Top 10 New Year Gifting Options for Kids

If you plan to give an attractive, lovable gift to your kid this New Year, let it be the one that would influence his afterlife. Yes, even a small gift presented at this age can influence his tastes and his future as well. Rather than thinking of soft toys or racing cars, why can't you think different? Yes, before cracking your head over that have a look at these brilliant gift ideas for kids

Story Cubes for storytellers

Kids love stories. Moreover, from the age of 3 to 10, they will make up different kinds of stories. Those stories are the reflection of their creative mind, and if nurtured properly, the kids would turn out to b the most brilliant ones. Yes, for those kids who love stories, you can buy story blocks. Each side of the block will be carved with the images of objects or animals. Kids can arrange them sequentially and can build up their own story. This gift will improve their memory, creativity, and intelligence in the funniest way. The most important this is that you can interact with your kid using the story cubes and can make the time more interesting.

Picture books to enhance imagination

The best way to improve a person orientation is to let him draw. Yes, drawing and coloring will make the kids more balanced, and he will be able to balance his hands accordingly. He will get the coordination of hands and eyes which indeed is important for studies. Coloring will improve his imagination, and that will be reflecting on his creativity. His overall eye-hand coordination will improve, and the left side of the brain will start working in an accelerated way. This gift will be loved by him, and he will adore your choice for sure.

Building Blocks to improve orientation

Old generation has played with building blocks. The importance of creating and managing structures was understood from playing with those beautifully colored building blocks. The relevance of building blocks has still not vanished. Yes, they help the kids to identify shapes and sizes. Playing with them will make the kid understand about balancing an object on a surface. They will also help the kids to pull and press the blocks which in turn helps the physical strength of the limbs. The gift will make them realize the colors and will let them understand the orientation of objects.

Play-Doh to make them play

Play-doh is one of the most creative gifting ideas. While playing with Play-doh, your kid will be able to mold beautiful shapes of different sizes. He can mold varying shapes and thus can play with the doh for a long time. When your kid needs to make a mock-up of anything with the doh, he will start observing the object. Thus playing with doh will improve his observatory skills as well. The doh is smooth and soft, so you don't have to worry about any harm that might be caused by normal toys.

Kids Smart watches to make in terms of Technology

Yes, at this age of technology, you can gift your kids a kid’s smart watch. When lots of brands are available in the online market, the most recommended one will be the one which contains one or two simple games and time. Those will make him come to terms with technology and will add curiosity to his brain. Technology will make him understand that there are no limits to human dreams and thus he will develop a taste in technology in his early ages itself

Soccer ball for fitness

Kids will absolutely love soccer balls. This is the era where kids are addicted to either mobile games or television cartoons. If you are the parent who wishes to make your kid a smart kid who plays and is physically fit, then this will be the perfect choice of gift. He can play with that which will improve his physique. With a ball, your kid’s friends can have a team play which in turn will help him improve his social skills. A soccer ball is not just a gift. It’s a habit that you can give to your kid in a gift wrap

Garden set for the ecology

A garden set is one of the most modest gifts that you can present to your kid. When the ecosystems have been affected and when the world is being polluted each second, a garden set has a visible importance in the life of your kid. With the set, you can make your kid understand the importance of mother nature, how artificial indoor plant arrangements are done, the stages of development of a plant and how difficult is to grow and reap a fruit from a minute seed. This will give him a positive and generous outlook on his life. He will understand the faux plants and the real plants from his young age itself and will be an assetto the society as well

Doctor’s kit for the caring one

Doctor’s kit is another useful, productive and recommended New Year gift for your kid. With each and every tiny thing in the kit, you can teach your kids how each of those are used. He will understand the basics of first aid and certainly will become aware of the accidents that might happen during gaming. This set will make him understand and identify objects and will develop a scene of empathy in him. Even if your kid loves to treat and care people, that also can be identified and nurtured with the set.

Animated videos to make them smile

Yes, Animations are not always bad. If you gift your kid an animated video where a cute cartoon character tells stories with moral, don’t you think that your kid will take it? Yes the kid will take it and will cherish them on the heart. Animated videos let them listen carefully to the characters and thereby will improve their memory power. The only thing you will have to notice is that you choose the right videotapes for them!

Altogether, If you want to give a new year gift to your toddler, there are thousands of choices. All the results depend on what gift you choose to give them and how they use them.

Top 10 New Year Gifting Options for Elderly

faux plants hspace=

Old people are those wisdom sources who brighten up your lives with their presence. They are the ones who guide and loves without expectations. When thinking of a New Year gift for them, it is sure that you will be confused. As the most independent and loving people, they will never let you spend on gifts. So choosing an attractive and comfort giving New Year gift to them, without asking them is a bit challenging. If you have taken up that challenge, see some beautiful and useful gift ideas here. These might help you top pick a good selection from the list or to come up with similar ideas. Let’s see the bucket list!

Wooden keepsake

Older adults love memories, and they love to keep things safe. From the careless adult life, they have moved to the stage where every piece of memories has to be saved. The first gift from their children, the latest health card, the newly brought sweater, the knitting set...They will have a lot of small stuff to save with themselves, and they will not be so happy if those tiny things are touched by anyone else. If your grandparents or the elderly relatives come under this category, you can buy them beautiful wooden keepsakes. They are strong and beautiful. While protecting their tiny stuff, these wooden keepsakes will make their rooms also look pretty.

