Top 10 New Year Gifting Options for Kids

If you plan to give an attractive, lovable gift to your kid this New Year, let it be the one that would influence his afterlife. Yes, even a small gift presented at this age can influence his tastes and his future as well. Rather than thinking of soft toys or racing cars, why can't you think different? Yes, before cracking your head over that have a look at these brilliant gift ideas for kids

Story Cubes for storytellers

Kids love stories. Moreover, from the age of 3 to 10, they will make up different kinds of stories. Those stories are the reflection of their creative mind, and if nurtured properly, the kids would turn out to b the most brilliant ones. Yes, for those kids who love stories, you can buy story blocks. Each side of the block will be carved with the images of objects or animals. Kids can arrange them sequentially and can build up their own story. This gift will improve their memory, creativity, and intelligence in the funniest way. The most important this is that you can interact with your kid using the story cubes and can make the time more interesting.

Picture books to enhance imagination

The best way to improve a person orientation is to let him draw. Yes, drawing and coloring will make the kids more balanced, and he will be able to balance his hands accordingly. He will get the coordination of hands and eyes which indeed is important for studies. Coloring will improve his imagination, and that will be reflecting on his creativity. His overall eye-hand coordination will improve, and the left side of the brain will start working in an accelerated way. This gift will be loved by him, and he will adore your choice for sure.

Building Blocks to improve orientation

Old generation has played with building blocks. The importance of creating and managing structures was understood from playing with those beautifully colored building blocks. The relevance of building blocks has still not vanished. Yes, they help the kids to identify shapes and sizes. Playing with them will make the kid understand about balancing an object on a surface. They will also help the kids to pull and press the blocks which in turn helps the physical strength of the limbs. The gift will make them realize the colors and will let them understand the orientation of objects.

Play-Doh to make them play

Play-doh is one of the most creative gifting ideas. While playing with Play-doh, your kid will be able to mold beautiful shapes of different sizes. He can mold varying shapes and thus can play with the doh for a long time. When your kid needs to make a mock-up of anything with the doh, he will start observing the object. Thus playing with doh will improve his observatory skills as well. The doh is smooth and soft, so you don't have to worry about any harm that might be caused by normal toys.

Kids Smart watches to make in terms of Technology

Yes, at this age of technology, you can gift your kids a kid’s smart watch. When lots of brands are available in the online market, the most recommended one will be the one which contains one or two simple games and time. Those will make him come to terms with technology and will add curiosity to his brain. Technology will make him understand that there are no limits to human dreams and thus he will develop a taste in technology in his early ages itself

Soccer ball for fitness

Kids will absolutely love soccer balls. This is the era where kids are addicted to either mobile games or television cartoons. If you are the parent who wishes to make your kid a smart kid who plays and is physically fit, then this will be the perfect choice of gift. He can play with that which will improve his physique. With a ball, your kid’s friends can have a team play which in turn will help him improve his social skills. A soccer ball is not just a gift. It’s a habit that you can give to your kid in a gift wrap

Garden set for the ecology

A garden set is one of the most modest gifts that you can present to your kid. When the ecosystems have been affected and when the world is being polluted each second, a garden set has a visible importance in the life of your kid. With the set, you can make your kid understand the importance of mother nature, how artificial indoor plant arrangements are done, the stages of development of a plant and how difficult is to grow and reap a fruit from a minute seed. This will give him a positive and generous outlook on his life. He will understand the faux plants and the real plants from his young age itself and will be an assetto the society as well

Doctor’s kit for the caring one

Doctor’s kit is another useful, productive and recommended New Year gift for your kid. With each and every tiny thing in the kit, you can teach your kids how each of those are used. He will understand the basics of first aid and certainly will become aware of the accidents that might happen during gaming. This set will make him understand and identify objects and will develop a scene of empathy in him. Even if your kid loves to treat and care people, that also can be identified and nurtured with the set.

Animated videos to make them smile

Yes, Animations are not always bad. If you gift your kid an animated video where a cute cartoon character tells stories with moral, don’t you think that your kid will take it? Yes the kid will take it and will cherish them on the heart. Animated videos let them listen carefully to the characters and thereby will improve their memory power. The only thing you will have to notice is that you choose the right videotapes for them!

