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Silk Bougainvillea

Every business grows basing on a certain theme and has its own stories. Other than the people engaged and the service provided by the professional space, decorative accents greatly influences in conveying the business theme and maintains to hold the brand image. In this aspect, greenery helps the best. Nothing can elevate the ambiance of any corporate space more than the amazing beauty of the blooms and lush green foliage. Commercial Silk collections of artificial Bougainvillea are the best for interior landscaping projects. These elegantly beautiful vines have colorful flowers that act as a treat to the eyes.

Over the years people have been decorating office space with many accessories. Flowers and plants take a major part in decoration and interior plant maintenance services. People feel more relaxed near nature. Studies also reveal that when people find them surrounded by natural elements, they become relaxed and productivity also increases in a natural environment. Another great advantage of these natural elements is that they make one cheerful. Even, ailing patients are found to recover speedily when flowers and plants are installed near the hospital bed.

Commercial organizations of all nature and styles face tough competition and for this reason, they need to create a buzz about them and attract onlookers and customers for the growth of the organization. Using artificial topiary outdoor accessories and other landscaping elements help to make any commercial exterior impressive and this is vital as, in most of the cases, a beautiful first look helps to create brand loyalty.

Artificial Bougainvillea wins hearts of everyone

Having gardens with flower and lush green lawns is a long-standing landscaping mode. Over the years the owners and designers of various types of commercial organizations are flaunting colorful flowers and other greeneries for creating an everlasting bondage with their customers, clients, and guests. Among all the flamboyant vines and flowers, Bougainvillea holds a prime place with its amazing beauty. The multicolored Bougainvillea takes only a blink to attract the visitors and hook their attention permanently. When you complete the exterior and interior landscaping of a commercial setting with artificial Bougainvillea, it helps to explore the full potential of the business. Combined with artificial topiary outdoor landscaping elements, these flowering vines overwhelm your customers with their aesthetic appeal and keep them charmed.

Can be used almost anywhere

The appeal of the artificial Bougainvillea is so overwhelming that these can be used for exterior and interior landscaping of any commercial organization. Whether you are the owner or developer or person responsible for landscaping massive corporate houses, large shopping malls & arcades, posh hotels & restaurants, exotic bars & casinos or be it a luxury resort, airport lounge, spa, amusement park, hospital or any other type of commercial space; using Commercial Silk fake Bougainvillea helps to add a dash of style and elegance to the entire setting. Having exterior landscaping done with artificial topiary outdoor elements you can elevate the ambiance to your profession to the next level. Aside from the large commercial settings, artificial Bougainvillea is also relevant for home decorations.

Artificial Bougainvillea scores over real plants

While landscaping the professional spaces, the owners and landscape designer always prefer to have a landscaping element that costs less in terms of exterior and interior plant maintenance services. The Commercial Silk fake Bougainvillea is practically a no maintenance option. Being made after the natural versions, the artificial Bougainvillea looks absolutely like the live plants and as such favored by all. These are independent of sunlight and so, you can install them even in a dimly lit corner or in underground office spaces, which is not possible with natural Bougainvillea. High-quality plastic materials are used in manufacturing enabling these to withstand different climatic condition. They are also made fire retardant by impregnating special chemicals through injection molding during the manufacturing process. Finally, they never shade leaves nor wilt or die to keep you free from worries of replacement. 

Variants offered

Commercial Silk fake Bougainvillea offer vibrant color when used in combination with other landscaping plants and trees. You can have these in the plant, vine, and bush for indoor and outdoor landscaping projects with Bougainvillea flowers in vibrant hot pink, orchid and yellow colors. These are available in various sizes from 10 inches and above. Multistem Bougainvillea tree (tangerine) is also available.  These have high-quality polyester leaves that look realistic. These lifelike flowers and bushes can also be had in customized sizes for meeting specific landscaping needs.

Enjoying many benefits is possible

All professional settings are mostly full of materials like concrete, glass, metals, etc. and these geometric elements suck the beauty of any place making it a modern jungle. For creating a unique identity through landscaping, pseudo-natural elements like artificial Bougainvillea offers a graceful solution.

  • Add floral beauty: Being artificially made the Commercial Silk Bougainvillea keeps its bloom throughout the year, in any climatic condition, adding an amazing floral beauty to the commercial space.
  • No allergic reaction: Many people are sensitive to pollen and flower scents. As these are fake, these do not produce any allergen and hence, no fear of allergies.
  • Easy cleaning option: Only periodic dusting is enough to keep their hue for long. This makes exterior and interior plant maintenance services easy and simple. 
  • Safe: These are made for TehrmaLeaf foliage that passes all standard fire tests and conforms to state fire laws making those safe for both interior and exterior landscaping projects.
  • Limitless portability: These are soil independent and come in the standard base making these portable. You can use these at any place you like.
  • No mold formation: Being fake, the Silk Bougainvillea does not grow any mold or suffer from water damage.
  • No insect attack: Unlike natural flowers, these never attract any pests and your customers and clients remain free from insect attacks.

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