Silk Flowering Trees and Branches Illuminate Commercial Environments

flowering tree branches

If there were such a thing as an exterior or interior landscape centerpiece, a silk flowering tree would be it. Both visually striking and durable, silk flowering trees and branches can turn an ordinary space into a picturesque and enchanting landscape, whether with artificial Hibiscus, artificial Wisteria, artificial Cherry Blossom, or artificial Flowering Dogwood, to name a few.


Before & After - Health Care Silk Trees Bring Waiting Room to Life

Health Partners recently utilized health care silk trees to transform a waiting room into a comfortable lounge, using an artificial Red Oak tree as the focal point with silk Prairie Grass accentuating the surrounding area. By incorporating waiting room silk trees, the space was instantly renovated without having to remodel, transforming the once dull, drab setting into a lush dwelling for guests. Museum setting absent of silk trees


Before & After - Museum Silk Plants Adorn Texas Cabela’s Store

The Cabela’s in Texas revamped its indoor wildlife display by adding museum quality silk plants. What was once a drab cliff of deer and bear replicas is now a lush landscape of Texas plants and wildlife. In a museum setting especially, the incorporation of silk plants allows for scenic displays to look more natural. Museum setting absent of silk trees


Before & After - Skyscraper Silk Trees for Ameriprise Building Lobby

After renovating their skyscraper office lobby, Ameriprise Financial sourced Commercial Silk Int’l for silk trees and grasses to complement its high ceilings, elegant maple hard wood flooring, and exposed steel girders. Silk Trees in Building Lobby


Outdoor Artificial Plant Solutions for Seasonal Changes

Outdoor artificial plant solutions can make updating your commercial exterior to reflect the seasons a simple and easy process. Outside of being easy to maintain, artificial plants add color year round, eliminate watering, pruning, and fertilizing costs, are great for locations where growing live plants is difficult, and can create interesting and character-adding themes.

This step-by-step instructional video will demonstrate how to create seasonal plant designs by rotating and switching out outdoor artificial plant products from Commercial Silk Int'l.


Outdoor Artificial Flowers: A Compilation of Window Box Designs

Outdoor artificial flowers add dimension to your landscape with a variety of plant colors and textures, especially when implemented into window box designs. The following presentation of window planter box designs was created with a variety of outdoor artificial plants.


Artificial Fruit Trees for Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Artificial Fruit Trees

What better place for an artificial fruit tree than the produce aisle of a supermarket or grocery store? Lately we've received many requests from grocers about constructing artificial fruit trees for retail environments, and it's so obvious it makes too much sense — why not define and design store aisles with artificial fruit trees where people are purchasing fruit and vegetable products? Also, since live trees carry the risk of harboring insects and other elements unsafe around food products, artificial is the only way to go.


Unique Landscapes May Include Artificial Bonsai Trees

Silk Bonsai Tree Used in Faux Landscape Artificial Bonsai trees can be made with all types of artificial foliages; the faux landscape project should help determine what type of artificial foliage is best for your Bonsai. Each artificial Bonsai tree is distinctive; they have shapes and foliages unique to each type of stylized tree. We have crafted several silk Bonsai trees. Our most popular Bonsai forms include: Acacia artificial Bonsai which is 6' high and crafted in the informal style Bonsai; our Podocarpus silk Bonsai which is a multi stem Bonsai with clusters of delicate foliage, and our hand crafted Ming Aralia fake Bonsai that is made with premium grade artificial foliage stylized to be both cascade and informal Bonsai styles.


Considerations When Buying Artificial Fake Trees

Fake Trees in Design When fabricating an artificial tree, whether the tree be completely fabricated, assembled from pre-fabricated tree bark sheets or whatever method being used, an important factor to take into consideration from an artistic standpoint, is just how realistic or stylized the tree in question should be.

Depending, of course, upon the needs and wishes of the client, or the requirements of whatever given project for which it's being fabricated, will the tree be created as an extremely authentic (museum quality) recreation of nature, a less detailed yet still more or less accurate representation of a real tree or a completely artistic interpretation? And even within this last category, there are many ways in which a fabrication artist can go, taking the design and fabrication of the tree in directions as diverse as a cute, cartoonish and "kid friendly" or even anthropomorphized tree to an almost "fine art" sculptural interpretation.


Shaping Views With Silk Plants And Trees

Plants Frame Views

Silk plants and trees are instrumental in helping a commercial architect or interior landscaper shape views in a variety of commercial settings. In this article we explore how silk trees competently and artfully frame and terminate views.

Framing Views
Commercial spaces are often large expanses with plazas and other open areas. From many points of view, these open areas can lack a visual center. Using silk trees as strategic framing devices can help focus the eye on an appealing area of a building, retail store, fountain, or other feature.

In order to determine a view to frame, find the areas in a commercial space that seem unfocused. Next, employ a framing aid. Use your hands like a movie director to conceptualize the view, or place your hands to the sides of your face to block your peripheral vision. Better yet, use a piece of paper with a rectangular center cut out and hold it at arm's length. If during this exercise you find interesting, perhaps abstract, architectural features that you wouldn't have noticed otherwise, you've got a winner.


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