Artificial Boxwood Mats - the Most Versatile Artificial Product of the Summer

Artificial boxwood mat

If you are looking for the most versatile and jaw-dropping landscaping product for an edgy look at your commercial zone, your search ends here as it is the most innovative idea in landscaping and the classy look with unbeatable features ideal for commercial zones makes it the top choice. We believe offices and industrial zones have different requirements and similarly, the commercial landscapes need a different approach as it’s visited by loads of people who come for doing business on a daily basis. The landscape should be classy and elegant with alluring beauty to charm its visitors.

Greenery and commercial landscapes

Greenery is among the most effective ingredients for a stunning landscape. The rejuvenating touch of nature is what commercial zones strive for and adding some lush green shade at your office or outlet will have surprising effects. It will not only give a rejuvenating ambiance and infuse refreshing vibes but will also make the landscape special in the dull concrete jungle. You must know the pain and hassle if you have used any plant or any other form of greenery in your commercial space. If not messy, they are high maintenance products and require extra care.

In case you haven’t used any greenery in a commercial place, here are the problems:


  •     Messy interiors- no matter where you place them, they will create dirty surroundings. Dead leaves, twigs and often insects hamper the commercial environment.
  •     Optimum conditions- plants and trees need an optimum condition to grow, and you can’t place them interiors or in the absence of sunlight as they won’t increase.
  •     Short lifespan- you must have wondered that the plants have the shortest lifespan among all landscaping items. Why not switch to a more durable one?
  •     High maintenance- plants require regular watering and pruning with occasional fertilization for looking fresh. This is a significant drawback at commercial zones and watering on holidays will be a problem.
  •     Limited beautification- using real plants at commercial places adds certain limits and constraints as you won’t get the freedom to create the look you want. Some plants are very delicate and sensitive to changes in the environment.


You have surely struck out green plants from your list of commercial landscaping items by now. But you will be happy to know that. You can still have the beautiful natural green touch in your market space sans the drawbacks. The new range of next-generation landscaping item is known as faux boxwood mats, and it is prepared using the latest techniques to fit perfectly in your commercial zone and give it an unmatched beauty for the visitors to cherish every bit of their stay.

Faux boxwood mats- revolutionary landscaping item

Ever fancied an entirely living, green wall or any other surface to freshen up the mood of your visitors in your otherwise dull, workaholic environment? This is the ideal way to kill the monotony at commercial places and fill it with rejuvenating vibes. The faux boxwood mats are easy to fix anywhere, and they can convert any dull surface into living greenery. The best part about the boxwood mats is that they are made from the top quality synthetic material which resembles the living variety of the boxwood.

Here are some of the stunning advantages of creating absolute landscaping wonders with the synthetic boxwood mats:


  •     Create living walls and surfaces- you can convert any dull wall into a living surprise by using faux boxwood mats. It will not only look amazing but will serve attention seeking purpose as well.
  •     Charming natural vibes- well, that is what your commercial landscapes strives for, rejuvenating vibes to treat your visitors to make their visit a memorable one.
  •     Unique beauty- why follow the rest when you can have such magnificent landscapes with the simple product? Get ready to greet your visitors to the extraordinary landscape of awe-inspiring beauty.
  •     Zero maintenance- the synthetic boxwood mats are ideal for all landscapes and require no maintenance. You can use it indoors as well as outdoors for stunning landscapes.
  •     Durable landscapes- artificial boxwood mats give highly sustainable landscapes capable of withstanding rain, direct sun or snow as they are made from the top quality material.


These attributes make it the best item for creating some of the commercial landscaping wonders. The mesmerizing beauty is unbeatable to any other landscaping item, and the unique look will give your commercial zone an edgy look. The uniqueness can be used to draw more visitors and increase the sales.

Some of the landscaping wonders

You just started to think about artificial boxwood hedges for your next commercial landscaping makeover. Here are some of the landscaping wonders you can create using them:


  •     Green living walls (outdoor) - green walls just outside your retail space will be a great way to attract everyone’s attention in the dull, dreary landscape. It’s elegant, unique, and also classy.
  •     Green living walls (indoor) - ever wondered about having a green wall right at your reception? It can be true if you convert any dull looking surface at your commercial space and give it the lively green shade.
  •     Screen- you can create innovative displays at your retail space with the artificial Boxwood mats. They are widely used at resorts and hotels.
  •     Fence- faux boxwood mats can be excellent fencing materials as they can create different barriers around your office.
  •     Green surfaces- green surfaces can change the face of landscaping at clubs and pubs where people will adore the beauty and also enjoy the natural vibes.


While placing the faux boxwood mats, keep in mind to put them within the visible range of the visitors, and it is best if it is the focal point of everyone. For example, changing the wall on which TV set is installed into a lively green one will create a better effect. There are no hard rules about landscaping with faux boxwood mats; just let your imagination and creativity run free.

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