Decorative Column Covers and Faux Wood Post Wraps

Tree Bark Column Cover

If you’re an architect or interior designer looking to improve a commercial space , you’ve likely run into obtrusive columns or posts. They block site lines, pose troubling configuration issues, and often look downright ugly. Too bad they can’t just be torn down, right? Seeing as how columns provide the support that keeps buildings upright, this probably isn’t a good idea in most cases. That’s where a decorative column cover or a nice faux wood post wrap comes in handy.

Column Covers and Faux Wood Post Wraps Column covers and wraps come in all different shapes and sizes, for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Most obvious are the colonial style or parthenon-esque columns that have graced college and government building foyers for centuries. Less obvious is a simple wood texture, like that which adorns the columns of the JW Terrill lobby crafted by St. Louis Woodworks. Or a basic metal wrap, more durable for outdoors, like the minimalist aluminum columns designed for the AtlantiCare Medical Center by Bamco, Inc. Even less obvious are silk or artificial trees used as decorative column covers.

Tree Bark Wraps That probably sounds a little awkward at first -- artificial trees as column covers -- but it makes quite a bit of sense when you think about it, especially for commercial spaces that need more green, or a casino, zoo or waterpark looking to accentuate a theme.

Artificial tree column covers are normally made in two parts and then assembled around columns on site. They can be custom manufactured at any height, and can be made to go all the way up to the ceiling, or even to look as though they grew through the ceiling, with traces of foliage placed artfully near the top for a jack-and-the-beanstalk effect.

Tree Column Cover Like making lemonade with lemons, architects and designers can turn a bad column or post situation into a inspired design or theme with a little imagination, whether it’s a wood or metal wrap, or a vibrant artificial tree.

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