Artificial Ironwood Bonsai Tree for the Best of Faux Landscaping

Artificial Ironwood Bonsai tree

It feels amazing to be surrounded by the green amalgamation of some Ironwood Bonsai tree, allowing one to breathe in the calmness of this serene scape. However, before imagining those lush green passages all around, wait a moment and think about the time and patience these beauties need for nurturing! Does that mean you say no to plantscaping? Certainly not, as the Artificial Ironwood Bonsai trees are here to silence the confusion. With these artificially constructed Ironwood Bonsai, one would not have to worry about the nurturing yet obtain the best results.

Why, the Best?

Surely, one must ensure properly before calling something the best. For both interior landscaping element as well as outdoor, faux plants, serve as the best solution for several reasons and requirements. Can anyone grow the leafy Ironwood Bonsai tree within a few days? Well, no, but the hospitals, shopping malls, cafeterias and restaurants can easily multiply in their numbers rapidly. So how to cater to these demands without having to undergo the tedious procedures of growing a brilliant Ironwood Bonsai? Well, the answer is right here; for any form of corporate plant service, these artificial trees coated with realistic features will surely be benefitting.  

Why Not the Real Ones?

Yes, that is definitely a pertinent question as to why go for the faux plants and not the real ones. However, this era where time is more valuable than money, artificially created plants resembling gets an edge over the real ones. It is obvious to adore something more if it comes a lot more easily, is not it!  Well, the Artificial Ironwood Bonsai tree relieves a lot of stress if one is to consider indoor or outdoor landscapes. Whether one wants to décor the lawn area of an amusement park or draws on the interiors of a hospital with these plant imitations, there is absolutely no need to worry as it comes with minimal maintenance. 

Are These Pretty?

Yes, you bet they are pretty! The Artificial Ironwood Bonsai trees are all over the place these days, stealing hearts of nature lovers. With bright green leaves and small blue flowers, who is to tell that they are anything but real! Brought to you in varying sizes, these delicately conceived artificial bonsais are going to add a touch of uniqueness to the ambiance. With no one to doubt about the authenticity of the Artificial Ironwood Bonsai trees, even though the leaves are merely carved out of polyesters, why waste time on maintenance, energy, time and of course money! 

Safe and Sturdy

Looks real yet does not carry the adversities suffered by the real ones, phenomenal, is not it! Are you worried if your favorite plant is receiving enough of the insolation or not? Well, say no more, and these dainty looking Artificial Ironwood Bonsai trees are at your humble service. Given they are not living; they are free from any damage from water, insects and so on. Designed with special silk fibers, these beauties are fire and water-resistant. No matter how minute insects are, they are clever enough to differentiate between living plants and non-living ones. Therefore they never manifest on these faux Ironwood Bonsais. These manufactured bonsais are non-living enough to not continue with the trail of fire as they are blessed with self-extinguishing factors.

Styling the Scape

Given the infinite number of benefits perceived from the artificial bonsai trees, they are definitely a winner. Classy and edgy places like some of the great heritage hotels, casinos, theme parks make use of these creations very often. Although quite simple to look at, they add quite a charm to the entire set. They are available in various sizes and manners, which makes re-creating any setting even easier. A single artificial Ironwood Bonsai can be isolated at a specific corner and yet they would stand out perfectly; even a bunch of them can help to enliven an atmosphere completely. 

Soothes the Pockets Too!

Not sure yet! Well there is a lot more for you, which will make you, seal the deal with these real looking artificial bonsais. A one-time investment and this can serve for many years to come without any major maintenance cost or care. The leaves will not shed; neither will the glossiness of the leaves wear down so why not take absolute advantage of this brilliant discovery. A one-time payment bearing the wilderness yet will not create a notch on your pocket, how amazing is that! With no additional requirements like manures and pesticides, these creations will be soothing your eyes and pockets for a long, long time! 

Easy Peasy!

Installing these real looking bonsais made out of artificial silk is really no rocket science, actually, it is no science at all. Yes, it is that easy to re-create your indoor and outdoor landscapes once you got have hold of these artificially constructed bonsais. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from multitudes of an option based on material, size, shape, and even color. For installing them, whether, on the interiors or the exterior, you can get skilled personnel to help you. They will just follow your intentions and suit your needs to cook some innovative ideas. 

