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Planning to expand your business and venture in some new territories? Well with that, it is always advisable to give your large corporate office a new look by renovating the interior as well as the exterior landscapes. A new look will provide a new working atmosphere for the employee's, added energy for them and your clients will get further attracted and pleased. But giving a makeover to your landscapes can be quite challenging, even for renowned landscape architects and designers. As, they have to incorporate decor items which will have its appeal with everybody visiting the property.

Plants, trees, flowers which have clear connection with nature, if used as decor items for the landscapes, can create an attractive appearance for any office property of multinational companies. But growing these natural beauties and taking care of them can be really painful, given the maintenance regime and high cost it involves. Hence, opting for an alternative solution and installing artificial botanical products like faux Cedar plants, can be a wise. With their exact appearance like their real counterpart, these fake beauties can develop an instant connection with everyone.

From where can you source the artificial Cedar plant, a revolutionary option as landscaping decor items?

Since, 1986 the company which has accomplished its name in the market for manufacturing the best quality of fake botanical items, is none other than Commercial Silk Int’l. The exact replicas of any variety of faux plants and trees can be found here. For doing up the indoor and outdoor landscaping decor of any luxurious properties, like huge multispecialty hospitals, shopping malls and even any five-star hotels they are best. In their collection, you can find any small or large artificial plants and trees with or without flowers, topiaries, boxwood mats, tiles or any fake foliage. 

The faux Cedar plant manufactured by them is of premium quality and has an exact appearance like the original ones. A dedicated team of experts in the name of botanists, landscape architects and designers work extremely hard in bringing this lifelike appearance. No matter where you place these fake beauties, it will have an excellent impact on the surrounding. Customers who want to order for single piece and customers, who are interested in wholesale, both get preference from their sales team.

People interested in getting some ideas in designing their huge properties can even contact the concerned person from the company for their assistance. The company even arranges for installation of these products at your premises, if you need it. All your queries can be answered after you pay a visit to their official website. 

Why do you think the fake Cedar plants should be chosen instead of the real ones?

There are many varieties of cedar plant and trees available in all parts of the globe. The original ones grow big enough to be placed in big gardens and parks. But what if you want to place them right at the reception desk of the huge exotic resort? The answer to this would be the hassle-free and customized version of this fake variety. The other reasons explaining why you should opt are as follows:

  • Is suited to all weather conditions

There is no requirement of any special weather conditions for this replica of the original Cedar plant and trees. While the live ones will require specific conditions for growth.

  • Sunlight and watering won't be needed.

These artificial botanical beauties are manufactured to stay fresh without any of these. While the real small Cedar plants will require regular watering and proper sunlight for their existence.

  • No investment on fertilizers or pesticides required.

The real Cedar plants and trees are prone to insect attraction like root weevil and cypress tip moth. Hence, will require insecticides and also fertilizers for their growth, but the faux ones are manufactured to repel pests and hence will not require any of these.

  • Maintenance cost involved is very less

The artificial ones only require you to dust and wash their surface, that too very seldom. While the live ones will require you to hire more manpower for taking care of them,

  • One time investment.

The fake alternatives involve almost zero maintenance cost and are a onetime buy, as they keep looking the same year after year. It is very common for original Cedar plants to have deceased branches and the entire plant may die or decay anytime.

Types of Faux Cedar plant and trees

Fake replica of the live Cedar trees have are found in numerous types like Cedar of Cyprus, Atlas Cedar varieties, Cedar of Lebanon and even Deodar Cedar varieties. The trees available can be customized to any size and volume depending upon the customer’s wish. These Replica Cedar plants are extremely popular and are a unanimous choice for every landscape designers for their extremely high quality. The colors used in the fake foliage are exactly matched with the original ones. High-quality silks are used for its manufacture and original trunks are preserved with chemicals for creating the exact appearance. 

What unique qualities can you find in the artificial Cedar plants from Commercial Silk?

The craftsmanship of very high level and extremely hard work goes into creating these extremely eye-catching fake botanical beauties. The unique characteristics it is equipped with is:

  • It is made to be completely resistant to fire, because of the special chemicals used on its surface while manufacturing.
  • The company uses Permaleaf technology, which makes them resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays and any kind of color fading problems.
  • These fake beauties are extremely lightweight.
  • Can be easily installed inside any plush restaurants or even open air cafeterias without any worries, because the chemicals used on them are totally non-toxic.

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