Beautiful Bougainvilleas

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Beautiful Bougainvilleas to create fantastic fairy tale landscape themes

Bougainvilleas are beautiful creepers that bear beautiful flowers that are visual treats. Put your creativity to the test and you will be able to create decorations so mesmerizing they will take your customers' breath away. As these are creepers, it is easy to grow these in the shape and direction you would prefer. Thus, one can come up with great creative ideas and use these bougainvilleas to their full potential.

The flowers of these beautiful bougainvilleas fall periodically and the after clean up is literally a headache. They need to be pest free if they need to grow to their glory. But over consumption of pesticides risk in the plant not being healthy and the color of these flowers may be compromised. The other risk factors included in these may be:

  • Can Catch fire
  • Takes a whole season to grow out after falling
  • Fading of colors in flowers and leaves is visible due to pollution and dust
  • Will consume a lot of time for their maintenance
  • The expenditure would be high and not affordable by many

Don't let these hamper your decision of having the scenic beauty offered by these plants. Yes, you can have best of both worlds. Here, artificial botany can come to your rescue.

Artificial Bougainvillea and Their Specialities

Synthetic bougainvillea make great substitutes to real plants in the sense that the color of the flowers are beautifully retained and there is no fear constant falling of these plants. They can then be designed to the desired style.

They come in various colors to choose from and can be thus used accordingly as decorations.


Bougainvillea are native plants from South America. They are pest free to some extent but suffer from worms, snails and aphids.

Philbert Commercon was the first European to describe the bougainvillea. They were introduced to Europe in the early 1900s and then in nurseries in France and England.

Use of Fabricated Bougainvillea

Artificial bougainvillea can be used to its full potential if one really puts their entire mind to it. Imagine having to create exterior landscapes with these customizable plants. The variety offered can be used to their optimum features and create scenic and exciting landscape themes.

In malls, casinos, restaurant outdoors, one can generate fairytale landscapes. Various scenes from actual fairy tales can be visually brought to live.

These arrangements would remain intact regardless of the season, and minimal or no maintenance. This gives the designer an upper edge and he is allowed to experiment in countless ways.

Scenes from classic fairy tales can be enacted oh, so beautifully. You are given the freedom to create wondrous faux gardens. They can contain bougainvillea arch entrances, a complex maze, where your visitors would love to spend time and be enthralled.

The variants in fabricated bougainvillea plants include hot pink, orchid, yellow, purple, tangerine colored flowers. These bougainvilleas need not just be climbers. Vines and bushes are also available that further beautify your landscape.

These faux plants are made out of silk and have fire resistant capabilities. This is a major advantage as compared to real plants as the risk of fire is at all all time high near live plants. Having synthetic plants will not further trigger a fire and save a lot of lives and property.

Artificial bougainvillea need not just be used externally. They can be used internally as wall decorations, arch entrances, wall corner bushes. The smaller versions can be used on your office desks, decks of the waiting room area, hotel suite rooms, balcony decorations, you name it! You are only limited by your creative abilities.

These bougainvillea provide to your workspace the feel of natural serenity and your space would hence be the perfect combination of modern technology and natural beauty. Placing the hot pink colored fabricated bougainvillea will go well with light themed wallpapers and furniture as well.

Benefits of Faux Bougainvillea

One can prepare huge and beautiful exterior landscapes with these plantations. There will be no fear of the regular clean up that is to be done usually, after the flowers of these real plants fall. There will be no headache of mess.

There is no extra expenditure of water and pesticides with use of these plants. A lot of capital is saved and the issue of water depletion due to unnecessary wants also is catered to. For a company that is just starting out and is worried about not having the perfect look due to lack of capital, faux botany is the perfect and remedial solution.

They go well in any setting. These plants can be used in external landscapes or indoors. There are a lot of options one can choose from in terms of sizes, colors, designs and types. These can be used to create external landscapes so beautiful that even the passerby on the street would be enchanted.

They will almost always be intact and prim & proper for their adhesives are strong and wont be damaged even after being tampered with. Hence, they make excellent decorations in children play areas and will certainly delight and amaze them. They won't only enthrall children, but adults too would be fascinated.

There will be minimal risk of infection from insects and pests and hence makes them the ideal choice for all environments. Your clients and contractors would be immensely impressed by your decision making abilities at the first glance of your work space itself.

Having real plants around can incur great losses in terms of maintenance and usability. Faux bougainvillea plantations are the ultimate solution to this issue, handing the upper edge to us humans. This beautiful form of botany may be implemented in various designs and the different types available only further accelerate man's creativity to its fullest.

Artificial Cymbidium Orchid

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Artificial Cymbidium Orchid - enjoy enriched landscapes with this pot of beauty

“Everlasting blooms” or “forever flowers”, or whatever you may call them, artificial flowers today look amazingly life-like and have become a legitimate alternative to their original counterpart. Apparently, it is not always possible for everyone to have a real orchid plant, lot of these interior landscapes lack the much needed environment of growing these live pots of beauty. Artificial cymbidium orchids are now being used extensively to enhance the interiors, as they give the surrounding a refreshing and enriching look. Added to that, this replica of the live plant comes with the benefit of not having to invest much time and effort for its maintenance which makes it cost effective as well.

