Decorative Faux Citrus Trees - Fake Orange Tree & Fake Lemon Tree

faux citrus trees

Decorative faux Citrus trees and fake Orange and Lemon tree products can make for a convincing theme in almost any commercial environment. Citrus trees and plants have long made a majestic impression on many who come across them, yet they are unusually hard to care for. Faux Citrus trees, when produced by a reputable manufacturer, make Lemon and Orange trees available to all parts of the world year round.

Faux Citrus Trees Description: The genus Citrus belongs to the Rutaceae family. The precise number of natural species of Citrus Trees is unclear, however they are often the ideal choice as a landscape fruit tree. An appealing shape, fragrant blossoms, and edible fruit are just several of the many benefits. The most common types of Citrus Trees are Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, and Tangerine. Citrus trees grow to different heights: Lemon trees can grow to 20'-30' tall, while an Orange tree can grow up to 60' tall. In either case, faux Citrus trees manufactured with artificial Citrus fruit -- including fake Lemon tree or Orange tree replicas -- can be made to look just like the real thing.


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