Portable coffee table chair set with wheels

Old age is when people love to relax in calm places like the courtyard or the back garden. If the elderly people in your house love such things, you can buy them a table chair set with wheels. They can scroll the set to the courtyard or the park or to any silent place to enjoy the nature. The table set is quite handy, and the elderly people can keep their things in it in a more organized way

Seat Pad

Elders need the most care, and their body deserves the most comfort. You can satisfy their comfort needs by gifting them a seat pad. They work more or less like a pillow and can be used to sit. Elders can place it on chairs or sofas or even bed to comfort their spines. They are soft and cozy. The main advantage is that they are too lightweight and can be carried around. If they want to sit in the plastic mold chair or on a wooden desk, they can simply keep the seat pad and can sit above it with utmost comfort

Rocking chair

Who will not love the rocking chair that gives them the most comfortable seating? It was a common sight in the previous times that the grandparents read on armed rocking chairs enjoying the serene beauty of the creations. If you think your grandparent or parent is a lover of beauty, you can gift them a beautiful rock chair with nice cushions

Medicine organiser

Being in old age, people will certainly mess up with medicines. They may misunderstand the names of the medicines and will have them which in turn will cause troubles. Sometimes they may forget that they have not taken the medicines. Here is where medicine organizers will help. With the dates carved in each point, you can place the medicines for each day in the medicine organizers. The only thing the elders have to do is to take the tablets and to have them on time

Sun touch lamp

Sun touch lamps will be one of the most effective gifts that you can give the elders. Considering their well-being, the presence of good light can influence their mind. These lamps produce light similar to sunlight and will make their rooms brighter. They can be operated easily and will last longer. They are portable and easily manageable. They will deploy the function of light therapy which will be a really pleasant experience for the elders.

Memory Journals

Who will not like memories? Especially in their old ages, people love to spend time with beautiful memories of the incidents they passed through. You can collect the old pictures of your elders and can print it out as journals for them. These memory books will make them happy and will be an asset at an age where they need an emotional support

Induction cook top

Elders love to cook. Even if they may not be interested in cooking regularly, they will certainly love to cook their delicacies for their beloved grandchildren. Allowing them to the kitchen where the LPG is used is a bit risky. Due to the age, they might forget to turn off the gas or may use it in the wrong way. Induction cookers come with a panacea to this. Without any risk of burning or gas leakage, they can be handled with charm. Let your taste buds dance in joy with the food from elders.

Massage pillow

Massage pillows are the ones that can be attached to the neck portion of car seats. In an age where they will find traveling as difficult, massage pillows will be a great help. They will make the neck comfortable and will let the elders travel long without pains. Without any hassles of long travel, the elders can enjoy the beauty of nature and the life!

Hobby baskets

Anyone will have a hobby. Especially in the age of retirement, they will be eager to enter some hobbies that will cheer them up. It can be faux floral arrangements, gardening or cooking or even interior decoration with faux plants. Even some people will like to do small carpentry jobs and small crafting works. Identify their likes and buy them a beautiful basket. It should contain beautiful, cute accessories that they can use for their hobbies. It will be the mind blaster for them.

Faux Selloum Plant - Beautiful Landscaping Made Easy


If filling your office space with ample green shrubs and potted plants are not your thing, but at the same time you do not mind having one or two of these around just for the sake of that earthly feel, these faux Selloum plants are meant for you. Not only can you have them configured in no time but also enjoy the view without having to put in as much effort as required for a real plant. What if you love greens for your eyes to look at, will these potted artificial selloum plants be enough to tickle your earthly senses? They will be more than sufficient. Not only do they look real but come with durability and other safety aspects to make sure you can bask in their glory for years to come.

Will it make a good deal?

An astonishingly beautiful representation of the real Philodendron split leaf is what you get here with these majestic pieces. To replicate the actual plant, the landscape architects and designers have worked real hard to make sure the leaves are as big and split as you would expect to see a real sample. What attracts the most attention to these pieces is their ability to look realistic while being safe for indoor and outdoor use.

What makes these so special?

If it requires more convincing than the usual reasons like less maintenance and expenditure on the long run, these artificial plants from CommercialSilk come with ThermaLeaf® protection. This means that they are built from fire resistant material which will not be the cause of causing or spreading fire. They make sure these faux plants spread only joy and not fire. If you choose to not opt for large artificial trees, then these are your go to.

Comes with outstanding features

Built to replicate the actual philodendron these samples are around 32” in size and are also available in various other sizes ranging between 26”-42”. This makes for a good opportunity to have the same kind of plants for different spaces in a variety of sizes if that is something you were hoping for. The ThermaLeaf® property makes them stand out of the ordinary faux plant crowd. The stems of these plants are molded, and they come with a standard base. Apart from the feature that they come in a variety of sizes the fact that they are fire resistant makes them a preferable candidate for indoor use without having to worry about losing your precious faux plant to a fire or having to replace it as soon as it wears out as the leaves are made from polyester and are meant to last long looking as real and fresh as ever.

Meant for outdoor landscaping

Their durability is what makes them worth every buck. These are not only expected to increase the aesthetic value of your indoor space but work equally well when placed outside. If you would rather opt for no greenery in case you have to go for large artificial plants, you can always come back and choose these small outdoor artificial plants for your outdoor landscaping. You can easily place a couple of these in the garden, front lawn, balconies or the terrace for that matter.

Ideal for offices and commercial places

Ever come across those unattended overgrown potted plants in an office? You might just have. That is what happens when people are too busy tending to their actual job and couldn’t care less how their offices looked like. With these, you do not ever have to worry about that scenario in the first place. These are meant to fit in small corners, along with the side walls and any other space or little scrapes on the wall that you would like to cover-up. When it comes to commercial places, you might find the larger sizes more appropriate in case the area at hand is really big. You can place these in small intersections between shops at the mall, hotel lobbies or some other space.

