Decorative Boxwood Provides Glitzy Backdrop for a Paris Hilton Premier

faux boxwood mat

You know you work for an decorative boxwood producer when you notice the background of a premiere party photo shoot before the, shall we say, somewhat hard to ignore figure standing in front of it.

That’s right, the backdrop material behind Paris Hilton for the premier party of “The World According to Paris” is none other than (drum role please): artificial boxwood!

Clearly, a star is born. artificial hedges

All glitz and glamour aside, decorative artificial boxwood has been toiling on the interior and exterior landscaping scenes for a while now, waiting for a big break. It is often used unceremoniously as artificial boxwood mats, or tiled sections that can be easily assembled for almost any occasion. It has been made into durable boxwood topiary plants and trees, as fake hedges, and for sprucing up conference event bars.

Lately, decorative boxwood seems to have found its stride, taking small jobs and parlaying them into bigger, more dramatic roles: lifelike boxwood animals, trendy restaurant walls, large scale casinos, and now the red carpet.

decorative boxwood privacy screen The unenlightened may say that Paris Hilton is responsible for all the attention being heaped on decorative boxwood, but those in the silk plant and tree industry know different. With its U/V protected, fire retardant, and luminous green foliage, boxwood will prove to be a survivor, gracing the biggest stages in a long and successful career.

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