Exoticness Is Affordable – Because Faux Japanese Bonsais Are Here

Artificial bonsai trees

Bonsai plants are absolutely mesmerizing and gorgeous landscaping products. For anyone that is looking to redecorate his office, commercial or residential space by installing a beautiful landscape, bonsai plants are highly recommended. Bonsai plants are gaining popularity amongst landscape artists across the globe. This ancient Japanese method of dwarfing plants and shrubs has caught the interest of horticulturist and gardeners across in the Western world too. As Commercial Silk Int'l we have a fabulous range of bonsai plants for your selection.


Several Varieties Of Bonsai Plants Available


As Commercial Silk Int'l we have a wide range of bonsai plants for you to choose from. Some of these plants include Acacia bonsai trees, azalea bonsai flowering, and non-flowering plants, hawthorn bonsai trees, ironwood bonsai trees, Japanese bonsai trees, Ming aralia bonsai trees, Monterey pine bonsai, Rocky Mountain bonsai trees, scotch pine bonsai trees, windswept acacia bonsai, and many others. From this vast selection, you can choose bonsai plants and trees that best suit the requirements of your landscapes. You can also have a look at the pictures of each bonsai plant on the Commercial Silk Int'l webpage and finalize which one is most appealing to you.


Bonsai Plants Available In Several Sizes


The artificial bonsai plants and trees available with Commercial Silk Int'l come in numerous different sizes. Some faux bonsai plants are close to 24,” and others are towering high over about 6’. Depending on the location of your landscape, you can select plants that fit the surroundings appropriately. If you’re installing an outdoor landscape, then the taller bonsai trees are recommended. People installing indoor landscapes are better off using the shorter bonsai trees for convenience.


Fire Retardant Bonsai Plants For Your Safety


Installing just any artificial plants that are available in the market can prove to be a disaster. Not all artificial plants are fire retardant and safe for installation in public places. With the beautiful faux bonsai trees and plants offered by Commercial Silk Int'l are concerned, you need not worry about fire hazards. These artificial landscaping products are impregnated with fire retardant chemicals that prevent them from being susceptible to fires. These plants can be installed in homes, offices and public places without any worries of the surroundings going up in flames due to any mishaps.


Install Landscapes Almost Anywhere To Give The Surroundings A Makeover


The best part about the Commercial Silk Int'l bonsai trees is that they can be installed almost anywhere. People put them in Indoor as well as outdoor landscapes. Here’s a list of places where these trees are popularly Installed:


  • Spas, salons, meditation centers, psychiatric facilities and clinics, hospitals, offices, restaurants, and doctor’s clinics can be given a calmer and more serene atmosphere with these beautifully twisted bonsai trees.
  • Homes, diners, hotels with an oriental theme, resorts, parks, gardens, conference rooms, stadiums, and coffee shops can be given a makeover with the installation of the faux bonsais.
  • Pubs, lounges, airports, movie theatres, art galleries, museums, parking lots, malls, and boutiques are also great places to install the artificial landscaping products.


Minimal Care For Faux Bonsai Trees


You probably didn’t know this, but real bonsai trees require tremendous care and maintenance. These bonsai trees need to be regularly trimmed, wired and provided sunlight. Bonsai plants don’t survive if not given enough sunlight on a daily basis. The wiring of the bonsai trees is done in order to shape the tree in the way you want. Further, bonsai plants cannot be left to grow wild else they will lose their identity of being a bonsai plant. In the case of the faux bonsai plants offered by Commercial Silk Int'l, you need not worry about maintenance. Being artificial these trees will not grow in size and neither will they require any sunlight to flourish. Further, the faux bonsai trees come in the twisted shapes already, so you won’t need to wire them on a regular basis either. Lastly, the artificial bonsai plants don’t require watering either.


Climatic And Weather Conditions


There are a few bonsai trees that can withstand extreme climatic conditions, but most bonsai trees need moderate climatic conditions to survive. You don’t have to worry about the weather conditions in your surroundings as far as the faux bonsai trees are concerned. These artificial plants have been manufactured to withstand all kinds of climates and temperatures. People who live in a city that has strong sunlight throughout the year don’t have to worry about the leaves of the faux bonsai trees losing their color because of the harsh rays of the sun. The artificial bonsais can even withstand freezing winter weather and rainy weather without spoiling.


Classy And Charming Bonsai Trees For The Perfect Makeover


The shapes and twists in a bonsai tree make them exceptionally unique and captivating. Any place that needs a classy and elegant makeover can be given one with the help of the bonsai trees. These trees come in flowering options too that can help add color and life to a drab and dull surrounding. The bonsai trees also come in monochromatic options that can give the surroundings a unique and mystical vibe. Depending on the kind of makeover you’re looking to give your home or office space, you can have a wide range of plants for selection.


Extremely Realistic Bonsai Plants For Your Landscape


The bonsai trees available at Commercial Silk Int'l are extremely realistic and lifelike. The flowers, leaves, twisted and twirled branches and trunks of the faux bonsai trees resemble their real counterparts in an identical manner. Even the most trained and experienced bonsai experts are often led into believing that the faux trees are real. Installing these beautiful landscaping products within your surroundings will give the place vibrant and enchanting vibes. So, the next time you wish to redecorate your home or office space to give it an exotic and quaint feel, you should consider investing the faux bonsai trees offered by Commercial Silk Int'l.

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