Altogether, If you want to give a new year gift to your toddler, there are thousands of choices. All the results depend on what gift you choose to give them and how they use them.

Spring season is here

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At Commercial Silk International we are finally good about the weather. Having our main office in Minnesota means we have to endure long drawn out winters that seem to never end. Lately, the winters have not been as bad and we have been able to come out of them fairly quickly. Spring is always a great time of year and it definitely shows on people’s faces. People are outside and they are happy to be around the freshness of the new season. The yard work starts to pick back up again, people start to go on daily runs, and general activity and busyness is noticeable. With this in mind we can see how landscaping becomes a huge task at hand for many people who begin to enjoy spring. With more and more people using landscapes to decorate the front lawns of their homes and other areas where greenery is needed, we must look at what types of artificial products can be used to decorate the outside lawns of most homes. In many cases people like to use some sort of artificial shrubbery in a garden to make it more full and feel like there is substance. Artificial fern bushes and shrubs are a great answer to that. With fern shrubs you get the fullness of bushes while also giving off an exotic vibe. There are multiple varieties of faux fern bushes that can be used in any spring type garden regardless of what you already have as a landscape. There is the faux sword ferns that make a great covering while also being very scarce in many gardens so you are sure to have a unique setting. Then their are artificial yucca plants, that do not have as much of a covering but still are great plants that evoke feelings of living in tropical paradise. These two varieties of faux foliage are great in any open pace and are useful for making a garden come to life.

Spring also is a time where the color green really starts to come alive and be a prominent color is many places. The grass starts to grow and become more and more lush. If you live in a cold climate then the trees will start to gain their leaves back and grow in abundance. Spring is a time for bright colors and a feeling of life being poured back into nature. Green is obviously a staple when it comes to the colors usually pictured when the word “spring” is said. Others include yellow, pink, purple, red, etc. All these colors make a great addition for any landscape and will bring out the best in whatever design you are planning to go with. A good place to start for bringing green into a space is using faux hedges as decoration pieces. Hedges are great for making any space shine bright in the spring sun. With hedges you can make a wonderful landscape with very minimal work. What’s more is that hedges can be built to fit a specific size, so whatever project you are working on there is no need to feel as though your order cannot be filled. Springing into a new design endeavor can be very stressful and extremely time consuming. At Commercial Silk International we have extremely capable individuals who are ready to hear your ideas and expand on them even further. With over 30 years of expertise these landscape projects have become a breeze for us to handle and complete within your specified time frames. Using faux boxwood foliage you can get a jump-start on the spring season and add realistic color to your home and garden. Even business looking to liven up their entrance or interior decor can get in on this action. Many businesses go through design changes each year, and there is no better time to spice things up than at the beginning of a brand new season. Spring is a great way to tell customers and clients that you mean business, and using artificial hedges to accomplish that is simple yet effective. With business the first impression is always the most important. In spring, business tends to lull as people give more of their attention to the outdoors and amazing weather.

You don’t only have to use boxwood foliage when creating the hedges for either your home or business decor. As mentioned before spring is the season where colors bloom in all varieties. You see the bright reds of the traditional rose speckled throughout gardens across the country. On Mother’s day you may see this even more as people celebrate the maternal bond they share with their own moms. The simple yellow of the daisy flower appears en masse as April showers give life to barren prairies. As you drive around the city you will see from people’s windows the purple orchid beginning to break away and give life to the new season. All these colors and many more are found as spring begins to show more and more. You can incorporate these same colors using artificial foliage and plants within your home and garden. With pink, white, and yellow faux azalea foliage the front steps of your home can be decorated with astounding color for years to come. As spring continues to this season be sure to look at the wide assortment of options Commercial Silk International has for artificial plants and foliage. We are sure that you will be able to find something that will make the garden of your home and interior have new life just as spring gives new life to us. From using an artificial topiary bush to line along a fence, to creating a nice boundary with colorful faux azalea hedges there is sure to be a solution for you to make an everlasting design within your home. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have regarding our artificial foliages or plant products, we are glad to help. With spring season upon us there is no better time to start an artificial landscape design that will last year after year after year.

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