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Outdoor Artificial Azalea Mat is a flowering pink, yet modern, plastic Azalea wall covering. This 12" by 12" artificial plant wall tile is UV resistant, and can be used both indoors and outdoors for commercial plant wall designs. Our artificial Azalea plant wall tile is used to create impressionable, but fake, Azalea flower hedges, maintenance-free plant privacy screens, and plant wall or ceiling applications. It is easily tiled onto any substrate as a “flower plant wallpaper” and is flexible enough for curved surfaces. Azalea mat can be cut to fit almost any design space. To date, the artificial flowering plant mat has been used as wall coverings and on ceilings and as facades of many bars and restaurants. There are some, in fact most landscapes, which fade away as the months go by. Either due to improper maintenance and care or due to the harshness of weather, they lose their color and charm. Who wants to spend time in such an uninspiring landscape? And if it is a commercial property landscape, then it’s the biggest turn off for any customer. Why not create an outdoor commercial landscape design that looks colorful and fresh year-round and delights every visitor? Here’s how to do it – by introducing our outdoor artificial Azalea Mat Foliage. Use them as natural-esque walls, dividers and focal points in your business space and no one will be able to move their eyes from the picturesque setting. Featuring lush foliage peppered with adorable pink Azalea blooms, this outdoor artificial Azalea Mat Foliage will be an iconic presence in the setting.

A great way to bring interest in dull spaces, our outdoor silk Azalea Mat Foliage wall tile is used to create impressionable privacy screens, plant walls or ceiling applications which will totally win over every visitor. An easy, inexpensive and hassle free option to give your business space a makeover, this outdoor faux Azalea Mat Foliage will bring style and personality to the setting. They are like elegant and distinct wallpapers for your walls, ceilings, gates or fences. Whether you have to apply them on curved spaces or straight ones, they will brighten up the space. Our outdoor fake Azalea Mat Foliage is ideal for display in any commercial landscape design including office and corporate spaces, government buildings, healthcare and hospitality spaces, casinos, shopping malls, entertainment facilities, airports, colleges, schools and will enliven the setting.

Our Azalea Mat foliage makes use of premium quality material which gives them a highly lifelike appearance. They are durable, do not require any sort of maintenance and will give you a pleasing landscape till times to come. Our mat foliage is crafted using our innovative technology which combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments. This makes our mats inherently fade resistant, which can then be used outdoors without worrying about the color loss due to sun, wind, water or snow.

The beautiful colors and fresh feel of our Azalea Mat Foliage will give your commercial property an impressive, new look. They are excellent when it comes to transforming old, unattractive walls, ceilings, fences or gates and will give them a dramatic, enjoyable look.
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