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In the world of interior and exterior decoration, artificial plants are admired because of their ability to enhance the degree of beautification of a landscape by taking minimal space. Among the most famous artificial plants, faux caladium plants are known for their ability to beautify the surrounding with a touch of freshness. These realistic plants are a blend of simplicity and creativity, making your surroundings, a better place to live in. While choosing the artificial version of the caladium plant, one might go through much thinking about the advantages of it. Let’s know about these plants in a better way.

What are faux caladium plants?

Artificial Caladium plants are a source of freshness and soberness if used properly. These plants are available in beautiful pots which can be kept anywhere in a hall to amplify the aesthetic value of it. These have beautifully decorated leaves which add a coloring tone in your official environment.  The leaves have different patterns and colors to make it look aesthetically appealing. Moreover, these plants are available in different sizes, making it very easy for you to accommodate. 

How these faux caladium plants can be utilized?

When it comes to exterior and interior decorating, nothing can beat the creativeness of faux caladium plants. These can be placed in a corner to make the first impression everlasting.  The sideways of any path can be decorated with these natural looking caladium plants to make the journey from the main entrance to the building worthwhile.  Caladium plants in a little pot can be kept on a center table to make the reception beautifully decorated and posh. Keeping a bunch of fake yet realistic caladium plants makes any place look more ravishing and welcoming, which is a very good way to make the whole point business, successful.

How are fake caladium plants better than the real ones as decorative elements?

Be it artificial or real, caladium plants always proves to be a great decorative element because of its fancy look, but there are many reasons which justify that while decorating, the physical appearance is not the only thing which matters. Here are some reasons to why faux caladium plants have the upper hand on real caladium plants for decoration. 

  1. Retain the freshness:  when it comes to freshness, nothing can beat faux caladium plants. These real looking plants are a way to make the overall look natural and comfortable to eyes. The fact that these are fake helps in retaining their freshness as no extra effort is needed to maintain them. These look fresh for several years, making the whole point of decoration easy and affordable.
  2. Gives an insect free environment:  being artificial, these plants do not invite any micro or macro-organism, saving the whole environment from any such mess. Besides that, these plants do not demand fertilizers or any other set of nutrient elements which are needed for a natural plant to grow and be healthy. 
  3. Easy to maintain: these plants do not need all the necessary steps like regular watering, fertilizing, shaping, etc, which should be taken to maintain a natural plant’s freshness.  These can be washed or wiped off with wet clothes at times to keep the realistic look.
  4. Available in different dimensions:  the faux caladium plants are available in different shapes and sizes, which allows it to fit in, at any place. The leaves are of variable colors, which make it appropriate for any genre, thus suiting the theme of the place.

Where the natural looking yet artificial caladium plants can be used? 

The artificial caladium plants give a clean, neat and realistic feel to your landscape, making it an appropriate place to welcome guests or customers. These custom artificial plants maintain a clean atmosphere and don’t leave any soil mark, which is why are highly used in the decoration of places like hospitals and luxury hotels. These can be used for the exterior or interior designing of large corporate offices because along with being beautiful and appealing to eyes, these maintain a very corporate look, adding a sophisticated expression to the world of business. These plants can otherwise be used in:

  • Luxury hotel
  • Amusement parks
  • Indoor shopping palaces 
  • Malls 
  • Restaurants
  • Bars 
  • Banquet Halls

How does it shape a comfortable atmosphere for the buyers?

Greeneries play an important role in a human being’s life. This unreal caladium foliage structures the thinking or working process of a man by giving a touch of nature to the surrounding. It helps to maintain a related nature feel to an environment full of seriousness and official chaos, making the overall surrounding calm and composed. It creates a bridge between a man’s emotional life and official life, making them more efficient towards their work.  If used to decorate hotels and restaurants, these can prove their worth by giving away an aristocratic, yet welcoming feel to the whole environment, captivating your customer’s eyes by the visual appeal.

How can you avail these natural looking yet artificial plants?

The fake caladium shrubberies are easily available online.  There are plenty of types and colors presented by this site to make it easier for you to choose the appropriate one for your landscape. Within few clicks, you can avail the most suited one to cherish the beauty of nature within your budget.

A pocket-friendly way to decorate your landscape

Being budget friendly, the artificial caladium potted plants are a good way to start decorating your landscape. These do not involve high maintenance thus help you to save a lot of your effort and time, making the whole process of decoration effective and efficient.  The minimalistic approach towards the designing of your concerned area pays off if decorated with these fake yet natural looking caladium plants.

Artificial Caladium Plant

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Add a splash of splendid colors to your landscapes with Artificial Caladium plant

Decorating the interiors is a great option for any business house, which is eager to offers its employees a better work atmosphere. Moreover, one should note that such a situation also helps to boost business volumes. One can speak to people running business malls and the general feel is that, there is more customer footfall in properties, where the interiors are well decorated. Hence, one can certainly think on these lines and a great option will be to look at developing internal landscapes. It adds great value to the dull interiors.

