Non Fire Retardant Silk Plant and Tree Risks

The use of non fire retardant silk plant and tree products can pose some serious fire risk. The following videos and news releases are real life fires that have been ignited or spread by a silk plant or tree. As you will see, silk plants are fire hazards and this is the very reason why state fire codes have specific requirements governing the use of artificial plants indoors.

Hotel Fires Show Need For ThermaLeaf® Fire Retardant Plant and Tree Foliage
A national hotel nearly experienced a major disaster from the use of non-fire retardant plant and tree foliage. A hotel guest was on a balcony when he put out a cigarette in an outdoor planter box, then walked inside thinking nothing of it. The artificial plants, which were not fire retardant, went up in flames, then dripped down to balconies below and ignited planters on six other floors. Hundreds of tourists were forced to evacuate. Fortunately no one was injured.

Hotel Fire that had non fire retardant silk plants

With Commercial Silk Int'l ThermaLeaf® (inherently fire retardant) plant and tree foliage, the fire would not have happened. Our ThermaLeaf® process ensures that fire retardant chemicals are built into our foliage during the manufacturing process, resulting in the safest fire retardant plants and trees on the market.

ThermaLeaf® Fire Retardant Plant and Tree Foliage vs. Non-Fire Retardant
This video shows a side by side comparison of fire retardant plant and tree foliage vs. non-fire retardant foliage. You can see how dangerous non-fire retardant artificial plants can be and how quickly flames can spread when our video backdrop catches on fire!

Additional Fires Started in Artificial Plants and Trees

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