Does Your Retail Store's Exterior Inspire Customers to Hop In? Read This

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As we live in a visual world, the physical appearance of everything matters. When it comes to visiting a shop, the exterior plays a significant role.  With the increasing cut-throat competition in the retail market, a continuous inward flow of customers is essential for the survival and success of the business.  But to achieve this, the retail stores must understand the behavior of the customers and must meet their demands.


Although the number of the online shops is increasing with every sunrise, the brick and mortar shops can never be ignored as a significant number of potential buyers prefer to visit the physical shops for buying goods. Since the exterior of a retail store is the first point of contact with the onlookers, an attractive commercial exterior is sure to convert the onlookers to visitors, and ultimately make them loyal to the brand.


While there are many factors for influencing a purchase decision, a well-decorated commercial exterior is also great for luring the potential shoppers. As the customers put their first step into the shop, your litmus test starts. This is because the retail indoor must also be well-planned to keep them interested in maximizing the sales. Studies also indicate that the exterior strongly influences customer behavior and their purchase decision. The present-day customers prefer a clean shop with proper categorization and sufficient illumination.


While it is essential to understand the products and the target customers for boosting the inward traffic up, there are some basic decor strategies that can help your shop to be different from your competitors and have a continuous flow of customers. Here are some of these ideas that you may like to consider.


Entice the customers


Understand the brand, the customers and what you like to convey, and then exploit the full potential of the exterior of the retail store for drawing the customers towards it.  This can be done by displaying digital signs and advertising the best deals on the outside of the premises. Whatever you promote, that should tell a story. Before you show something, make sure that it is at the eye level of the potential shoppers.


Create winning window displays


No matter what is the size and type of the retail store, a winning window display is like a billboard that can make you stand apart from the competition and attract more traffic to the store. More than often, the store windows are annoying and distracting. To make people look at your window, you must start with a theme, create excellent focal points and consider lighting. When displaying items, a balance should be maintained between the larger and smaller items to create a sense of harmony. You can also surprise the potential shoppers by avoiding the predictable, for getting noticed.


Take advantage of colors


Colors have a significant impact on shopper’s behavior. A majority of the buyers buy items influenced by colors only. Colors are also great for attracting people. Using bold colors on the exterior will make your shop attractive. Like the exterior, the interior of the retail shops must have the right color for influencing a purchase. Use orange and brown colors to make the store inviting, and the use of blue or green color will deliver a calm and soothing effect. Colors can also pop up a product and help to create an excellent brand image.


Engage the senses


Engaging the senses of the visitors is another excellent way to make a retail store attractive to the shoppers. Scents and soft music bring back memories and triggers emotions. Soft music makes people relaxed, and a pleasant subtle scent also influences perception. Creating artificial waterfalls adds to the beauty of the retail stores and makes it visually appealing.


Layout holds the key


A well-thought design is essential for influencing the visitors to stay longer in the shop. Your entrance is the most vital point in the shop and, therefore, it should have a beautiful display of colors and lighting for luring the customers to step in. Majority of the people turn right when entering a store. The product that you want to highlight most should be placed here for impressing the customers. As no one likes to be confused, the goods should be displayed in order, so that similar items are clubbed together. Enough floor space should also be there so that people can move freely inside the stores.


Open up with lighting


Lighting is the key to attractive retail stores. Nothing, other than lighting, can brighten up a place to the shopper’s delight. Light up the exterior including the windows and the store indoor for a glam effect. Depending on the items displayed you can choose LED illumination for highlighting the same.


Include artificial greens


Humans have a subconscious need for connecting with nature. Studies suggest that when people are near green elements, they feel more relaxed and the greeneries positively affect human psychology. A beautiful exterior landscape can make your retail store stand out from the crowd. When there is a lush green periphery in the urban area, it attracts people and including silk plants in the indoor of the store is sure to create a calm and soothing ambiance for the shoppers.


The faux plants are in ways better than their natural cousins. These do not require particular soil and, therefore, you can install them anywhere regardless of the location of the retail stores. These do not shade any leaves keeping you free from the worry of clearing the mess underneath. Since these are made 100% botanically correct, they cannot be distinguished from the live plants. Made from premium quality plastics, strong, colorfast pigment, and infused with UV blocking chemicals, these can withstand harsh sun rays, rain, and snow. These need no maintenance and once installed, stay there long. You can also use these cost-effective items for creating excellent focal points both outdoor and indoor.

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