Reap the benefits for what you sow

Imagine you not having to work any harder than a mere dusting session once every few months, and that will be all. With these faux selloum plant you neither do you have to regularly prune them, attend to them, water them or take any special measure to keep them looking as great as real ones because these will not grow any further nor will they ever shed their leaves. They will not dry up if you do not water them and you can stay worried free when you take a long vacation because these majestic pieces will keep looking as great as you left them. You know how you have to have someone attend to the plants that just don’t agree with not being watered or with the weather you live in, with these faux ones you do not really have to worry about that. It is quite obvious that when fire cannot really destroy these beauties, there is not much left for you to do to make them look any less beautiful.

Picking the right ones

So how would you possibly know which ones to pick and where to place them? You can either hire professional help to get this sorted out or do a little research yourself and find out what works best for you. Unlike real plants these do not need to be placed a certain way and receive a fixed amount of light hours to grow well, all you need to do is choose a space you wish to place them in and place it there, it is that easy.

The faux selloum plants with their big fire resistant split leave definitely has much potentials to make your place look close to nature and more aesthetically pleasing without you having to get stressed out for tending to them a day, morning, noon and night. You can now depart from your house or office space knowing that when you come back, your faux plants will have the same refreshing welcome look that you desire.

Artificial Oriental Bamboo Trees

Giant Timber Bamboo hspace=

Wield the Magic of the Orient with the Best Artificial Oriental Bamboo Trees

Most modern workspaces, office buildings and retail spaces need a significant amount of indoor landscaping. Such landscaping is generally done using horticultural items such as small potted plants and large live plants and also by using other kinds of nature-inspired design elements such as small water springs. This kind of indoor landscaping greatly improves the visual appearance of the building’s inner spaces. It also provides several indirect benefits such as a greater sense of comfort and calmness for both employees and visiting customers due to the use of gurgling springs for example. 

In general, artificial plants prove to be a better solution than natural bamboo for internal landscaping primarily due to ease of maintenance and the ability to fully customize the landscaping to suit the architectural and decor related needs of the building. Having said that, artificial plants are also a viable and desirable solution for outdoor landscaping due to ease of maintenance. When made for outdoor use, artificial plants come with an outer UV protection layer whereas those made for indoor use are generally made with fire-retardant material.

Anytime an office or residential environment is to be landscaped, the tropical bamboo lends a unique tropical touch to the environment with its robust, elegant appearance. While cold-weather plants such as violets, snapdragons and petunias lend a wonderful amount of color to the internal spaces within a building, the bamboo adds a different element of appearance with its lush foliage and the trunks of a wonderful color and growth lending a very warm and inviting appearance to the landscape. The uniquely shaped leaves lend additional beauty to the bamboo which is generally kept in a pot. Being compact in size, the artificial bamboo is generally seen to be a great fit for landscaping a small to medium sized space which is in need of a bit of personality, such as the reception area right next to a sofa or the open lobby outdoor areas seen as part of the facilities of many companies.    

Natural bamboo

Natural bamboo is one of the fastest-growing grasses in the world with some species of bamboo being able to grow as much as 3 feet within a 24-hour period. Although originally a species native to Asia, today it is widely grown and used across the world. Natural bamboo is an inexpensive, eco-friendly, robust and sustainably-resourced material used for constructing various types of structures including fences, walkways, creeper supports, plant supports and other general constructions inside gardens. Specifically speaking, bamboos are extremely drought-tolerant given that their underground stems are able to store water away to be used during times of low rainfall.  Just like the cactus which is another quirky option used for landscaping, this lends the bamboo a significant advantage when a material is needed to landscape areas in dry or drought-prone areas. One significant disadvantage of the natural bamboo is that roots can extend as much as 20 feet underground, thus disturbing piping and foundations. This implies that additional caution is in order whenever natural bamboo is proposed to be used in construction or landscaping, to ensure that the foundation of the nearby constructions in the particular area are not disturbed by the use of the bamboo. Of course, it is true that anytime we do landscaping with the natural bamboo, we suffer from all the disadvantages that a real plant brings in in terms of susceptibility to pest attacks, high maintenance costs on account of fertilizers, water and pesticides. 

Artificial bamboo

Artificial bamboo trees are made with natural wooden trunks and premium grade artificial foliage to generally serve the purposes of commercial landscaping. Generally, artificial foliage is made with U/V protected material for outdoor use and fire-retardant synthetic material for indoor use. These artificial bamboo trees are typically used in resorts, hotels and other commercial establishments for decoration and gifting. Artificial bamboo trees are available in various forms – trunks, planters, pots and wicker baskets. 

The most amazing thing about these artificial bamboo trees is that they are wonderfully decorated with silk bamboo leaves (sometimes even in the thousands), lending a grand and regal appearance to the tree. These leaves are generally designed and manufactured to be so life-like that one can often not even distinguish an artificial leaf from a real one. These trees are beautifully made with several trunks just like an actual tree, with trees most commonly built with 6 to 9 trunks. While the trunks are made of plastic, they are reasonably realistic-looking. 

All these forms of artificial bamboo reflect different looks and dimensions associated with individual likes and the landscaping needs of the specific environment. These trees are commonly available in various heights ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet. Different customers choose the tree in different forms based on the amount of space available at their location both in terms of floor area and the height to ceiling available. Also, there is an element of personal preference in the sense that while some customers may like the tree kept in a pot, others may like the tree kept in a wicker basket. 

Why Artificial bamboo?

Compared with the natural bamboo, the artificial bamboo enjoys a number of advantages. Being an artificial plant, there are no leaves or soil in the surrounding environment. Thus the artificial bamboo is almost completely pest-free and requires almost no maintenance at all with regards to water, nutrients, fertilizers or pesticides. Pruning and cleaning requirements are minimal with only a light dusting required every few months. Clearly, all of this adds up to one tremendous advantage, which is drastically low cost of maintenance. 

