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Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Hedge is a silk hedge, manufactured to disguise any unsightly outdoor views such as electrical boxes, and an outdoor fake hedge can also enclose areas to offer privacy. Our wholesale hedge topiaries are crafted in many varieties, see our flower hedge, cedar hedge or our silk ivy topiary hedge products below. The wholesale topiary hedge is made with UV resistant chemicals impregnated into the silk foliage so it can withstand all hot and cold weather conditions. In fact, all of our outdoor artificial hedges are inhibited with a UV resistant chemical tested to have NO COLOR LOSS visible by sight after one year of UV exposure equivalent to Miami, FL or Phoenix, AZ.

Our artificial hedges can be manufactured to your exact size specifications and are available with custom sized planters to match. There are two ways to design your commercial landscape. One is to define your landscape area and borders with big, uninspiring walls and chain links and give a fortress-like, overwhelming feel to your space. The other way is through eye-catching and refreshing foliage acting as privacy screen and enclosing the landscape with style and functionality. Guess which one is preferred by your guests? Of course, the latter one. And if you’re looking for such design elements which will disguise unsightly outdoor views and utility items in your landscape and bring a rich, immaculate feel to it, then our outdoor artificial Boxwood Hedge is exactly what you need. Decorative elements which are highly functional yet charming and will give you a healthy, rejuvenating commercial landscape design, these outdoor artificial Boxwood Hedges will enhance your space beautifully and without any hassles. For centuries, boxwood has become associated with hedges due to their charm and grandeur. And if you’re looking to bring that elegance and grandeur in your commercial landscape project, then these outdoor silk Boxwood Hedges are just perfect. A great way to bring symmetry and order in your outdoor landscape, these faux Boxwood Hedges will bring formal and stylish looks to your setting. Whether its your office space or corporate headquarters, hospitality or healthcare space, senior living or retail space, entertainment facility or casino, or any business space, our fake outdoor Boxwood Hedges will bring a sense of exclusivity and freshness to the setting. Perfectly suited to mask eyesores of your landscape including electrical boxes, HVAC units and other utility items from your landscape, these outdoor Boxwood Hedges will do their job and spark creativity in the setting. Our faux boxwood is manufactured using premium quality material and as such all our boxwood products look extremely lifelike. They are highly durable, do not require constant upkeep and will grace your outdoor landscape season after season. Crafted using our innovative technology which combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments, this artificial hedge is inherently fade resistant. This means that you can use it outdoor without worrying about the color loss due to sun, wind, water or snow.Our collection of outdoor artificial Boxwood Hedges are functional yet extremely edgy and modern and will be the most attractive and joyous part of your commercial landscape. Their refreshing, lush greenery will not just make for a delightful setting but they will bring positive vibes and create a stress-free, happy landscape.
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SIZE(S) SHOWN 36''H X 15''W X 51''L
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