Commercial Silk Int’l Heartthrob Product- Fishtail Palm Trees

Artificial fishtail palm trees

Silk plants are a massive hit when it comes to creating a desired and ornamented landscape. The very aspect about recreating an environment, whether on the inside or outside, is to feed the setting with realism. The absence of the ‘plastic’ touch in Commercial Silk Int’l Fishtail Palm Trees has made it quite popular among interior and outdoor designers. It adds to the beauty and aesthetics of a setting in perfect proportions. With absolutely inexplicable manufacturing charisma, this particular silk piece vividly replicates the native of Hawaii, Caryota Mitis. These are a simple way to decorate any space without much chaos.

Delicate but Simple

Beauty is simplicity, and anything which appears simple has connotations of the beauty of higher notes. This silk Fishtail Palm Tree comes within a built ranging from 5’ to even 16’, depending on preferences and demands. The appearance of this plant is extremely mystical and simple but not bland. These can be incorporated well within the corners of the commercial spaces as wells as along the margins and periphery of an industrial joint. With bright and silk foliages involved into its creation, the resultant product is well fit for any situation or setting without any doubt on its purpose.

Appearances Are Non-Deceiving

You may have been quite a fond of this Hawaiian native, but would it be possible to grow it on your own in a completely different niche! Well, without much of hesitance you can; just that instead of ‘growing,’ you will much likely be installing this particular choice of yours. With the high-grade silk foliages, woody stem, and feathery palm leaves, the reality of its resemblance to its living counterpart keep on growing evermore. The foliage of this faux Fishtail Tree ideally replicates the tail of aquarium fish. The fronds of this artificial creation are very airy and feather-like giving it quite a definition.

Enlightening Both Indoors and Outdoors

With an energizing vibe, this silk foliage Fishtail Palm Tree can very well be incorporated to manipulate the overall environ. This particular piece of scientific evolution may be well adjusted within the commercial junctures. These are ideal for such spaces because such settings demand stress releasers and things which are a lot more natural to look at. With intriguing beauty and satisfying appearances, faux Fishtail Palm Tree steals the show. It brings about the calmness and comfort which one desires immediately after entering an official premise. One can weigh up space and act accordingly to do justice to this beautiful and detailed creation.

How to Go About Decorating?

When it comes to indoor and outdoor landscaping using artificial Fishtail Palm Trees, make sure you have well understanding of the space which is under obligation. Keep it simple using this ornamental tool and everything will fall right into place. Hospitals, offices, restaurants, multiplexes, amusement parks are the areas which can be well defined using this particular prototype. One can line the corners with this plant or even create geometrical patterns on the exteriors of these commercial hubs. Having the right kind of idea before plunging onto the idea of landscaping is of utmost importance.

Fire Resistant Is an Important Tag

Silk plants are vividly utilized in commercial spaces as they are low maintenance objects but may cause trouble as they sometimes fail to resist fire. However, this artificial Fishtail Palm Tree is quite a relief in industrial spaces as they can withstand fires from spreading. Generally, the silk plants are made with fabrics and polyester which can very easily catch fire, so the Commercial Silk Int’l performs particular steps to make their innovations fire retardant. A fire-resisting chemical is incorporated into the molding mechanism making it highly effective in preventing fires from causing large-scale hazards.

Do Not Bother for Maintenance

There is nothing better than to have something work on its own. After installation, sit back and relax as you have to spend no extra cents or seconds for those beautiful and captive greens of the silk Fishtail Palm Trees, to increase their outlook. No maintenance is the catch for these saintly products as commercial spheres finds it hard to invest both on time as well as capital. Achieving the required results at minimum time and expenditure attracts many people more so when they do not have to worry about taking care of them. Busy schedules do not get affected as well as there is no hindrance to perfect landscaping ideas with these dainty greens.

Value for Money

Everyone wants to get benefits especially if one is paying for an object. So if you are allowing your industrial setting to be decorated with faux Fishtail Palm Trees, then here is why your money will not go in vain:


  • First of all the no-maintenance-tag is what attracts more. No watering, trimming, manuring in itself saves a whole bunch of money as well as time.
  • It is made with the help of high-quality silk foliage and woody materials which help the product to last for a long time.
  • Since the material that goes into making this silk plant is UV resistant as well as resists pests from infecting it, they will remain looking healthy for years.
  • Being fire retardant in nature, these silk plants will not only save itself from getting damaged but also not allow the fire from spreading and causing any troubling situation.
  • These are easy to install, and without much waiting, beautiful feather-like Fishtail Palms will appear in front of you.