Additionally, being an artificial plant, the common factors that inhibit plant growth - lack of sunshine, insufficient nutrients in the soil, low water availability, pests, low light and winter weather pose no barriers to the usage of artificial bamboo with there being no effect of these factors on any aspects related to plant growth. Also, given the fact that artificial plants do not grow, there is no question of having space limitations to the usage of artificial bamboo (whether in internal or external spaces) and the bamboo requires no pruning or shaping for the purposes of maintenance. Compared to the natural bamboo, the artificial bamboo has two more significant advantages. 

The artificial bamboo is able to maintain its shape, size, height and color for years on end without requiring extensive effort. When one sees maintenance workers mowing a lawn or prune leaves off a wayside tree, one can notice the amount of efforts needed to maintain tree foliage and  immediately appreciate the extent of this advantage. Additionally, one more incredible advantage with the artificial bamboo (and really any artificial plant) is that it can be designed and manufactured in a fully-customized manner, that is custom-made in order to fit in with the décor.  

Available in a number of options, the artificial bamboo is one of the best options available for landscaping a variety of spaces ranging from botanical gardens to ranches to outdoor coffee areas. With its robust appearance, beauty and true-to-life quality, the artificial bamboo would be one of your top options when looking to add character to any given space.



Artificial Black Olive Topiaries

Black Olive Hedge Topiary hspace=

Make your building's gardens the envy of many with Artificial Black Olive Topiaries

Who does not get fascinated by plush greenery? Everybody does as it can make anyone feel close to Mother Nature. You must seize this opportunity and build your hotel on rich green fields along with a massive lawn. This will make the whole area look charismatic which will attract more guests as well. However, you can even do the same if you are building a brand new mall. To make the inside of your mall or hotel be filled with greenery, you must utilize products like Artificial Black Olive Topiaries as these look extremely real and unique. These are attractive as well as functional. Get hold of a genuine interior landscaping company and make your all dreams and requirements fulfilled for a gleaming bright future. Make your guests awe-inspired with such stunning landscapes. The companies of this modern world are truly setting a benchmark and redefining landscaping with their exclusive designs. 

Importance of faux plants in your business

Like others, you could never have thought of any link between the success of your trade and the installation of faux plants. Though at first it might sound bizarre, but you can yourself see the response from your guests when you install beautiful and stunning Artificial Black Olive Topiaries in the interior of your four storey mall. Along with greenery, it will make the environment warm as well. Not only fashionable but these are extremely efficient products as well that will surely be appreciated by the people who visit your mall. Plants and flowers are the catalyst between the stresses that people go through every day and complete relaxation. Be it a casino, mall or building, you can now enable your guests to complete relax with such installations. 

Varieties that are available 

Things that please the human eyes are regarded as extremely attractive or desired. If you were thinking how to attract more home buyers to your new building, you must make the interior of the building’s ground areas look extremely mesmerizing and stunning. Flowers and plants are the best things that can make even a dull area look remarkable. With the ever growing technology and the introduction of high-tech products like Artificial Black Olive Topiaries, you can expect the entire building to be reserved in a few months by promising buyers. You will be overwhelmed to find the varieties of topiaries with which you can design your exclusive interior garden. Some of the types are azalea column topiary and mat roll, boxwood ball topiary, boxwood trimmed topiary and many more. 

Looking at the natural appeal

The selection of faux plants for internal usage is truly endless. In the current times, these are accessible in a variety of styles and sizes. The ones that you can install in the interior garden of your hotel or building are designed with leaves that are fire resistant. However, if you are hesitating about the natural appeal, then you must forget all your worries as Artificial Black Olive Topiaries are designed by experts who ensure the maintenance of the natural look found in live plants. Decorate your business premises and complement the interior decoration with the installation of such state-of-the-art products by purchasing only from reliable landscaping firms. The intensifying range of these simulated plants now enables efficacious planting schemes that can b created by utilizing artificial plants. This is now possible because of the sky touching growing technology. 

Instilling a sagacity of well-being

As a businessman, your aim would be constantly looking for profits and welcoming more guests or customers to your business. Thus, if you are about to inaugurate your new hotel, look around and check whether you are missing out on something or not. The only thing that can instill the atmosphere with tranquility is plants. It does not matter whether you install artificial or live plants. It is best to learn about the benefits before you install the stunning looking faux plants. The benefits are:

  • These kinds of plants are always pest-free. Whereas live plants get plagued with insects and fungus due to the soil and leaves, there is no question of supplying food with unreal plants which also means no pests.
  • No maintenance is required by false plants which mean no requirement of water, fertilizer and sunlight. Dusting every few months is required though. 
  • Artificial Black Olive Topiaries maintain their shape, height and color for many years. You can even ask the experts to customize it as per the décor of your commercial building or hotel. This option can never be provided by live plants. 

The best part about non-natural plants is that, you can actually let nature surround the entire area inside your building without really doing so. 

Giving a theme to your artificial landscape

Genuine and dependable landscaping groups are found in profusion these days. Select the best one and redefine landscaping like never before. If you have no knowledge regarding this subject, then you can ask the experts to help you out with the interior gardening of your hotel, mall or building. For instance, the experts might suggest you to install black olive topiary hedge that can be utilized as a complete privacy screen. These hedges are usually manufactured with olive topiary shapes and silk olive branches and many more. You can craft these in multiple ways. The experts only need to know your imaginations so that they can turn those into reality. Not only this hedge can provide a theme to your faux landscape but also it contains various realistic properties. 

Getting hold of a botanical realistic feel 

Artificial and silk topiary trees are extremely suitable for indoors and can fulfill all design requirements. Some of the examples of the wide-ranging selection are topiary balls, cone topiaries, silk boxwood spirals and many more. The indoor trees are especially manufactured with groundbreaking fire resistant topiary foliage. When going through the various products of the pioneering landscaping firms, you can even ask them for quotes and custom applications. An essential role is played by silk plant topiaries in various commercial designs. Manufactured in a plethora of sizes and shapes, the range includes silk olive topiary balls, faux boxwood hedges and many more. 

