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Bird Of Paradise for creating your personal heaven at your workplace

Working at a stretch often becomes very tiring. Often we need something to soothe our mind as well as our soul. Somebody can relax while listening to music whereas there are others who get solace in uniting with nature. Now, having an office right amidst trees and is not possible, so why not bring nature within your reach? If not the real ones, you can definitely go for their artificial replacements. Strelitzia reginae or Bird of Paradise is a very popular ornamental plant. It can grow well in any place that receives sunlight and warmth. If not the original ones, we can choose their substitutes for the purpose.

The Bird Of Paradise Plant and Its Enigmatic Appearance

The Bird Of Paradise Plant is itself a beauty at its best. So, a beautifully crafted plant to emulate the real one to the finest perfection, will also enhance the beauty of any place where it is kept. Capable of creating an exotic beauty, this kind of indoor plant looks quite similar to a banana plant. These plants are available in quite a number of varieties and are made of very high quality polyester silk. This ensures the natural appearance of the plant. The plants look so lively, that anyone who sees them will hardly be able to differentiate between the original ones and their counterparts. The plants can be chosen with or without flowers. For only a green look, the without flower ones are preferable.

How To Keep A Bird Of Paradise Plant At Your Workplace?

When you have finally taken the decision to keep a Bird of Paradise plant in your workplace, or for that matter anywhere you like, you have to decide the place where you can keep them. A plastic pot or a decorative planter can be used for the purpose. If someone buys an unspotted plant or a plant that comes in a weighted plastic planter, then one can choose any kind of pot to place them. The number of pots available in the market is many and one can choose them depending on the interior decoration of the workplace. These plants are so beautiful that they can even suit the external décor of a workplace.

The Benefits Of Owning An Artificial Set Of Bird Of Paradise Plants

There are numerous benefits of owning a superficial replacement of this plant. Firstly, one can add a tinge of tropical beauty to the poolside patios, offices, malls and even houses with the help of these plants. Some other benefits are:

  1. The plants are very good for those areas also which are devoid of sunlight. The real plants on the other hand receive direct sunlight for proper growth.
  2. People who suffer from allergic reactions but yet love to have plants around them, can opt for these artificial plants.
  3. They do not attract insects and pets like the real plants do.
  4. Maintenance is no more a headache. There is no need of adding any pesticide. This brings down the maintenance cost to almost zero.
  5. There are many options when one wants to choose from these plants. Live plants do not have many options.

Get Ready For A Land Of Beauty

When you think of innovative ways to deck up your workplace, there is no other better option than going for silk flowers. These flowers are available in colorful and vivacious planters which make them look more attractive. They are the perfect for rejuvenating the exteriors as well as the interiors of any place. Bird of Paradise plants are tropical plants and they can be used for any kind of indoor and outdoor decoration. A small plant, which may not be a live one, can brighten up the entire staircase or the landing. This plant offers a perfect welcome to the guests at the hallway entrance. They are known to be the best for bringing in tropical beauty to any place. These plants are capable of bringing in freshness to any place they are kept. Thus workplaces are ideal for keeping them, as it relaxes the working lot. The flowers of these plants are available in a great variety of bright colors like red, orange, yellow, purple and ivory. There are some other color options as well. They are the perfect to suit any kind of décor and setting. Occasions like wedding and a get-together can make good use of the visual effect of the flowers.

The Perfect Size For A Bird Of Paradise Plant

Now, which size of the plant to choose? Depending on which place you want to decorate and what visual effect you want to give to it, the size has to be chosen. The plant should suit the size of the room where it is going to be kept, if it is to be used for indoor decoration. The artificial plants are available in various sizes which can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas. Starting from inches to feet, the size is no more a headache. There are perfect sizes available for staircases, landings, porches and halls.

A Comparison With The Live Ones

These superficial plants are obviously a better choice than the live ones. Besides, low maintenance, freedom from insects and pets and availability in many varieties, there are many reasons why these plants are slowly gaining popularity. The plants have passed smoke generation tests and are thus safer options. The real plants can give rise to lot of health problems like allergies as their pollen grains contain allergens, but this is not the case with these plants. They retain their luster for a long period of time and thus do not lose their attractiveness.

If revamping your interiors or exteriors is in your mind, or you want to change the way your workplace looks, Bird of Paradise Flowers are the perfect for you. These decorative plants suit every kind of décor and can be kept anywhere for beautifying that place. Free from maintenance hassles, these plants can provide a sense of unison with nature.