10 Awesome Benefits Of Palm Trees

Fruit Tree hspace=

When you hear the words ‘palm trees' the one thought that probably crosses your mind is a beautiful coastal or tropical place with clear blue skies and bright sunshine. But did you know that besides being found in your favorite vacation spot, palm trees also have a great number of benefits to them, Surprised? But it's true. Installing palm trees in the surroundings are beneficial for a plethora of reasons. Although most people are unaware of these wonderful benefits, they do in reality exist and can be a real delight. Today we will discuss the various benefits of palm trees. 

1. Can Be Grown By Novices Too!

Well let's be honest, not all of us are expert gardeners and horticulturists. Planting trees can be a long and tiresome process. Some trees, in particular, require large amounts of care and maintenance. Without proper professional expertise, providing adequate care and maintenance to the plants and trees can become a difficult task. On the other hand, with palm trees, one need not worry about not being able to provide proper care to the plant. Palm trees are sturdy and require minimum maintenance. These plants can be grown by pretty much anyone. Even people newly starting out new in a gardening career will find that looking after these plants is an absolute cakewalk. 

2. No More Raking Leaves

With most trees, you will find that gardeners and tree lovers are always complaining about what a task it is to rake leaves. Dried up leaves are always falling around the barks of the trees creating an unpleasant mess in the garden. Besides creating a mess, it involves a great amount of manual work to get the leaves cleaned up and raked. In the case of palm trees, one need not worry about raking leaves on a regular basis. The fronds of the foliage are typically discarded on a seasonal basis, and the gardener or caretaker does not need to break his back discarding leaves. 

3. Rake In The Money!

This is a lesser-known fact that matured palm trees can bring in large sums of money. Mature palm trees are highly sought after and horticulturists, landscapers, and homeowners are ready to pay a hefty sum to have this trees installed in their gardens. Another great benefit of the palm trees is the fact that they can be very easily and quickly transplanted without any hassles. Thus, installing these wonderful trees can be financially beneficial too. 

4. Transform Your Bare Garden Into An Oasis

Another great benefit of the palm trees is that they grow very swiftly and easily. Once planted into the mud, these trees grow quite soon and before you know it your entire garden will be blooming with gorgeous and breathtaking palm trees. Additionally, these trees provide a great amount of shade from the harsh rays of the sun. Thus, planting these trees into your garden can be a real boon. 

5. Grows In Most Types Of Soils 

Some trees are known to grow and blossom in only certain types of soils. In the case of palm trees, one need not worry about the type of soil that they are planting the trees in. Although palm trees blossom most beautifully in sandy soils, they also grow very well and beautifully in clay soil beds. So it doesn't matter what type of soil your garden carries. You can go right ahead and plant the palm trees without having to worry about whether or not they will bloom into a gorgeous oasis. 

6. Limited Maintenance Required 

Some trees require unbelievable amounts of maintenance. They need to be regularly watered, trimmed, fertilized and they also require large amounts of nutrition. Some trees are also very likely to get infected with diseases and infections, and without regular maintenance, the chances of them surviving after contracting such infections are very low. In the case of palm trees, one need not worry about providing regular maintenance. Palm trees do not require absurd amounts of watering and also need very limited nutrition. Installing palm trees in your garden can be very beneficial and time-saving. 

7. Can Withstand Storms

Palm trees have a phenomenal root system that keeps them firmly attached to the ground even in the harshest and most outrageous of storms. Unlike tons of other types of plants and trees, the chances of palm trees getting blown away in storms are much lower. Some trees savagely get uprooted from the ground in hurricanes and storms and get carried away for miles. So, if you experience in a place that is susceptible to storms, your best and safest bet would be to plant palm trees in your garden. 

8. Faux Palm Trees Look Just As Gorgeous 

For some reason, if you're unable to install real palm trees in your garden, you can also consider installing faux palm trees. People who are working 9 to 5 jobs often don't have the time to install real trees in their surroundings and are unable to provide proper care and maintenance for the real trees. Installing faux palm trees can be a real lifesaver if you wish to make your garden look pretty and blooming. Just like the real palm trees, the silk palm trees have lush green and lifelike looking leaves. These faux plants save your time and are extremely convenient. 

9. Several Available Varieties

Another great benefit of the palm trees is that they come in several varieties and types. You have an entire plethora of different types of palm trees to choose from. There are Sego palm trees, Kentia palm trees, Windmill palm trees and several others. So choose the one that you prefer best and plant away. 

10. Add Beauty And Life To Your Landscapes

Aesthetically, palm trees are visually very pleasing and captivating. They give you a tropical vibe and make you feel like you're constantly in a coastal area. Installing these trees in your garden can beautify the space and give it an exotic island type vibe. Thus, palm trees are a real blessing.