Unreal black olive foliage is utilized for manufacturing fake black olive tree so that it becomes a replica of the olive tree diversity. There are multi stems and you can find polyester leaves. The trunks of some tress are even hand sculpted that include amazing customized feature such as animal marks, knots and moss and many more. Most importantly, you must install these in the interiors of your building as you will never face any kind of water damage. Also, these can be installed in low light areas. The choices that you can get in synthetic plants are wider when compared to live counterparts. The statue of these beautiful plants always remains unaffected by environmental and adverse weather conditions. You will also not have to worry about any kind of replacement costs. 

When you install Artificial Black Olive Topiary plants and trees on the garden of your commercial building, you can make your guests feel extremely close to the tranquility that Mother Nature offers all the time. Make your interior landscape seem revived with the installation of remarkable and stunning faux plants and trees. Also, these are quite convenient in comparison to live plants. 



Citrus Leaf Spiral Topiary

Cedar Ball Topiary (Exterior) hspace=

Citrus Leaf Spiral Topiary - escalating your interior landscape's beauty to new heights

If you are running a business or owning an apartment, an office, then in each of the two instances, your fascination would be how to spend money and time on interior decoration. Remember, that if you take good care of the interiors of your home or office interiors then you pave the way for a healthy living and working environment. There are a number of creative ideas by which you can decorate your living and office spaces using interior landscaping. The interior landscaping uses miniature plants to create a green environment in a residential or a corporate structure.

The Citrus Leaf Spiral Topiary gives elegance to home interiors

The citrus leaf spiral topiary and other potted plants located at the corners of the interiors not only look elegant but also offer a healthy environment for the residents. Growing the Citrus leaf Spiral Topiary is a lengthy process and so individuals who require them decorate the interiors of the home, office spaces using such ready-made items that are available in the e-commerce websites.

Make office space look natural, attractive using ideal home decor items

In modern corporate landscaping requirements, emphasis is laid on how to make the office space look natural and attractive. While talking about nature, the one thing that comes to one’s mind is how to keep the interior green. Plants are very helpful in this regard and the citrus leaf spiral topiary has characteristics that make them very lucrative among the viewers. These plants augment the appearance of the interior space. There are different types of silk plants available in the e-commerce websites. These are not that much in height and are ideal home decor items. These are manufactured in a special way, keeping the quality and durability aspect high.

Growing the Citrus Leaf plants for decor purposes not recommended

But if you want to grow the real Citrus Leaf plants, then most importantly, it is not apt for the home decor purpose unless you grow the shorter version of it that is the bonsai. Moreover, growing the bonsai plants require a huge amount of effort as the plant growers require to trim, prune and shape the plants on a regular basis. Based on the requirements of the buyers, there are different types of silk plants available in the e-commerce websites. Some plants are available with their leaves colored and they look really attractive.

Where to place the Citrus plants?

If you are looking for that perfect ambiance in the hotel room, the office premises or in luxurious apartments then the perfect way to do that is to place the Citrus Leaf Spiral Topiary in proper locations. Proper placement of these plants makes the surrounding environment attractive and vibrant. As an instance, if you intend to place the plants at the conference hall, then it is better to put it at the center of the conference table. If it is a hotel, then the placement of the plant should be at the bedside table of the hotel room. All these definitely reforms the interior landscapes to desired new dimensions. Among the important home decor items that you can rely, the Citrus Leaf Spiral Topiary is worth mentioning.

Attributes of the plants meant for decor

As times are changing, technology has improved substantially. And this can be understood by the construction of high rise residential and commercial complexes. And as discussed earlier, the objective is to ensure that the different complexes look attractive which is possible by using faux plants that are used for interior decoration. There are other landscaping items that can be used to enhance the beauty of the interiors, bonsai, Citrus Leaf Spiral Topiary for instance an excellent item. In contemporary times, owing to technology, the faux plants are manufactured in a way so that they don’t look fake. They are heat, water resistant, very much durable, require less care and are very much flexible. Many e-commerce websites sell these items to interested individuals and when you see these items then you can find that they have a special appearance that distinguishes them from other plants.

Advantages of using the silk plants

These plants have several advantages and they are listed as follows:-

  • If you want to decorate your office or home space using your preferred silk plants whether it is citrus or other types, then you need to place an order for the manufacture of the item. Once the order is placed, if there exists items in the stock then the item can be delivered or else the service provider takes the order and then initiates on it so that it can be delivered as quickly as possible to the customers. Prior installing the plants, it is advisable to wash them. Some prefer keeping the plants in lukewarm water for a brief period before using it.
  • You need to have a very good notion about the placement of the plants and how that can enhance the attractiveness of your office or home space. You can place the plants at the center of the table, at the corner of the bedroom, by the side of your bed. Sometimes, you need to contact a qualified home decor specialist and express that individual your requirements. Perhaps, that individual can help you out in this regard.
  • Since the plants are faux therefore they require very little or no maintenance. Cleaning the plants on a daily basis is not required. However, the users can wipe the plants to get rid of the layer of dust that deposits on the surface of the leaves. These plants are made in a way so that they require very less maintenance and can sustain for years. These are faux plants and hence one can well comprehend that they do not require light, heat, any particular temperature or nutrients.
  • The next important thing is the durability aspect. These items are very durable. They have a lively appearance, requires no trimming, no grafting or pruning.
  • These plants have an edge over the original plants in that the later have chances of getting weathered because of climatic conditions or they can get damaged because of bacteria, fungi, and insects. But the faux plants like the Citrus Leaf Spiral Topiary remain healthy looking because they are faux.
  • These plants are non-living and if they are placed in an office or home environment, then, it does not make any difference to the climatic conditions of the interiors. In short, it can be said, that the presence of the plants is intended to enhance the attraction of the interior space. They act as show.
  • Moreover, in spaces where the environment is green, it boosts the performance and efficiency of the people who stay there. If it is an office space, then, it gives a sense of calmness to the individuals living in that space allowing the individuals to concentrate and stay motivated. Moreover, a green environment limits health related risks.
  • There are places in the world where water is a scarce resource and there these plants offer to keep the environment green with no extra need for the scarce resource. Instead, at times when the users want to clean the plants then only a little amount of water is used.