Value for Money

The Artificial Ironwood Bonsai trees are an absolute treat to the eye and every penny spent on its interests with doubling value. 

  • Clean, sophisticated, chic and classy, all at the same time with no additional weight on the pocket.
  • Non-living yet looks alive with hardly any maintenance cost and care.
  • Can look healthy as ever for many years without water and sunlight; thank god they are not living!
  • Unlike the real ones, does not catch fire or entertain insects, which is a boon for sure.

The Most Beautiful Artificial Landscaping Products for your Offices

boxwood topiary hspace=

Thousands of companies are nowadays investing in office plants for bringing productivity improvement amongst employees, reducing absences due to the bad indoor environment and getting an improvement of the general employee mood while working. 

This is concluded through a series of different academic studies highlighting the effectiveness of office plants which is easily detectable in an office environment. Business owners and facilities managers are transforming dull office premises in wonderful green spaces with a mixture of small and large office plants that gets completed with colorful and stylish containers. 

Unfortunately, most offices fall into the wrong categories, by failing to realize that office plants would require timely care and maintenance for flourishing. Spending huge amounts on the selection of office plants would be a waste of investment if every plant dies within first few days. However, a much wise and easy solution to eliminate this problem would be to get artificial boxwood hedges from interior landscaping professionals. 

Artificial plants for offices

Artificial landscaping solutions such as boxwood topiary are among the many artificial outdoor plants that go well with commercial and official purposes. Adding these to your indoor as well as outdoor space would provide enchanting effects to your landscapes and the fact that they don’t require any maintenance would add up to the benefits.

Artificial boxwood hedges are now the most preferred choices for landscaping professionals, courtesy of their affordability over the long run when comparing to the real thing. Regarding beauty, these are very much similar to the real ones. 

Outdoor artificial flowers

An affordable and colorful enhancement that can be added in commercial landscaping solutions is the flowering hanging basket. Outdoor artificial azalea flowers are among the latest UV protected plants in the outdoor collection of plants. These outdoor silk plants are perfect to add in difficult to reach places of your space where time to time maintenance would be difficult or in shady areas where it is hard for live flowers to blossom.


Artificial Bamboo Grove 

A large variety of artificial bamboo trees are available from professional interior landscaping services, and one such beautiful addition is the renowned bamboo grove. All interior and exterior landscaping groves are made through natural bamboo canes available in natural green or black with botanically perfect fake trees. 

Artificial Boxwood Hedge

The silk hedge or outdoor artificial boxwood hedge is designed for disguising all sorts of unappealing outdoor views like electrical boxes, and outdoor hedges that are helpful in enclosing areas for providing privacy. A wide selection of outdoor boxwood hedge or floral arrangements is available through a selection of direct silk plants. So if you’re considering decoration of your landscape exteriors without getting any maintenance related issue, it’s better to shop for outdoor boxwood hedges. These are designed tough for resisting all sorts of changes in environments. 

Artificial grass for offices

Having artificial turfs for your offices and lawns is associated with a number of benefits. Even without getting any water or rainfall your lawn will still look the same lush green as it was at the first day of installation. Artificial turf also doesn’t require any mowing as it doesn’t grow. With these features artificial grass would be an ideal selection for anyone who has spaces where it’s not sensible to build and maintain a backyard lawn. 

Artificial palms

The stunning faux boxwood is easily available online and has accurate botanical leaf symmetry. The plant is a perfect replica with relatively slim leaf and precisely crafted fronds. Artificial palms generally come in mild colors of light-mid greens with few dark shades at fronds. Being a replica this would also appear real for the touch!

The replica mountain palm would be ideal for house areas that can benefit with a touch of greenery. The most common uses of this plant can be seen in office environments, but it would be equally as perfect in different house rooms. The fake palm tree is made through soft plastic. All stems come with wires running through plastic enabling you to rearrange and adjust stems accordingly. 

Artificial Topiary ball

Among the most creative ways for creating a contemporary and classic feel for your house of garden is to decorate the surroundings with artificial topiaries. Real topiary is a little delicate in harsh weather conditions. However, with artificial topiary, you can easily enjoy beautiful greenery without any live topiary maintenance. 