Radiant Redwoods

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Radiant Redwoods to brighten your office spaces

They say working in a bright and healthy environment results into better concentration, fresh ideas and more productivity. But bringing greenery to any office space is not easy as it involves maintenance efforts and a lot of care to keep the landscape fresh and healthy. If you are thinking of an alternative to plants then picking silk plants and trees would be the best choice. Silk plants and trees are gaining popularity as they are maintenance free and cost effective indulgences ideal for both exterior and interior landscaping of office spaces. The artificial or silk plants can deceive anyone with the realism they offer in terms of looks and texture.

Redwoods to revive the workspace!

Artificial Redwood plant is an ideal choice for reviving the interior and exterior landscape of an office space as this plant variety looks very elegant if kept alongside the corridors, reception area, at the corners of the conference room or at any place that needs some fresh vibes. Redwood artificial plant has bright green leaves with texture and color that replicates its original counterpart. The silk plants look so similar to the real plants that no one can differentiate between the two in first glance. The artificial Redwoods are no less than real plants in terms of color, texture and appearance and therefore they evoke the same feeling of freshness and positive vibes like the real ones do. The only difference that sets them apart is that the faux variety is more cost effective and easy to maintenance as compared to the real plants.

Choosing Artificial over real Redwood plants!

If the idea of replacing the real plants with artificial ones is not sinking in then here are few reasons to prove that the silk plants are perfect alternative to real plants for both interior and exterior landscaping of a work place:

  • No Maintenance: The first and foremost reason that makes artificial plants the best alternative to real plant is that they do not require any personnel to specifically look at their growth and maintenance. Like real ones require regular watering, trimming, fertilization, pest control, sunlight etc there is no such requirement of artificial plants. Only regular dusting is enough to keep them green and lustrous forever.
  • Cost effective: Once bought the artificial plants and trees will retain their shape and beauty forever.
  • Elegant and attractive: The color, texture, shape, stem and other attributes are exact replica of the real Redwood plant and therefore, they solve your purpose of adding beauty and greenery to the workspace without having to worry about the hassles of incorporating real plants.
  • Pest and Pet repellant: The environment friendly silk Redwood plant does not attract pests, insects or pets and therefore makes up for a perfect choice for keeping it anywhere in the premises.
  • UV stable and Fire resistant: The artificial plants are both UV stable and fire resistant which make them an ideal landscaping product.
  • Easily Customized: Artificial plants and trees can be customized to match your requirements, an option unavailable with the real plants. They can be moved from one place to another or trimmed down to match up your interiors or can be kept anywhere inside or outside the premises without thinking about their growth or maintenance issues.

Redwood plant to brighten up the premises!

Redwood plant is native to North America and if you bring this exotic beauty to your premises this will instantly grab the attention of the onlookers as a plant variety of this kind is unusual to see otherwise. The artificial Redwood plant can be used to brighten up a dull corner or revamping any area by using props like comfortable sitting and soft lights along with the silk plants to make it a corner of relaxation. Similarly, they can be added to brighten up a space like conference room and evoke positivity and freshness during brain storming sessions and other activities. Artificial Redwood plants are available in both big and small sizes and therefore they can be place either outside the premises to incorporate greenery or inside the premises to match your interiors.

Look Real, Feel Real!

Artificial plants and trees are captivating in terms of beauty and looks as they are exact replica of the real plant variety. Artificial Redwood has leaves manufactured from high quality polyester or plastic, the natural wood stem used in artificial Redwood leaves no stone unturned to match up the real variety, last but not the least the color and texture of the silk Redwood matches to the original and no one can tell whether its fake or real even by touching it. The artificial plants and trees are designed to meet your requirements of adding exotic beauty to your premises without the hassles of real plants.

Artificial plants and trees: Best suited for big premises

The fact that the artificial plants and trees do not require maintenance efforts, they become best alternative to real plants especially for big spaces like big Companies, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls , Government Buildings etc. Place them along the paved ways of malls, inside the dining areas, along the reception areas, around the corners of waiting rooms to blend them with the stunning interiors and exteriors of the premises. They are portable and therefore they can be moved around the premises whenever you feel like and break the monotony of landscape. This option is not available with the real plants as you will have to look for basic growth essentials like sunlight and water before making changes in plant position.

The artificial plants and trees like the radiant Redwood provide captivating looks, positive vibes and soothing greenery to the ambience of otherwise boring workspace.

Artificial Redwood Plants are the best alternative to real plants to add exotic beauty and revamp your boring workspace without involving into the maintenance efforts required by real plant variety. Faux plants like the Redwood plant do not need sunlight, water or soil for growth and sustenance and therefore they make for an ideal landscaping product.

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