Plant Decorated Hidden Cameras, Soil Readers, and Humidifiers

Silk Plant Technology

With technology becoming more and more a part of our daily lives it was only a matter of time before the silk plant industry got in the game. As you'll see in the examples below, faux plants are being used as soil meters, humidifiers and cloak and dagger spy tools reminiscent of your favorite James Bond movies. Not surprisingly, the "devices" discussed perform many of the same functions as normal silk plants -- to enhance, shape, or disguise contraptions or sights that are best served hidden.

Silk Plant Easy Bloom The Easy Bloom Plus is an innovative device outfitted with technology used on the Mars rover that will bring out the geeky side of any gardner. Outfitted with soil sampling technology, the Easy Bloom collects sunlight and soil readings. The tech savvy gardner can then remove the device and plug it in to a usb port of any computer to analyze the data. The best feature of may be its look, which resembles a real plant and is hard for any observer to detect without knowing it's there. Silk Plant Humidifier

Having a hard time remembering when to re-fill your humidifier? The Bionic Humidifier will remind you in a familiar and (according to the manufacturer) emotional way. When your humidifier water gets low, the plant will actually sag like a normal plant when it needs to be fed. Fill it up and the plant returns to its healthy, perky self and provides you with a happy plant-parent glow.

If you're looking for new and interesting ways to surveil and gather information from your arch enemies, look no further than Dynaspy, a company that provides silk plant hidden camera equipment. Whether it's a nanny cam, a business surveillance system, or anything else you can dream up, a harmless looking silk plant just may be too outrageous to arouse suspicion. Silk Plants and Hidden Cameras

In each of these cases, technology was used to take silk plants to a new level by combining form and function. Though hard to categorize as a necessity, all of these devices will no doubt satisfy your technological curiosity.

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