Beautiful and feathery - Artificial Asparagus promises heartwarming sights in your gardens

When you ask if it is possible to make your garden look picturesque without having to invest as much work, the answer is "yes, definitely". The age old idea of weeding, draining and regularly maintaining the garden is quite out of the books in contemporary times. The concept of artificial plants has raged the spheres of interior decoration, so why not extend it to that more than perfect garden of your establishment as well. In this regard Artificial Asparagus deserves a special mention. A place that has the potential to look a little closer to nature soothes the eyes of the passersby and hence boosts the footfall. Vertical Wall Garden

The Asparagus Appeal:
Since medieval ages, asparagus ferns have claimed their space in the most well kept gardens. However with them comes the intensive care process too. But you should never have to compromise on beauty. The advanced technology brings to you the most delicate and elegant faux Asparagus with the same dainty, feathery shoots, the appealing soft green branches that are found in the real Asparagus, however at no cost of maintenance.

Earlier the reach of faux plants including artificial asparagus was only till the strategically hung pot on the portico or till the window sill and window box. Right now their dominance can be felt in the gardens of hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments too. The concept of reserving the soil for “real plants” is obsolete. As long as the silk plants, like the artificial asparagus which are extremely realistic and add to the beauty, they deserve a place in the garden.

Transform Your Garden:
While growing the perfect asparagus shrub you need just the right amount of light, aeration and course of fertilizers whereas these extremely realistic but faux Asparagus demand none of that. They are sure to enhance the beauty of your garden space. A patch of green, may it be small or large can have the equal potential of adding an extra appeal to the establishment. Imagine walking down the road, amidst the concrete jungle and spotting a well kept garden. Who can deny the immediate attraction felt? People are bound to be a lot more attracted to the place, be it a hotel or office or a casino. They will be drawn towards the place and not long when they begin to boost your business too.

The Right Choice: The faux asparagus provides a large number of reasons to you for choosing them over their real counterpart. That may include:

  • No requirement moving the artificial Asparagus around for the optimum temperature and sunlight.
  • The faux asparagus ferns do no die or wither and as a result are not dependent on extreme optimum soil conditions and specialized fertilizers.
  • No requirement of repotting, as the real asparagus ferns almost always demand.
  • Easily shifted from place to place.

If you want your garden to look elegant then the artificial but deceivingly real Asparagus is your plant of choice. They add the cherished charm to your garden at affordable costs, and without any hassle.

Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliads – exotic elegance for your landscapes

Commercial places such as shopping malls and multiplexes are designed in such a manner so that they always attract visitors. Therefore, it is very important that the interior and exterior landscaping should be done perfectly. Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliad can greatly enhance the overall ambience of your landscapes. The best part of these landscapes is that they are available at extremely affordable prices. They can play a very critical role in enhancing the interiors and exteriors of your commercial space. This product can greatly add to the overall beauty of your commercial space and give it that swanky look which you have been searching for.

Flaming Sword Bromeliad

A class in itself
Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliad is a cut above the rest among all artificial plants and is very popular for its blood red color. You can easily implant this attractive piece of plant in any area of your commercial place to have exactly the same kind of ambience which you have been dreaming for ages. The visitors will always feel that they are in a paradise which is full of red flaming plants. Even though these plants are artificial, but the quality of materials used will give them the feeling of being among real botanical exhibits. These plants don’t need watering and are very portable so you won’t be having any problem in moving them to different corners of your commercial space. Moreover, you don’t have to use pesticides in order to maintain them. Since they are artificial, there is neither growth nor decay, so these plants are always value for money.

Variety to overwhelm you
Since different commercial spaces have different requirements, Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliad pots are available in all shapes and sizes. The designs of the pots are very trendy and are tailor-made for any setting, be it a shopping mall or a multiplex. Some pots are deliberately being made extremely big in size so that these can get easily placed into big shopping malls.

