Lady Gaga Uses Silk Trees as Theater Scenic Props

White Tie and Tiara Ball
Recently silk trees have made an appearance in Hollywood and the obituaries. Sound incredibly obscure? We thought so too, and here’s a quick run-down.

Initially when we saw Lady Gaga and silk plants in the same article, we assumed a far-out costume was soon to be referenced, but quickly learned otherwise. Lady Gaga, The current queen of popular culture, unveiled her newest song at Elton John’s infamous White Tie and Tiara Ball. As if Gaga’s costumes weren't spectacle enough, silk trees were used for stage decoration, with performance artists dramatically suspended from the tree limbs.

On a more solemn, head-scratching note, a deer crashed through a church door in Massachusetts and later died. The panicked animal had broken through glass and cut its neck severely, leading to a fatal end. What, then, ties a church break-in, a deer, and artificial plants together? Apparently, in what you might find in a dark and dramatic independent film scene, an office administrator arrived to find that the deer had used a silk Ficus tree from an office as its final resting spot, laying peacefully among the silk foliage and tree stems.

So to answer the million dollar question that has been sweeping the nation -- What do Lady Gaga and a dead deer have in common? -- we finally have an answer. Silk trees.

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