One must however note that developing green landscapes can at times look a bit dull. Too much of green all around can at times create a negative impact. Hence, in such a scenario going for artificial landscapes can also be a good option. The artificial option allows one to color contrast to the proceedings. Moreover, one is spared from the issues of draining, weeding and maintaining the garden space regularly. In an office environment where work pressure can be extreme, one may just not have time to look into such issues. Now, if the use of artificial plants is the desire, then one can certainly try out Artificial Caladium Plant at some places of the entire landscape area.

What is it exactly?

It is a small sized plant, but its positivity lies in the fact that it can highlight certain sections of the landscape. In fact, mall owners will love to place them right at the entrance. They are also perfectly suited right at the entry point of theaters, restaurants and a host of places. It tends to attract people passing by and as a result the mall or the theatre certainly receives better footfall.

What makes it highly popular?

It is natural that one will be inclined to know more about its features and the reasons as to why this should always be the preferred option for anyone looking to attract attention. It is the presence of large heart shaped leaves with an extensive range of color intricate designs on them, which has made all the difference. The Caladium plant is originally found in Brazil and Central America, but the artificial option is equally effective. The artificial leaves are able to duplicate the original one to perfection.

A perfect replica:

Therefore, it brings us to the next point that it is a perfect replica of the original. There have been plenty of instances when visitors into a theatre or a mall have been confused. The size of this artificial plant can be anywhere in the range of 23 to 28 inches. Therefore, while placing the order, if there are any specific requirements, one must discuss it with the maker.

Some more reasons for its popularity:

It is certainly a great interior landscape option, which immediately attracts attention. However, there are other reasons as why more business houses are looking up to artificial Caladium plant as an interior decoration option. Let us discuss the specific benefits in brief.

  • It is a perfect option in low light areas, where it may just be impossible to grow live plants.
  • One should also note that the artificial option is allergy free. Hence, those of you suffering from allergy will love this form of landscape decoration.
  • It certainly does not attract insects, which the original Caladium plant may do so.
  • This option once installed is cost effective as it does not require any form of maintenance. There is no need to worry from any form of pesticides.
  • It does not grow and that means one can maintain the same environment for an extended duration.
  • The problems of mold and water damage are not the case here.
  • It is the wide variety of choices under the artificial Caladium plant category, which makes it popular. Under the natural option, one would have had to settle for nothing but the green color. However, one certainly runs into some exciting color options here.

The materials for design are safe and inexpensive:

One must note that being a business environment there are plenty of factors to consider before actually putting up artificial plants. Profitability and safety are the two key factors to watch out for and on both these counts the Artificial Caladium Plant scores highly. Its key component is silk and it is the fire retardant properties of silk, which make it ideal for use in an indoor environment. It is a cheap product and the absence of any form or organic items or soil makes sure that it is an insect free solution. One can certainly set them up in an office environment. It boosts up the internal beauty significantly and it is also a perfect way to motivate the employees to achieve more.

How to decorate the commercial space interiors using Artificial Caladium Plant?

The artificial plant once installed presents a wonderful option to make the interiors of a commercial environment looks special. Let us have a look at some of the ways as to how one can create a maximum impact with this artificial plant.

  1. The plant certainly looks great once it is placed along the windows of restaurants and multistory hotels. The view from the roadside is just breath taking.
  2. One can even line the plant along the pathway and it should make the environment special.
  3. A mall owner will certain want the key attractions to get noticed. Hence, a perfect option will be to install this artificial plant alongside the major attractions.
  4. Look to place it along entrance and doorways and that should allow visitors to quick locate exit signs. In large malls where visitor footfall is significant, it is quite natural for someone to lose his/her way around. These plants located at specific exit points help someone lost to quickly locate the exit route.
  5. These artificial plants also offer great value to people who work as reception hall designers. Just place it close to the textured walls and they certainly offer a great color contrast.

Hence, these are some wonderful options for anyone who intends to use Artificial Caladium Plant to decorate the interiors of a commercial arena. The interiors do get a major facelift and the use of fire retardant components in a business certainly makes it great for a commercial organization.

It is also an outdoor alternative:

The plant is generally installed in an indoor arena, but that does not mean that it will fail in an outdoor environment. It is immune to the extreme rays of the sun and that means if there is outdoor space within the commercial compound, it can act as a great decorative option. It is a cheap solution, but the sheer beauty is just impossible to ignore

Hence, one can jump to the conclusion that it is certainly a great option for someone who insists on an indoor landscape for a commercial environment. Within the confines of an office, there is much to do and quite often one can never pay much attention to the maintenance of plants. Therefore, in such a scenario the Artificial Caladium Plant should work wonders due to the lack of the need to maintain it properly.

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