A world of customization
You can easily customize your own commercial space with the help of these Flaming Sword Bromeliads since these plants are highly flexible and can be placed anywhere to enhance the interiors of your commercial space. You can place a bunch of those near the entrance of your commercial space. This will be a grand way to welcome the visitors. The smaller ones can also be placed at the corners of the dining or exhibition room. The pots can also be ordered and built as per your requirement. There are a variety of containers for each and every setting. The containers are predominantly made of steel or plastic but if you want to order a container of different material, you can easily find one.

Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliads have come a long way and they are a sure-shot investment to decorate your commercial space. The fact that you can easily mould them as per your requirements makes it all the more rewarding to have them in your commercial space.

Rejuvenate your landscaping with Artificial Banyans

Create you very own personal tropical rain forest with easy-to-handle Artificial Banyan decorations, in any interior or exterior of large hotel, casinos, malls and corporate office hallways. Designed perfectly to suit the landscaping requirements of large buildings, the replica will provide the perfect green touch to any environment. Also the exotic banyans can serve as ideal additions to tropical themed hotels and restaurants as well. The brilliant foliage and the calming effects of this spectacular Artificial Banyan can definitely instill a sense of serenity in to the bustling environments of crowded mall hallways and Hotel reception lobbies and exterior hotel facades too.

Artificial Banyan Tree A symbol of prosperity
Known for its humongous size, the Banyans are often viewed as a symbol of power and prosperity. So definitely, an Artificial Banyan tree poised on the entranceway of your hotel or casino will not only instill a sense of greenery but also an air of grandeur to your visitors as well. The tree is also well known for its intricate branching and aerial prop roots that have been exactly imitated with the replica to maintain the natural form and shape of the artificial tree. Also the leathery texture and the large shape of the Banyan foliage have been crafted with attention to detail to stun even the most observant of visitors.

A grand addition to any landscape
The size of the Artificial Banyan can be varied according to requirement. Depending on whether you’re planning to place it in the waiting lobbies of hotels, or entranceways of malls or as a center of attraction in casinos, the Artificial Banyan can be made into small bush typed plants that are 36 inches in height to full blown trees that can be as tall as 15 feet. Also on order, the replica can be made to measure even 25 feet, which will sit perfectly on the exterior landscapes of any luxury hotel or mall. And as the material used for creating the stem of the Banyan is natural wood, the replica will look exactly the same as the original no matter how large it is made into.

A risk free decoration
With such a large landscape decoration, any hotel owner or mall owner would be concerned about the safety and value. But the Artificial Banyans are crafted to perfection to provide a hassle free solution for landscaping. They are
  • Made of Fire retardant, high quality silk material that doesn’t catch fire readily.
  • Completely resistant to color fade and UV rays, ensuring that your decoration stay good as new for a long time
  • Adaptive to even extreme weather conditions such as winters and monsoon, making them suitable for exterior decorations.
  • Free of moisture absorbing organic materials and soil, ensuring that no formation of insect hives or odor producing microbes on the decoration.
So there you have it, not only does the Artificial Banyan serve as a magnanimous addition to your themed Hotels and restaurants, but also as a cost effective and safe addition to your landscape decoration as well. So install the replica in the ideal space today. It is guaranteed to rejuvenate the design of your landscape.

Artificial Cymbidium Orchid - enjoy enriched landscapes with this pot of beauty

Cymbidium Orchid

Create an exquisite orchid right on the desks of your hotel reception halls and restaurants with this beautiful Artificial Cymbidium orchid. Imitated to perfection, the orchid replica sure guarantees to bring an air of royalty into ball rooms, restaurants, hotels and reception desks of large corporate offices. The flower orchid is also made entirely out of non-organic materials making it ideal to be placed on tables where food is meant to be served. With colors that please the eye and a shape that adds elegance to any environment, the replica will definitely be a perfect addition to your commercial space.

The color of perfection
The flower orchid, also referred to as the boat orchid due to the boat shaped petals, is one of the most favored flower orchids in the world. Though the orchid blooms in a number of different colors across the world, the most popular and the most exotic one is the Green Burgundy combination. And the colors of the petals of the Artificial Cymbidium Orchid have been exactly imitated to reflect these vibrant colors. Also the stem of the orchid flowers are crafted to look exactly similar to the original orchid, making it harder to recognize its artificial characteristics even upon close observation.