Those individuals who love natural beauty and want a replica of nature in their home or office can use such plants. These plants have a number of advantages. Apart from keeping the interior landscapes rejuvenated, fresh, they aid to keep the environment calm. There are e-commerce websites from where you can procure these plants. It is easy to get them and even easier maintain them.

5 steps to making a beautiful faux garden

Boxwood Mat Foliage hspace=

As we have been discussing at length the different artificial foliage types and faux plant varieties we have been giving tips on how they can be used in a practical sense. Today we will get back into those practicalities, and further expand on the ideas you may already have. The more information you have will help you be better prepared when the time comes and you finally have the products in front of you. The worst thing would be to have everything laid out ready to go and then no idea how to execute. That is why we will go into just some simple steps for making a garden as practical and presentable as possible. We will talk about different flower varieties that commonly are found and work within a garden setting. Another important part is to OK into topiaries and the different varieties that are offered. Even if you are planning on only making a small garden created from flowers, it is always good to at least try topiaries as they can make a huge difference in many settings. We will look into faux hedges as well and see just how important they can be in making gardens go from something expected to something unique. These tips will be a great help for you when just starting to come up with a plan on how to spruce up your lawn. Let us not waste anymore time and jump right into it!

Step 1. Finding the right flowers

Whether this is a brand new garden with just bare soil or you are supplementing the garden with additional plants, you have to do some preliminary research because of the wide variety of faux flowers that are out there. The appearance faux flowers give to a garden is special, especially when using the high quality material flowers from Commercial Silk International. Here is a list of our most popular artificial flower varieties that can be utilized outside in a garden: anthurium, heliconia, orchid, calla lily, dahlia, peony, hydrangea, ranunculus, and of course many more. With the help of our experienced project managers you can get a complete run down and also some other more specific answers as to how to make them last indefinitely. Having the right color scheme is the most important part when picking faux flowers, but also looking at how dense or minimalist your garden is will also play a role into your final decision.

Step 2. Looking at the various topiaries

As mentioned before, even if you are not planning on using topiaries within your garden it is always good to at least know what options are out there. The greatest attribute of faux topiaries is that once installed there is no additional work to be done. With authentic topiaries you are constantly watering, trimming, and pruning to keep them in the same condition as when you purchased them. So if you are the fence (no pun intended) about putting within your garden space then hopefully that will give you extra incentive. You can have either ball, cone, or spiral topiaries that adorn your garden and each of these comes with their own unique set of qualities in terms of visual aesthetic. Ball topiaries are smaller and would fit well in a minimalist garden with not too much going on. Cone topiaries are a lot larger, depending on what size you end up going with, so they fit well with larger gardens or gardens that have an abundance of plants. Faux spiral topiaries will be used in a similar fashion to cone topiaries as they are usually tall and narrow. However, artificial spiral topiaries are more unique and provide a more modern look.

Step 3. Contemplating hedges

Now if you were not considering topiaries maybe you were looking into hedges, as they are a more common decor piece for landscapes. We at Commercial Silk International specialize in hedges and have been a leading provider of artificial hedges for many years now so using our expertise if this is a option for you would be best. Get a hold of our project managers with the dimensions of your garden and we will be able to get a quote to you for an artificial hedge. We offer many different varieties that you can build the hedge from; boxwood, azalea, pearl grass, juniper, and ivy. With these options and the customization we provide you are sure to find something to work within your garden.

Step 4. Layout the design

Now that you have a good idea of the options available to you and what you what to purchase, you can now go further into the design process. Using the help of our project managers and your own ideas you should be able to come up with this fairly quickly since you have most the hard work done already. The amount of time spent on this step is hopefully minimal as this will be sometimes the more stressful part of the design process.

Step 5. Install and review

Lastly, you will get the products and then begin installing them. For faux flowers you can even stick the plastic stems in the ground itself for a slightly permanent setting, or put them in a decorative pot to stay for good. Usually customers opt for the pot as it provides a better visual appeal. This also goes for the topiaries if you choose to incorporate them. They will all come in a black plastic pot that can be transferred into a larger more decorative planter. For hedges we provide various baseboard treatments that coincide with the garden you put them in. Most the time wood or metal will be used in an outdoor setting, and both of these baseboards can be painted to be any color you choose, giving you total freedom.

These steps will make the process for creating a more beautiful garden with artificial flowers while also making the process that much easier.

