iPad Plants vs. Zombies

plants vs. zombies app You can decide for yourself whether the iPad is truly a revolutionary device or just a passing fad. We were excited to learn, regardless, that there is a new app game for the iPad called Plants vs. Zombies. In this tower defense game, your job is to plant a variety of foliage that shoot thorns and other plant-style armaments to stop zombies from entering your house.

On a more sober note, we were reminded of the real life dangers that artificial plants and trees can pose when they are not manufactured with fire retardant foliage. A Marion, OH woman was startled to find that a fire had broken out in her home after coming back from gathering wood outside. The fire started from an incense candle that ignited an artificial plant nearby. As our own fire retardant plant tests (video) have shown, artificial plants that are not properly protected can be very dangerous for hotels, offices, restaurants, and other commercial properties. The woman was unharmed and thankful she returned when she did, as her house was not entirely destroyed.

Tallest Palm Tree Record Tallest Palm Tree Measurement Last but not least, an artificial palm tree competition was recently held in a Poland village to celebrate Palm Sunday. The annual event saw a new height record, with the winner reaching 35.1 yards tall. To the participants, the palm trees symbolize both sacrifice and rebirth.

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