Trade Show Booth Designers Turning to Artificial Plants and Trees

Artificial Plants in Tradeshow Booth Designs

Trade show designers and exhibitors have turned to artificial plants and trees recently, sprucing up (no pun intended) their booths while streamlining logistics. It makes sense: you put countless hours into the design, ship it out, set it up, wear out your shoes and jaw standing and talking for three days, pack it up, and send it off to the next one. You better be efficient, and you better have a design that stands out from your competitors next door. Silk Tree Booth Design

A few benefits of going silk:

- Staying fresh. For booths that move from show to show, live plants are not cost-effective. Silk plants don't wilt or lose their leaves in shipping and only need a little touch up to look good as new.

- Creating themes. Booth designers have used Commercial Silk Int'l silk plants and trees to convey forest themes, such as this Aspen Rocky Mountain booth for guitar company Two Old Hippies, and this Central Park booth for The Ladders.


Government Officials Water Artificial Plants

Carrie Underwood likes to make a splash in her personal and professional life, whether it's dating Coybows star quarterback Tony Romo, or screaming out lyrics on stage. Recently, though, she's taken it to new heights with her concert set design, which featured a virtual fake forest and a rope swing hanging from a giant artificial tree limb.

Silk Plant Maintenance Our beloved US government, known for it's slowness and insatiable appetite for paperwork, put out a bid looking for a company to water its artificial plants. To be fair, the contract did also call for watering live plants. Bidders with a GSA Contract were expected to submit a quote on a very short deadline prior to the end of the department fiscal year, which may have led to the editorial oversight.


Outdoor Artificial Grass for Business Property

Artificial Grass

In Brockton, MA this week, a judge ordered a car wash owner to remove artificial grass he had installed on his business property, citing the dictionary definition of landscaping in his ruling. The owner had installed it because of how impractical and expensive it was to maintain real grass in his place of business, and is vowing to appeal the decision.


Press Release: Commercial Silk Int'l Creates CAD Drawings of Silk Plants and Artificial Trees for Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects

New library of 2D CAD Drawings and 3-Part Product Specifications of silk plants available for free download.

Free CAD Drawings and 3-Part Specs for Artificial Trees

Minneapolis, MN, December 1, 2009 -- -- Commercial Silk Int'l, a leading manufacturer of silk plants and artificial trees, has created 2D CAD drawings and 3-Part Product Specifications for its extensive catalog of artificial plant products. Building Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects are now able to create entire interior landscaping plans by selecting from Commercial Silk's library of silk plant and tree drawings. The 2D CAD drawings include elevation details and plan views of both the plant and the planter. In addition, each artificial tree and plant has a 3-Part Product Specification. The plant specifications are written according to MasterSpec which was developed by the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and incorporates Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 3-Part Format, MasterFormat 2004 Edition.


Artificial Boxwood Featured in Hospitality Design Magazine

Artificial Boxwood Featured in

Recently featured in Hospitality Design Magazine is San Diego's wine parlor, Vine De Syrah. The magazine's article, Fantastic Voyage, illustrates how our artificial Boxwood mat became empirical to the design of the secret underground lounge, a design that Michael Soriano delightfully created with complete freedom.

The street level entrance adroit with graffiti demands an instant reaction, and the downward staircase leads patrons past a heat blasting condenser to the underground entrance, disguised with artificial Boxwood panels cladding the door. Soriano wanted to " into the whole psychological sense of going into a subterranean environment", and in fact he does while delighting and intensifying all senses. Once patrons figure out how to enter the wine lounge, they can step inside to this welcoming and comfortable childlike mirage, where more Boxwood panels suit up the walls and oversized decor furnishes the semi private lounges. An opulence of mirrors both overhead and on the walls create an illusiveness to the lounge, while feeling comfortably connected inside.


Apartment Fire Reminds us of the Importance of Fire Retardant Silk Plants

Apartment Fire Involves Artificial Plants

Five people in Frederick, Maryland were rescued from an apartment fire that was ignited in a silk plant on the top floor. The silk plant caught fire from a nearby lit candle, and the flames spread to the resident's couch then quickly blazed throughout the apartment. The fire was contained to the one apartment, but spread into the roof, causing other apartments to have smoke and water damage; overall damage to the building, including the contents of the building estimate around $150,000. Two people rescued were on outdoor balconies and three other people were assisted down the complex stairs.


Artificial Boxwood Creates Faux Hedge in Domino Magazine

Faux Boxwood Hedge

Domino Magazine recently featured a homeowner who used artificial Boxwood to create a hedge and provide a visual screen from an unsightly chain-link fence. The plastic Boxwood hedges were installed in decorative planter boxes that were staged alongside the fence. In addition to using fake Boxwood, the homeowner used live plants in the display in order to create the illusion that the hedge was real. The use of artificial Boxwood was a creative and affordable solution that created an intimate outdoor entertaining space for the homeowner and guests.


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