Reducing your environmental impact with faux plants

Artificial Hanging Plants hspace=

In today’s blog we will go over some things we have already discussed previously in regards to how the world around us is changing and what we as individuals can do to help. In today’s world we are experiencing more and more change in terms of weather than we have ever seen before. It has become commonplace for us to see heat records break every summer, and snow end up in areas it never has been before. These changes have been happening for several years now, and it seems as though we are becoming conditioned and used to it. Think back to the hottest summer you’ve experienced real quick. Now, it was probably recent maybe three summers ago or less. If you were to go back 3 years you probably would have a different summer in mind and think of that as “the hottest summer EVER”. It’s a pattern where we get so used to the temperature and changes that we don’t even realize that it’s changing. Even more, we are forgetting the fact that the reason for these changes are never good, and that we are a huge part of it. It doesn’t matter if you believe in global warming or not, you can still clearly see in other ways how with so many people on this earth we are going to start tapping out it’s resources. Or even worse, we as a collective people are going to continue to make the same wasteful decisions until we realize there is no going back. The crazy thing about it all is that it wouldn’t take much if everyone did their part. The green movement has been a great tool to get most everyone at least THINKING about their carbon footprint. With more awareness people are really starting to think about the decisions they make, and the more people do this the better. One area we can see this is when people grocery shop. People have started using reusable bags versus the standard plastic or paper ones that end up getting thrown out anyways. This has been a frantic trend in the way people shop and live, and even though it may seem small. Another trend the world has really taken onto is the way they eat. Preserving natural resources is important and that is not limited to just water, trees, and the land in general. The ecosystem as a whole is our natural resource so animals are definitely imperative to us just like the climate is. The trends have always been there in terms of food, but as the millennial generation continues to grow and become more of a force within society we are seeing more changes to how people eat food. Restaurants who offer all-natural locally based food products are gems within any community they are apart of. Urban farms have been and continue to be a trend in many cities, and as the people who tend them impart the same values to their children it will be an endless and rewarding cycle. Using authentic and real food is a something that is important for our health and for future generations. That is not so much the case when it comes to landscaping and plant decorations however, as authentic plants essentially waste our most precious resource. As a millennial it angers me to see the amount of water put into making the front of a lawn look pretty. I understand people want something to look presentable and that is far to some degree. There are homeowners and businesses though that dump thousands and thousands of gallons of water into their lawn and landscaping projects with the only benefit being themselves. I hope that as we grow into this new world with it’s many changes that these selfish habits will go away, especially for appearances sake. With artificial plants these people can keep their lawn appearances with less work, more longevity, and overall being a less expensive. The benefits of artificial plants is endless, and adding to the fact that they don’t need water makes it a near perfect solution. People who have large authentic landscapes will be happy too, even if it’s not the real thing. The amount of money spent on watering those types of landscapes is astronomical. Since the recession and housing collapse of 2008 many families and individuals have been looking for ways to cut back on spending. I believe a huge change for people and their lawns would be to make the switch from authentic plants to artificial. There are numerous benefits when it comes to using artificial as they tend to last a lot longer and require less work, but the savings on money and water usage is huge as well. We must realize that technology is growing rapidly and every year it seems like something new is coming out that we never expected to see in our lifetime. Now granted, a lot of that comes from the technology sector but as time goes on we could see these fake plants becoming more and more beneficial as well. If people made the switch now and never looked back it would benefit our world and make a huge impact on the spending habits and stigmas people have on landscaping. Yes, landscaping looks great and makes a one-of-a-kind impression on people. However, it is not the most important thing in the world especially when we are destroying forests and then building gardens in our small backyard. Using artificial plants can help us cut back on natural resources and make for a better future and world for the people who inherit it after us.

Living in extreme heat: The benefit of artificial trees

Japanese Maple Tree hspace=

With summer approaching we will continue along with the topic of weather and more specifically, heat. Many of our customers deal with extreme heat year round, and it greatly impacts their decision of switching from authentic plants to artificial. When plants are under constant sunlight and heat they require far greater attention, which means a lot more watering and also taking care to protect them from too much sun. Authentic plants become even more difficult to care for if you are California resident. With the new laws in place that put a hold on various water consuming activities, it is almost impossible to have a landscape that is completely natural. The struggle with hat stems a lot from the recent weather changes that have taken place around the world. With temperatures seemingly rising every year these issues of water and heat exposure will continue. In the United States alone people are becoming more and more aware of this phenomenon and planning accordingly. The switch to artificial plants and trees for landscaping is just one example of this. There are many others and we will discuss these as well, because understanding these will hopefully give you incentive to make your own changes in an ever changing world. Another thing people have changed is the way they clean themselves and clothing. A lot of people in California have resorted to taking shorter showers, because of the mandate set by the state and also because in general people are becoming more and more conscious of their environmental impact. As far as clothing goes, many families have started to mix loads to create less water waste with separate loads of colors, delicates, gray, etc. Like all changes, some people are happy to make the switch while others would prefer things remained the same. As far as landscaping goes, families or businesses who have already created an authentic setting may see these new laws as being too intrusive. With these climate changes it is hard to argue that letting people continue their lives like nothing is happening is in the best interest of the worldwide population. Having a lawn that is filled with real topiaries, hedges, and other landscape decoration pieces is becoming more and more a thing people frown on. Even some people that had these sorts of things before are realizing the waste that goes into keeping appearances, and opting for a less energy intensive solution. That solution is artificial plants and even more so artificial trees. With authentic trees the maintenance required to keep them in tip-top shape is huge, and even then with the extreme heat they are not guaranteed to keep a great appearance. Yes, authentic trees cannot be replicated 100%. You will miss the natural feel of the wood, the smell it gives off, and the overall presence of a living organism. This is why for many nature enthusiasts and landscape designers it is so hard to switch from authentic to artificial trees and foliage. In the end though, the change is something that is not only beneficial to our most precious resource but is also full of benefits and requires far less work. At Commercial Silk International we have made it our top priority that when creating faux trees we take these worries and put them to rest. With demand increasing every year as does the climate, we are constantly perfecting what we do to make sure every customer is satisfied. We have experienced engineers we are able to create sketches fast for our clients to approve before the actual manufacturing begins With our team of highly certified botanists we then can make sure every detail of the tree is accounted for, from bark to the overhanging branches. Our sculptors are great at getting the most out of the materials we use so that the final product is as realistic as possible. The best part about our team is that they know how to build most any variety of tree, so no matter what you are looking for you are sure to find it. If you are a California or Florida resident you may be looking more into faux palm trees to match the surrounding landscape. We have made many artificial phoenix, sago, fan, and areca palm trees for numerous clients. What’s more is that we have technologies in place to protect specific trees such as these. Like we talked about earlier, in extreme heat nothing is safe. Even authentic trees tend to wither and die after too much exposure. For palms that are native to these areas there shouldn’t be too much worry as they have adapted and can withstand the beating sun. If you are switching to artificial plants though then you will need some extra protection to ensure that it lasts for years on end. With PermaLeaf® technology this is possible, as it is our patented and highly regarded chemical blend that protects all foliage and greenery from UV rays. Even with all the benefits artificial trees have to offer they still can experience extreme fading in the right setting. In places with extreme heat and sun these trees will begin to fade, granted after many years of exposure. Our products are built to last so it is not something that’s immediate, but to make sure they do not fade for the time spent in extreme sun then this is recommended. Artificial versus authentic trees have their pros and cons, but longevity is something that can be assured with faux trees and cannot with the real thing. Also, in a time where our water supply is dwindling each and every day the need for more people to use artificial plants becomes greater and greater. As people try to make less of an impact on the world around them it is imperative to find ways whether big or small to cut down on wastefulness, and as an artificial tree company that starts with landscaping.

