Have You Warmed Up to the Wonders of Faux Plants from Commercial Silk Int’l Yet?

Artificial cactus

Faux plants can make your commercial settings remarkable without any worries of regular caring or maintenance. Every landscape lover an enjoy the feeling and looks of real plants without spending big bucks from the pocket that need to be incurred in the care of living plants. Commercial Silk Int’l, being an industry leader in manufacturing, distributing and supplying artificial plants across the world, brings you an extensive range of faux plants that can make your space one of the best landscape. All the products are backed up with the highest level quality and unique features that make them must-haves for your landscape. In addition to faux plants with Commercial Silk Int’l, you can find artificial trees, giant fake trees, silk flowers, foliage and many more.


The Line of Commercial Silk Int’l Faux Plant Solutions


You can find almost all varieties in faux plants that you see in the real world. Commercial Silk Int’l ensures that you get the best product delivered as per your particular landscape requirements. Let's have a look at significant silk plants that you would love to add to your place.


Artificial Bushes to Make the Space Lively


Artificial bushes are the solutions that can add an interesting element to your commercial settings. These can work as the big assets to your setup and can transform your interior from exhausting or annoying to a lovely and appealing place. No matter you are looking for perfect bushes for your hotel, restaurant, bar or any commercial setting, these can make your any site look just right. In the Commercial Silk Int’l range of artificial bushes, you can find plants types from Arboricola plants, Caladium plant, Cedar plant and Chinese evergreen Maria plant to Colorado spruce plant, Corn plant bush and many more. These plants have the capability to make your commercial space look highly appealing.


Artificial and Custom Topiaries


If you have a commercial space where you house employees as well as if your office or commercial area involves regular visit of customers, then it is a must that you make it an inviting and appealing setting. Topiaries give you one of the best ways to add a delightful factor to your space. Commercial Silk Int’l offers a large selection of faux topiaries for your commercial area along with an option to customize the shape, color as well as the texture of the topiary as per one's suitability. The standard topiary shapes include spiral, balls, and cone. And if you want to go beyond these standard shapes then, choose the suitable shape that you want to be included for your space. It can be anything from an animal topiary to your logo design, a funny character or more. With Commercial Silk Int’l, you can have all shapes delivered to you elegantly.


Artificial Flowering Plant Varieties


A colorful and decorated environment helps us to create a bright and inviting space. Are you interested in making your commercial space interesting and appealing but don't know where to start from? Commercial Silk Int’l has a vast selection of artificial colorful flowering plants available with the help of which you can transform your boring commercial space into an eye-catchy and inviting environment that will surely be Loved by your employees as well as your customers. With the help of faux flowers, you can add a colorful essence and a touch of richness to your office landscape. From CSilk's flower catalog, you can choose from Azalea, Begonia, BOUGAINVILLEA, Ficus, and Orchids to Jasmine, Roses, Lotus and many more. All these plants come with silk leaves and fake tree trunks that imitate the looks of real flowers.


Artificial Vines and Grasses for A Complete Landscape

Your commercial landscape cannot look natural if it does not consist of vines and grass. Different varieties of vines and grasses help you update the look of your space from time to time. Especially in commercial environments, the old furniture sometimes makes an area look boring, dull and outdated. In such cases, you need unique decorative elements in your interior that can upgrade the dull looks of your space making the area look fresh and charming. Because you can't buy furniture or such assets frequently, therefore, the artificial vines and grasses give you an affordable and elegant alternative. With an aim to help you make your space livelier, Commercial Silk Int’l offers a vast selection of artificial vines and grasses that mimic the looks of their real counterparts. These artificial solutions can provide an attractive appeal to your environment efficiently.


Faux Cactus and Succulent Plants


The varieties of artificial Cactus and Succulent range from fake Snake plant and agave plant to Pineapple Yucca. The Commercial Silk Int’l collection of faux cactus and succulent plants is available in a wide range of sizes, styles, shapes, and textures and are ideal to complement your reception desks, or decorative planters in casinos, hotels, restaurants or office areas. The landscape experts at Commercial Silk Int’l guide you through the complete selection process while you decide to build a landscape. You need to share your landscape vision, and you will be provided with suitable possibilities according to your aesthetical properties.


Custom Plants Build As Per Your Design Idea


Nowadays, commercial establishments prefer to add a custom designed and personalized set of plants for their landscaping needs. This is because with custom designed plants you can highlight your structural properties correctly. Such personalized plants offer a native and more appealing feel to your area conveniently. Commercial Silk Int’l also offers an extensive line of custom plants and trees that are catered to the specific needs of commercial spaces. This custom plant idea has been evolved with an aim to offer unique, a statement defining and spectacular landscaping idea to the clients so that each element of the space can get complimented. You can make Commercial Silk Int’l give desired shapes to plants of a size that is suitable as per your space requirements.

Fake Cactus Plants & Flowers Bring Life to Desert Landscape Arrangements

fake cactus plants and arrangements

Fake cactus plants and flowers can add a splash of color and personality to desert landscape arrangements for both indoor and outdoor applications, especially when combined with other enchanting desert elements like sand, withered tree branches, and old rocks shaped and scarred by ancient flowing rivers.

artificial succulent arrangements Cacti species have always held elements of danger and mystery for many people. They flourish where nothing else can grow. You can drink water from some, yet some are poisonous, and only a seasoned adventurer, it seems, can tell the difference. Plus those prickly pins are always a little intimidating. These features together with the many odd shapes and colors of various cacti species make for interesting plants and flowers. Fortunately, artificial cacti and succulents can be just as believable.


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