Faux cymbidium orchid ideal in interior landscaping

The key to great interior decoration is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space. When it comes to creating an impression on the minds of your customer, decorating your interior landscape is indeed an important tool. Decorating the landscape with expensive decorative pieces is not always an option. For injecting nature into your interiors and to make it look stunning, faux plants and flowers have the immense ability to do the trick. One such amazing option is artificial yet realistic looking cymbidium orchid. These artificial pot of beauty, which is a hot favorite among interior designers, has the ability of be a part of your decoration, starting from luxury hotels and resorts to malls, from corporate houses to government offices.

What makes these artificial cymbidium orchid special than real ones?

Cymbidium orchids are often called “boat orchids”. Flowers are usually large in size, shaped like a boat. They are extremely popular as houseplants, garden plants and cut flowers. Many people get intimidated by the thought of maintaining live plants. For them, these high quality fake plant is a wonderful option. There are numerous other reasons as to why opt for them, they are mentioned below:

  • No special atmospheric requirements

    The replica of the cymbidium orchids allow us to enjoy the orchid's natural beauty and splendor without the concerns of making an environment suitable for its growth. The live ones mainly hail from subtropical or tropical parts of the world making the growing conditions they need a little tricky.

  • No Light, water and proper temperature required

    These faux botanical beauty is primarily made of high quality silk, which does not require any particular temperature, light and water for its existence. The live flowers can survive only if the above mentioned conditions support them.

  • No need for fertilizers and pesticides

    The best thing about these faux cymbidium orchids is that they need less maintenance. They are not manufactured using any live components, thus, they attract no insects, bugs or fungi. The original one needs pesticides to get rid of the pests and needs regular fertilization for its growth.

  • It is inexpensive

    The fake cymbidium orchid flower sellers have come with creating these life-like beauties, which is quite cheaper than the real ones. If you are designing a room which dictates a particular look, often the only affordable way to accomplish this is by using these silk arrangement.

  • It will never die or decay

    Fresh is fleeting, while faux is forever. They are free from rotting and do not need watering. You need not worry about the regular extra costs of maintaining them since they are a onetime investment. The live flowers can last anywhere from 8-10 weeks only.

Types of cymbidium orchids

The best way is to order these faux cymbidium orchids, that suites your interior landscapes is to first understand their types and, then deciding on your needs. These faux beauties can be classified into two types when it comes to pricing, one is the regular silk cymbidium orchid plant in a pot bearing few flowers and other one is a centerpiece. Even though there isn't any great difference between the centerpieces and a normal one, the difference comes in the way of the total look as the centerpiece silk cymbidium orchid plants have Vases with great designs and shapes which make the overall look wonderful. This is the reason why the centerpiece faux pot of beauty always cost higher than the regular ones. Lot of the sellers take special orders for all the occasions and you have the liberty to order even a specific variety, and the sellers will deliver it for you.

These replica of the original orchids are also the most used bridal flower type; one should be very wise in selecting the fake cymbidium orchids for their wedding as it adds sophistication. This type of artificial cymbidium orchid in a wedding reflects the mood of the wedding and the couples themselves, it also lifts the spirit of any occasion. It is very important for the couples to know about the types of faux cymbidium orchids before choosing them. They represent luxury, love, and beauty.

Unique properties of cymbidium orchids

These cost effective products are mostly made of silk-screened polyester and, are worked upon to give them a near perfect look, similar to the natural plant. They come in many bright colors, various sizes, and can be custom made to satisfy the needs of various customers. These pretty floral displays add a burst of color, and cram every inch of the place it is put, in readymade potted arrangements or as individual stalks. The unique properties are listed below:

  • They are manufactured with using a special technique that makes it fire retardant. It abides by the fire and safety regulations of the state, and has the certificate as its proof.
  • It lasts almost all your life and looks fresh as ever. This quality is achieved due to the manufacturing technique used for making it color fade resistance.
  • It can be placed in the indoors where it is exposed to sunlight without any damage as it is protected from the harmful UV rays.
  • Easy maintenance, as no live or organic product is used when it is manufactured. Since they don’t attract any insects, they can be placed near any other food items in buffet spreads in restaurants.
  • Extremely easy to handle and clean. This inherent quality makes it must to brighten the corners of your room and to give a fresh look to the place. They are very much now being used to enhance the interiors of many buildings including hotels, malls, galleries, museums and even botanical gardens.

I would definitely say this is getting more and more popular for the longevity of the product that you spend your money on. Hence, you should order these artificial yet real looking cymbidium orchids at the earliest and add it to the interiors of your commercial property.

When it comes to enjoying the enriching interior landscape, these simple pot of beauties add the royal look to your surroundings. Because we all know that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Artificial cymbidium orchids look nothing less than the natural flowers, added to that comes the benefit of low maintenance and cost effectiveness because you need to invest only once. Amuse yourself as well as your customers with the marvelous beauty and order them now!

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