Lifting Spirits: Artificial Palm Trees

artificial palm trees For over seven years, I've had the pleasure of sharing my cubicle with a 16 foot tall palm tree. This sturdy palm greets everyone to walk into the offices of our artificial tree manufacturing business. Cold, rain, sleet and shine, it stands tall and proud to offer us a blanket of palm leaves and its rugged palm trunk offers a visual sanctuary between the piles of paperwork and other office clutter.


iPad Plants vs. Zombies

plants vs. zombies app You can decide for yourself whether the iPad is truly a revolutionary device or just a passing fad. We were excited to learn, regardless, that there is a new app game for the iPad called Plants vs. Zombies. In this tower defense game, your job is to plant a variety of foliage that shoot thorns and other plant-style armaments to stop zombies from entering your house.


Concealing Cell Phone Towers with Silk Trees

Cell Phone Tower Tree Concealing cell phone towers is often a compromise to an unwanted problem. No one wants a cell phone tower in their neighborhood, known as they are for bringing masses of steel to otherwise quaint neighborhoods, reducing home values, dosing people with unhealthy levels of radiation (some say), and inciting gridlock at zoning boards all over the country. The improvement of cell phone coverage, for whatever reason, does not make up for these drawbacks in most people's eyes.


Outdoor Artificial Grass for Business Property

Artificial Grass

In Brockton, MA this week, a judge ordered a car wash owner to remove artificial grass he had installed on his business property, citing the dictionary definition of landscaping in his ruling. The owner had installed it because of how impractical and expensive it was to maintain real grass in his place of business, and is vowing to appeal the decision.


Palm Trees: A Brief History of the Palm

The history of Palm trees and people can be traced back to early civilizations, when Palms were grown in Mesopotamia over 5000 years ago. Known for providing high fuel fruit, shade from the desert sun, and the material for constructing tools, the Date Palm is often credited for playing a major role in the proliferation of the human population.


Using Artificial Palms in a Rainforest Theme

Faux Indoor Rainforest Theme

Don't Hold Back
Planning and executing an indoor rainforest using artificial Palm trees isn't for the timid at heart. Think dense and diverse plants and trees, exotic and dangerous species, and thick air you can cut with a knife. Think waterfalls, estuaries, and bold toucan colors. While you may not be able to procure replica parrots, your artificial Palm trees should be just as exotic and varied as the rainforest you're aspiring to replicate. Like most endeavors, you'll get out what you in. Building a rainforest with silk Palms is no exception.

Go Palm or Go Home
Palm trees vary throughout the world, from the coconut Palms of Florida and the desert Palms of California and the middle East, to the more rainforest specific Palms of the Americas and Asia. A combination of Areca Palms, Fishtail Palms, and Bamboo Palms, for example, will provide a richly authentic rainforest look indigenous to Asia and the South Pacific. We can provide you with a brief history of Palm trees to help choose the varieties in your landscape. To accentuate your Palm trees, select a few artificial plant varieties to round out the theme.


Create Tropical Decor with Silk Fishtail Palm Trees

Fishtail Palms, native to Asia, Indonesia, and the South Pacific, now also grow in Suriname as well as in nurseries in southern Florida. The living Palm tree has slender stem clumps that grow to thirty feet high. Mop-like clusters of flowers develop from the top of a mature Fishtail Palm, and subsequent flower clusters continue to emerge below. The flowers appear in threes, one female flower in between two male ones. Because the Fishtail Palm is monocarpic, the stem dies after the cluster has reached the ground. The Palm clump survives this process as numerous suckers grow at the base of the Palm, producing more stems. Silk Fishtail Palm Foliage

Fishtail palm trees are named for their exotic triangular leaflets, which can reach nine feet in length. The leaves are deep green and leathery with a ragged edge, and Fishtail is the only palm with leaves that are subdivided twice. Similar to other palm trees however, the Fishtail palm tree cannot be pruned back to reduce height, as new growth comes from a high central growing point.


Design With Artificial Palm Trees

Silk Palms for Commercial Interiors

The Palm tree elicits a very distinct mood and sense of place. Surrounded by Palm trees, people are instantly transported to the tropical beaches and island vacations of their minds. For interior landscapers, artificial Palm trees can replicate these kinds of environments while providing a variety of logistical benefits. The following includes several tips for your next commercial project. Theme With Artificial Palm Trees

Set the Theme
Use silk Palm trees as the driving force for a powerful jungle, beach, or tropical theme. There are variety of Palm species, so make sure to understand the different personalities of each. The Areca Palm, for example, is found naturally in the humid forests of Asia and is a good fit for jungle or rainforest themes. Butterfly Palms, meanwhile, more closely resemble the coconut Palms natural to the beaches of Florida and other vacation locales. With your artificial Palm varieties selected, round out your theme with mosses, grasses and other artificial plants.

Reduce Stress
Even if you aren't adding a full-scale beach or jungle theme, silk Palms can have a substantial effect on a commercial space. Integrating Palms into a lobby area injects a sense of relaxation to the room and helps businesses break the ice with prospective clients. In an office setting, Palms can reduce stress and increase employee productivity by adding a fun, creative element to the environment.


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