Green Walls: Tiles Screens & Hedges

Architects and designers are exploring the application and versatility of artificial mats to create memorable environments through the use of topiaries, hedges, privacy screens and stylish green walls. Our artificial mat products are available in a variety of textures and colors ranging from Boxwood, Azalea, Ivy, Juniper to Grass, and are designed for flat or contoured ceilings and walls, for both interior or exterior applications.

Artificial Boxwood MatArtificial Azalea MatArtificial Ivy MatArtificial Juniper MatArtificial Grass MatArtificial Grass MatArtificial Azalea Mat

Packaged as a modular 12” x 12” tiles, our artificial mats are innovative products when considering that, for all intents and purposes, it is “plant wallpaper.” It is flexible enough for curved surfaces and can be cut to fit almost any space. To date it has been used on walls and ceilings and facades of many bars and restaurants. It has been tiled to serve as privacy hedges, has been shaped into hotel pool cabanas, has dressed up large commercial heating and air conditioner units, and more.

Artificial Green Roof

Our outdoor artificial mats come standard with UV resistance tested to have no color loss equivalent to a year’s worth of sun exposure, and is optionally manufactured with Commercial Silk Int’l signature Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) foliage to pass muster with national and international fire codes. Our artificial mat products require no pruning, watering, fertilization or pest-control, so whether the application is for interior or exterior purposes, our artificial mat products are a versatile option for architects and designers alike.

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Decorative Boxwood Provides Glitzy Backdrop for a Paris Hilton Premier

faux boxwood mat

You know you work for an decorative boxwood producer when you notice the background of a premiere party photo shoot before the, shall we say, somewhat hard to ignore figure standing in front of it.

That’s right, the backdrop material behind Paris Hilton for the premier party of “The World According to Paris” is none other than (drum role please): artificial boxwood! More...

Faux Boxwood – Plastic Topiary Balls, Hedges, Spirals & Mats

Fake Boxwood Hedge made with Plastic Boxwood Mat for outdoor & indoor decorative use
Faux Boxwood is one of the most popular varieties used for building topiary balls, hedges, spirals and cones. The popularity of faux Boxwood has a lot do to with the popularity of Boxwood being used as a landscaping shrub in both commercial and residential landscape designs. The following article explores the Boxwood history, geography, uses and types of faux Boxwood.

Common Name: Boxwood, Buxus

Additional Boxwood Names: English, American, Korean, Japanese, Curly Locks, Green Beauty, Green Pillow, Littleleaf, Morris Midget, Vardar Valley, Dwarf, Graham Blandy, Pendula, Kingsville Dwarf, etc.....

Boxwood Description: The genus Boxwood belongs to the Buxaceae family. There are approximately 70 species. The name Boxwood originates from the plant's easy to maintain, box-like appearance. These flowering shrubs are grown as small, compact bushes. Most varieties have unattractive flowers and are used as privacy hedges or borders. It has been shown though, that the Boxwood plant, grown in the wild, exhibits a sprawling behavior. Boxwoods are most commonly grown as hedges and for topiaries.


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