The artificial ball topiary can either be kept in a plant pot, or it can be used as a stylish alternative to hanging baskets. All products are designed for withstanding outdoor elements. The composition of topiary would be fully UV stable or prevention of discoloration or fading. This would ensure that your bay tree remains free from any maintenance and the foliage continues to look healthy and vibrant for the upcoming years.

Fake bay trees

The only problem with putting up real topiary trees is that they are highly delicate in harsh weather conditions. However, by using the fake ones, you can add a fresh indoor environment to your commercial or private spaces. Professional landscaping architects can easily put up different trees in the appropriate areas. These trees are for long term and wouldn’t require any maintenance. 

With these faux floral arrangements, it is possible to create ambiance for space or just provide an excess of the required color. So what artificial plant arrangement works best for you? It is better to start asking yourself a few questions, like what colors are required for the arrangement? What flowers do you need? Do you wish to have greenery for the particular arrangement, or should you select other additions, such as berries? What containers are required to display these? Is it good to create a small or large arrangement? 

All these questions can let you determine an arrangement that suites best for your decoration requirements. With various stores offering a wide selection of products, you would have a hard time in selecting different types of flowers for use once you decide what exactly you need? 

If you are still not sure from where you have to start, you can try out decoration magazines for getting some ideas.

Enviromental changes and their impact on artificial landscaping

Boxwood Canopy hspace=

As humans who live on this beautiful planet we are aware that the world is drastically being changed every single year. Our summers seem to be longer and hotter and our winters tend to be more mild and less of a pain than in years past. As kids growing up there was always certain periods of time where the seasons would change, and more and more we are seeing them come and go as they please. This change in weather is causing serious issues to people living within the states, especially on the west coast. According to an article titled, Drought Watch, "More than 70 percent of California was in “extreme” drought, with nearly half of the state in “exceptional” drought, the most serious category, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor"(). It does not matter whether you believe that we as individuals are changing the environment or that global warming is just a myth, the truth is that things are changing and we just need to adapt. We do not have to be in constant fear, but rather understand these changes and plan accordingly so we can live freely without missing a beat.

Now I bet you are wondering what all this preaching has to do with landscaping, and I will get there. But first, we must recognize what these weather changes to that effect some of the comforts we so easily take for granted. One big one is our lawns and gardens, and as we see more and more summer days with less water this may change how we approach these two comforts. It is nice to step outside and look at the ivy draped across our retaining wall, or spending Saturday afternoons shaping our juniper bushes so that they look immaculate in the summer sun. These comforts are special to us and as landscapers and garden aficionados we take pride in maintaining the living plants that surround us. However, as the climate continues to get warmer each year we must take a hard look at the cost and how much it truly means to us. We must also think of how even though having living plants is special and if maintained right can be a huge addition to the appearance of our home, having live plants at this current time may not be as feasible. Also, even if it is feasible and the resources seem to be ever present, I think as morally decent people it is imperative that we look at how we are using our precious resource of water. Looking into various methods that reduce water waste for landscaping, like Xeriscape, is important as we continue to work towards a more sustainable planet.

I am not trying to deter you from landscaping, but rather point out a new perspective that allows you to see the bigger picture. Landscaping adds value to real estate, as a city project it gives the community something beautiful to look at, and in commercial buildings it makes for a better experience whether it's at workplaces or in large shopping centers. Boxwood foliage mixed with topiaries, hedges, and privacy walls are staples that surround amazing architecture and bring a sense of formality. These are luxuries that we can still enjoy and have been for the past hundreds of years, but unfortunately they also take up a valuable resource that we cannot afford to lose.

Luckily enough there are easy solutions out there that make having a landscape a whole lot more inexpensive, and much easier to maintain. The cost of initially building a landscape as a homeowner can be fairly expensive, especially if you are new and don't have a clear vision for what you want.

"Nationally, the average price to hire a landscape designer is about $5,200. The range for most homeowners is between $4,200 and $6,200. However, the most in-depth projects may cost more than $10,000 to plan due to the significant number of variables at play" ( For that same price you can build a landscape consisting of traditional boxwood foliage that is both weather-resistant and impervious to fading. At Commercial Silk International we specialize in the manufacturing of artificial plants to keep up with the changing climate.

