The Safekeeping Guide Every Facility Manager Needs to Read

Artificial trees

Are you a facility manager of commercial property with the responsibility to manage different kinds of physical aspects of the building? Well, a facility manager is considered to be the person who is responsible for offering a safe and functional environment for all the employees working in the office. People are supposed to turn to the facility manager if something goes wrong with the facilities available. Facility manager makes sure that the building is compliant with the latest workplace legislation. If you have been provided the responsibility to manage the appeal, look as well as the security of your office space, read this brief guide that will help you to be safe keep your commercial building while also sustaining its functionality as well as grace.


Ensure Safe Pedestrian Flow


It is crucial for you to make the pathways and walkways clear of where your clients and employees are supposed to enter your premises. For making the paths clear to the visitors, you can make use of well-placed arbors, a good shrub line and more features of your landscape. A good landscape is supposed to offer a clear vision to the visitors about the pathways and entrance areas. Your commercial lawn needs to be free from overgrown shrubs or greenery as they can hide the view of walkway lines from the people entering your property. For this, the greenery around the walkways needs to be trimmed on a regular basis. Also, the pathways need to be broad enough to acquire the movement of pedestrians.


Keep an Eye on Irrigation Heads


You might have irrigation or sprinkler heads installed within your landscape to meet the watering needs of the plants. But sometimes the automatic sprinkler heads don't get appropriately attached to the surface and stays unidentified. So, people roaming around your landscape may fall against those irrigation heads having some injuries. To prevent such situations, it is important to regularly monitor the sprinkler heads in your landscape to make sure that they are in proper working condition. This is crucial to be ensured in the area of your landscape which is designed for people.


Make Proper Lightings Available for Night


A commercial space usually has people working on the night shift as well. So, for making them feel safe and secure within the premises, it is crucial to install proper lightings throughout the exterior complex. Especially the walkways and pathways need to be enlightened properly so that people entering your space in the night don't face any problem while viewing. Good outdoor lighting for the night also enhances the design elements of a building effectively while also being highly functional.


Run-off Flows and Proper Drainage


Although landscapes have the power to absorb a significant amount of water within it, however in case of heavy rains, your building may get surrounded by rainwater as well as mud thus creating a hassle for your clients. To prevent such conditions, it is important to work closely with landscape contractor to create an effective runoff and drainage system. A good drainage system can prevent the rainwater from making walkways and pathways wet and muddy thus keeping your landscape clean and fresh all the time.


Protection from Fire


Ensuring the safety from fire of your whole premises is one of the most important tasks that a facility manager needs to effectively take care of. Because commercial areas are prone to fire hazards due to the presence of different kinds of power lines, circuits, the presence of massive generators and all. For ensuring the fire safety of your premises, it is crucial for you to perfectly enclose the fire-prone areas within the solid boundary. These sensitive areas include power circuits, generator cabins, and similar parts of the building.


As you know plants and trees may also make the fire accidents go worse, so, it is also crucial to keep your landscaping elements away from such areas. If you are worried about the looks, you can make use of artificial plants that are made from fire retardant materials. Such plants prevent the fire from spreading throughout the building thus keeping the hazard condition in control. Many commercial owners are opting for artificial plants for their interior and exterior landscaping needs. These also demand negligible maintenance as compared to real plants without compromising the looks.


Privatize Your Space and Say No to Crime


The studies have shown that the buildings that comprise of more trees are less prone to the crimes. Since the presence of trees can hinder the inside view of the property by the people outside. According to the latest studies, the areas with a proper tree cover are reported to be having 12% lesser crimes than areas without any privatization. Following such studies, you can privatize your commercial building for enhancing the security of your space. You can grow shrubby trees and hedges of appropriate sizes along the lines of your complex's boundary. Such a system of greenery around the area will not only offer a secure and safe surrounding to the people inside your building but also enhance the overall appeal of your office.


Prevent Entry of People from Dangerous Areas


Every property has some dangerous areas that are prone to unfortunate accidents. These areas may include windows of the above floors, telecom boxes, electric boxes and more. As a facility manager, you need to make sure that people don't get into such areas. You can either put a notice or create proper fencing around those areas.


Security Cameras and Alarms


Security cameras and alarms have become the necessity of every commercial area. Make sure to install properly working CCTV cameras and security alarms throughout your commercial property including parking lots as well as backyard areas. With properly working systems you can monitor and track your commercial complex easily. A good quality CCTV camera is a must for the main entrance of the building so that you can monitor every single person entering or leaving your complex.

Why Does a Faux Heliconia Make for Such an Irresistible Landscaping Product?