An ideal addition to hotels and restaurants
The Artificial Cymbidium Orchid is made to size as per order, but generally the orchid is available at 10” height. The flowers come in a transparent glass vase, which can be filled with water to add to the natural look of the product. Also the silk material used in the design of the artificial orchid makes it perfect for display in reception halls, restaurant tables, hotel rooms and even on Buffet tables. Since the orchids don’t give off any odor and don’t attract any insects, they can be safely place near food items and other edible products.

Value for money
The petals of the Artificial Cymbidium Orchid have been crafted to suit the needs of large commercial sites that adhere to the strictest safety precautions. The flower petals of the orchid are
  • Fire retardant and don’t catch fire or burn easily
  • UV protected, making them suitable even for outdoor use
  • Color fade resistant which ensures log life of the product
  • Completely free from organic materials and require no maintenance
  • Easy to clean and wash and easy to handle
So, in essence you will have no trouble installing these beautiful attractions to your commercial spaces.

Decorative arrangements
The Artificial Cymbidium Orchid can be used in a number of ways to beautify your hotels or casinos or restaurants. They can be placed in reception desks to greet your impatient customers; they can be placed on restaurant tables or buffet tables to add a touch of romance to the dinner; they can even be placed on the desks of workspaces to foster good all-around mood for the employees.

So with its aesthetic features and number of uses, the Artificial Cymbidium Orchid can truly be a wise and beautiful investment. So add them to your decorations and enjoy the enriched landscape. This certainly is a pot of beauty.

Add a splash of splendid colors to your landscapes with Artificial Caladium plant

Vertical Wall Garden

Landscapes can seem pretty dull if green is the only color that dominates the entire decoration. A certain variation or some color contrast is what that can make a landscape seem even better. So why not add the perfect colors to your grand landscaping efforts using an Artificial Caladium Plant. Though small in size, these plants can really highlight specific sections of the landscape, making them perfect to be used in entranceways and exits in large malls, hotels and theatres. Also they make a perfect addition to the exterior landscapes and gardens with their vibrant colors.

The Wild tropical plant

Known by many names such as Elephant ear, Heart of Jesus, Angel Wings and so on, this tropical plant sure has a reputation for attracting attention. The reason the plant is quite popular is due to its enormous heart shaped leaves that have various intricate color designs in them. Usually found in the regions and Brazil and Central America, the Artificial Caladium Plant will sure add a touch of exoticness to your landscape. Also, with the leaves of the replica exactly imitating the colors of the original plant, you visitors will have a hard time recognizing its faux nature.

A Perfect Replica

The colors of the replica leaves are a dark green blend with white and red decorations in the center. The total size of the Artificial Caladium Plant can be either 23 inches or 28 inches based on requirement. Also the plant can be custom ordered to suit your unique size requirements as well. The stem and the branches of the plant are made from high quality real wood that will look brilliant on both interior and exterior displays. The plant has been carefully manufactured to the exact specifications of the real plant that it will even put the skills of actual botanists to test.

A safe and inexpensive alternative

The material used for the design of the leaves of the Artificial Caladium Plant is high quality pure silk, that has the natural characteristics of original leaves providing both a natural texture and stiffness to the replica. Also the silk material is fire retardant which makes it perfectly safe for indoor use in large spaces like hotel receptions halls, mall entranceways, exhibitions and so on. And the product does not have any organic material or soil that gives off odors or attracts insects. So these can be safely placed in any environment and even on office workspaces.

Decoration Ideas

The Artificial Caladium plant can be used in a number of ways for decorating large landscapes. They can be

  • Placed in entrances and doorways indicating your visitors of exits
  • Placed near textured walls or reception halls to provide a color contrast
  • Bedded around major attraction in malls and exhibitions
  • Lined along pathways in exterior landscapes and gardens
  • Placed near windows of restaurants and multistory hotels


So essentially with the natural look that the Artificial Caladium Plant provides, you can literally design your very own tropical landscape and use them for infinite decoration options for half the price and absolutely zero maintenance. So go on, add the color of the tropics to your hotels and restaurants today.

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