Our products have been used by large organizations all over the world, and have been tested every year for their effectiveness in reducing potential fire outbreaks and keeping their natural appearance. Renowned companies like Disney, Universal Studios, and events like the U.S. Open have used our artificial plant products for years and swear by it's quality. Modern backdrops that are seen at events like the Grammy's are made in our facilities and crafted by our highly skilled employees. Our boxwood hedges make up a large part of the landscaping at attractions and their fade-resistant properties ensure that they last years and years before ever being needed to replace.

If companies like that are using our products, then you should feel safe knowing you are buying from a reputable source that has been in the industry 30+ years. Instead of maintaining a sprinkler system to water the ivy on your retaining wall, it's time to consider moving to a faux ivy bush that looks the same, but is a simpler and more cost effective solution. Instead of always having to prune the topiary adorning your front steps, maybe consider an artificial boxwood cone spiral that is just as authentic. Whatever your project of home decor needs are we can make a product for you. With our PermaLeaf® (Fade-resistant) and ThermaLeaf® (Fire-retardant) properties we craft a superior product unlike our competitors.

Realizing that some luxuries are not as hyped up as they tend to be may be hard at first, but in the case of extensive landscaping it should be easy to see how artificial is becoming the new trend. In states like California we are already seeing faux boxwood hedges popping up everywhere, as large companies opt for a less expensive, more sustainable, and equally as pleasing solution. Our hedges are built to be resistant to weather and the elements which makes it easier to purchase with a peace of mind. So as we step outside and enjoy the increasingly warm climate we live in, we should also consider how we decorate our lawns, company facilities, and commercial buildings. Using artificial plants is a trend that will continue to grow, and with products like our boxwood foliage it will stay for a long time.

Preserved Eucalyptus - A Fresh Take at Landscaping

A city life is far away from the nature. But now you can experience a beautiful nature amidst the busy city in which you dwell. If you are a lover of the nature, there is now a golden chance for you to explore the vividness of nature right around your home or office. Artificial and preserved flora bears a striking resemblance to the nature. Every day your mood would be freshened up while you view the silky artificial nature around you. A fresh mood means a healthy day. And every healthy day would aid you in living a fresh and healthy life apart from the city’s pollution. Vertical Wall Garden

Eucalyptus is one of the most profound plants of nature. It gives a very natural feel. Eucalyptus is also a favorite of amphibians due to its high and widespread branches. Their tall appearances with a whitish stem add to their beauty. Imagine a fresh landscape around your home or office with preserved eucalyptus. If you want eucalyptus plants around your home or office, which would not require regular maintenance or watering, artificial silk eucalyptus would be ideal for you. The silky stem, branches and leaves would bear a vivid resemblance to natural eucalyptus trees.

Landscaping is a highly popularized idea. Those who want to live amidst nature but cannot do so as their residence is amidst a busy city, can now cling to nature via landscaping services. You can opt for affordable landscaping services. You would be rendered with a very natural and realistic landscape around your home or office. You can decorate your interiors or exteriors with artificial silk plants and flowers. Silk flora would magnify your surroundings and attract visitors. You can also line your amenities with artificial landscaping. Imagine a vast garden with silky floral elements or swimming pool encircled by colorful lively flowers and blooming trees.

Such prolific landscaping ideas would make your dwelling area more glamorous. You can opt for fire retardant artificial eucalyptus plants to preserve your surroundings at unexpected situations. Silk is a fire prone material, so artificial plants prepared from silk are supposed to be fire prone. However, an advanced combination of technology used in manufacturing artificial silk plants rid the silk material of fire proneness, thus making your landscape safer. High eucalyptuses growing in your garden would definitely stun the passersby. Preserved eucalyptus branches would glorify the beauty of your garden.

Landscaping provides you a chance to live amidst the nature. Despite residing in a busy city, you would not be devoid of enjoying the beautiful prospects of nature. Bright natural surroundings around your residence or office would make you feel fresh everyday. A striking view of the beautiful smooth nature around you would definitely energize you. Blooming trees, fruit bearing trees, large trees, small herbs, made of high quality, fire-retardant artificial silk can now be brought to your home and office. Experience the vivid beauty of nature through artificial flora. accepts custom orders on floral landscaping and provides high quality floral landscaping services at much affordable prices.

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