Artificial trees

The breathtaking faux Heliconias are just what any landscape needs for vibrancy, color, and lovely charm. The Heliconia plants offered by Commercial Silk Int’l are realistic and lifelike and can fool even the most trained eye into believing that they are real. The breathtaking Heliconia foliage and plants can be installed in a wide range of commercial and residential settings. Here’s everything you need to know about these plants.


Install In Several Different Kinds Of Settings


The best part about the artificial Heliconia plants and trees is that these faux landscaping products can be installed in a wide range of commercial, residential and other settings. Here’s a list of places where they are commonly placed:


  • Poolside area of hotels and resorts, hotel rooms and lobbies, the centerpiece of the dining table in your home, apartment buildings, luxury villas, office buildings, conference rooms, meeting rooms and several other places can be decorated with the faux heliconias.
  • Museums, art galleries, schools, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, doctor’s clinics, restaurants, trade shows, public gardens, coffee shops and various other commercial spaces can be given a whole new vibe with these faux landscaping products.
  • Cafes, exhibitions, party halls and banquet halls, apartment homes during the festive seasons, boutiques and malls are also often given a lovely makeover with the artificial landscaping products.


Easy And Convenient To Provide Care To


If you have ever installed real plants anywhere in your home or office, you probably understand how difficult it can be to provide proper care to such plants. Not only do they require daily watering and care, but they also need to be cut, trimmed, fertilized and pruned from time to time for healthy growth. In the case of the faux heliconias, you need not worry about providing maintenance to the plant. A simple spray of water is more than enough to keep the artificial plants looking beautiful and fresh.


Affordable Options For A Breathtaking Makeover


Are you looking to give your residential or commercial space a complete makeover? Then you probably are well aware of the fact that makeovers can prove to be extremely expensive. However, in the case of the Heliconia plants, you can add color, vibrancy, and life to any space without worrying about a hole being burnt through your pocket. The artificial heliconias and other faux landscaping products available at Commercial Silk Int’l are very affordably priced. You can buy the Heliconia plants in large quantities for big sized projects, without worry about exceeding your budget for the makeover.


Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Plants


Now if you were to install real plants in your landscapes, you would have to plant and pot only those species of plants that are compatible with the climatic conditions of the place that you’re located in. For instance, if you wanted to plant tropical plants and flowers, but you lived in a dry and cold region, the plants would never bloom. In the case of the artificial landscaping products, you need not worry about our geographical location. The faux plants and trees are entirely weatherproof and climate tolerant. Special UV chemicals are injected into the plants to make them tolerant to harsh sunlight. Even when exposed to excessive rain or snowfall these plants will never fade or lose their color.


Fire Retardant Plants For Your Safety


If you’re installing the landscape at home where your children are, or you’re installing them in a commercial space where tons of employees and staff members work, you need to be sure that the plants that you’re installing are fire retardant and won’t risk the lives of the people in the surroundings. In the case of the faux heliconia plants offered by Commercial Silk Int’l, you need not worry about the plants going up in flames. These products are injected with special fire retardant chemicals. These fire retardant chemicals ensure that the plants are no longer susceptible to fires, thereby safeguarding the surroundings and preventing mishaps.


Easy Installation Process That Can Be Taken On By Almost Anyone


Are you worried that you don’t have the landscaping knowledge to install the faux plants and trees in your surroundings? Then it’s time to toss your worries aside. In the case of the faux plants offered by Commercial Silk Int’l, almost anyone with or without landscaping knowledge can install them. These plants come with a special installation manual that gives you exact instructions on how to place and install the products in a proper manner. If you’re still unsure and uncertain, Commercial Silk also has a team of skilled experts who can help you and guide you through the installation process.


Delivery To Your Doorstep


Another reason why the artificial plants prove to be a real boon is that these plants are delivered right to your doorstep. Now imagine if you had a large installation to set up and you had to go personally collect the products that you have ordered, wouldn’t it be an absolute nightmare? First and foremost you would have to organize for a large truck, then you would need laborers to unload and load and so on. Commercial Silk Int’l has all the plants and trees that you have ordered delivered to your doorstep. You won’t need to set foot outside your home or commercial space to get your order.


Realistic And Lifelike Plants


Another excellent feature of the artificial landscaping products is that these plants look extremely realistic and lifelike. Unlike some products available in the market, the Commercial Silk Int’l plants are manufactured to resemble their real counterparts in an identical manner.


So, the next time you’re contemplating decorating any space, you need to browse through the beautiful landscaping products that Commercial Silk Int’l has to offer. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the quality, durability and aesthetic feature of the faux landscaping products.

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