a smart choice.

Creating an attractive theme requires authenticity. Sourcing indoor tropical plants for jungle or rainforest themes, though, often requires placing palm trees and other tropical species in an unnatural setting, leading to high maintenance costs and continual upkeep. In contrast, silk versions are a low maintenance and truly authentic looking when constructed by a reputable manufacturer; in addition plants can be used to define spaces and provide scale.

Last, live plants require watering, cleaning, fertilizing, pruning, and disease and insect control treatments. Silk plants only require light dusting from time to time. Although installation costs for Replica plants are typically a bit higher, their lower maintenance costs make them less expensive over the long haul and worth considering for your next commercial project.

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