Specialty artificial pieces for displays

Boxwood Panels hspace=

In today’s blog article we will be discussing some products that have not been talked about yet in previous posts. At Commercial Silk International we have tried hard each year to expand our product line so that the scope of what we offer covers everything any interior designer or architect would need. We have gone from selling simple birch trees to supplying Disney with large faux phoenix palms. There is a sense of pride when you can offer an extensive array of options to a client, and especially when they are having trouble finding what they need and have exhausted most every option. With most projects we can fill the orders easy since they are coming to us with basic requests that have been filled many times before. For some projects there are many special requests that take more time and energy to come up with. Because of these unique projects we have been able to widen our horizons and provide more of a personalized approach to many clients. The basics we provide are the boxwood foliage products: boxwood hedges, mats, screens rolls, and green walls. Others include; faux sago palms, phoenix palms, birch trees, and other tropical trees. All of our main foliages are big time sellers and have been for years since we began to produce artificial plant products. Now that we know exactly what the common products we sell are, we can now look into these specialty products.

1. Artificial Bark Sheets

These are one of most unique products that can be used in almost any situation that requires some sort of industrial grade bark. What these mostly are used for is covering pillars in museums or retail store displays (Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop) because they are easy to install and very durable. These bark sheets are hyper realistic and we have gone through great lengths to make sure these provide authenticity to whatever setting you place it in. With these artificial bark sheets you can cover any amount of area you need and have it last for the long run. With more any more people switching to artificial trees these are becoming a very popular addition to the design process. Bark sheets can also be used in smaller chunks to provide realism to an already established landscape. With these sheets you do not have to worry about fire codes for the interior design project because they have our patented ThermaLeaf® technology.

2. Artificial logs

Another specialty item that can be used in almost any situation are the artificial logs we provide. These are special made for large construction and design projects that need them for a landscape settings. They are molded with extreme delicacy just like our artificial tree bark sheets. They are molded then hand-painted by our experienced manufacturers. After that, these logs are then impregnated with our fire-retardant chemicals from our patented technology ThermaLeaf®. With these logs you can create an effective and realistic landscape or whatever project you are designing. These work well in museums, exhibits, and large outdoor retailers. With these faux tree logs strewn across a outdoor setting you are making it that much more realistic. It is easy to see how these are specialty items, but also are key to making any type of woodland setting really look authentic. Authenticity is what is most important, and with these faux logs you can make any setting that much more real.

3. Artificial tree stumps

Much like the faux tree logs, these artificial tree stumps are an accessory piece that will make every setting seem that much more real. When designers choose to go the artificial route with their plants, trees, and hedges they are taking a risk of having a design that looks too fake. With these specialty artificial tree stumps. The stumps offer a unique wilderness ambiance with their detailed ridges, knots, and hideaway holes. Tree trunk varieties include oak, cedar, pine, and maple. With these stumps you can have them specially made for outdoor or indoor use. With outdoor stumps you may be interested in our PermaLeaf® technology that protects them from harsh UV sun rays that can be damaging and fade the material. These tree stumps are very much the center of attention when placed inside of a specific setting. The larger the landscape the more authenticity is needed to keep clients and guests enthralled by the design. With artificial tree stumps you have a product that is built to last and adds that extra bit of “realness” that quite honestly can’t be matched.

4. Decorative Branches

Decorative branches are some of the most important pieces of what we sell. With so many people having a wide array of preferences when it comes to designs we have made a plethora of decorative branches to be used in all types of landscape settings. We have many different varieties of faux bamboo poles that are very popular amongst many of our clients. We have everything from the natural brown bamboo poles to the more common green bamboo poles. We also carry items such as the popular birch tree branches, that are a hit among regular homeowners and designers looking for a more rustic setting. Birch poles have that amazing woodland look with their white bark that is easily recognizable. We also carry cedar poles that are an all-natural wood and have finely defined details. Another very popular specialty product we carry is our stick and twig art. With these products you can hang them wherever and have a unique design that is sure to last. These have been growing in popularity for some time now and many interior designers use them so it has become one of our more commonly requested products.

These specialty products are great additions that can be used in most any design. With the increased emphasis on artificial landscapes looking as real as possible, these products are key to making that a reality. Again, these can all be custom made just like the rest of our product line so do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our sales reps immediately to discuss pricing.

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