Redefining Landscaping for the 21st Century—Artificial Boxwood Topiary

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Topiaries add grace and charm to any setting, giving off a decorative yet elegant feel. The advantage of using topiaries in your interior space is that they come in various shapes and sizes, and hence can be used in diverse ways—given the pride of place in the centre of a mall or hotel lounge, or tucked away snugly into little corners and alcoves. Boxwood is an ideal plant to shape into topiaries, as the dense shrubbery and deep green leaves make it an attractive plant to be kept indoors. However, tending after a real boxwood plant can be tiresome as they grow quickly and are subject to pest attack. That is why using artificial boxwood topiaries for decorating interior spaces is fast becoming a popular practice.

Advantages of using artificial plants
There are numerous advantages of using artificial plants over real ones for bringing in a dash of green into your homes.

  • Artificial plants require no maintenance—and thus are ideal for commercial spaces where the number of footfalls can damage the plants easily.

  • Interior spaces usually admit very little sunlight, thus plants like boxwood and vines will find it difficult to survive.

  • Boxwood grows quickly, and might require constant pruning and snipping—there is no undergoing this headache for artificial plants.

  • Several varieties of artificial boxwood can be made-to-order in various designs, thus avoiding the onerous debacle of constantly keeping them in shape

Advantages of using artificial boxwood topiaries:
Boxwood is called “Man’s oldest garden ornamental”, so it has been around as a favourite decor plant for quite some time. The American boxwood variety Buxus sempervirens is a medium sized plant with thick, tiny leaves a vibrant green in color. These can be easily imitated with polyester or synthetic fiber, and striations, wrinkles and other realistic devices can be added by hand-painting. Boxwood faux plants are in high demand for interior design for several reasons; some of them are as follow:

  • The flexibility and the number of ways they can be employed in ornamentation:

You can put boxwood hedges on window-boxes, or place individual topiaries at doorways and other corners, or fix them on the edges of an interior garden you plan. Tiny boxwood topiaries can also be placed at reception desks or employee work-spaces to liven up the atmosphere with a streak of green.

  • The shapes of boxwood topiaries:

The sheer number of variations of boxwood topiaries—balls, cones, spirals, balls-and-spirals etc, are an excellent advantage to reduce monotony and improvise on decorating options.

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