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Artificial Boxwood Mat Foliage is manufactured in 24" x 24" square panels and is used to create large faux boxwood hedges, artificial green walls and custom tapestries. Our artificial boxwood mat foliage is made with authentic replica boxwood leaves assembled on a square panel. Each panel can be easily installed and fastened to any existing substrate. Our artificial boxwood panels can also be manufactured on galvanized metal screens or applied to custom hedges to any size specification. Despite being around since centuries, Boxwood is elegant, tasteful and have grown in style and stature. Unlike some foliage and plants, the presence of Boxwood never creates a dull moment in the landscape and although they are traditional, they never feel dated or uninteresting. So, if you’re looking to create an impressive commercial landscape which feels serene and soothing and one which will create year-round interest, you can’t go wrong with our artificial Boxwood Mat Foliage. An easy and brilliant way to create a commercial property which is immaculate, special and highly distinct, this artificial Boxwood Mat Foliage will help you create an impressive space which will impress everyone with ease.

Available in a range of sizes and styles, our artificial Boxwood Mat Foliage comes in square panels which are extremely easy to work with and can be fastened to any existing substrate easily and effectively. The rejuvenating greenery, natural simplicity of boxwood and the fun and lively looks offer a wonderful blend of contrasting features which brings in a unique feel to any commercial landscape. A delightful option to freshen up any business space dominated by boredom and monotony, this faux Boxwood Mat Foliage will give your walls, fences and any space a more dynamic and energetic look and feel.

Our fake Boxwood Mat Foliage are perfect to display in a number of commercial landscapes including offices, retail spaces, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment facilities, theme parks, airports, pools, government buildings or any other space. One of the best and easiest ways to create a visually appealing space, our mat foliage will add a bit of romanticism and a whole lot of intrigue to your walls and fences. They are crafted from premium quality material and as such they have an incredibly realistic appearance. Our Boxwood Mat Foliage is highly durable, does not require constant maintenance and will be a refreshing presence in the commercial space till times to come. They will make your landscape perfectly intimate and cozy without any hassles.

If you’re looking to create a green wall or to cover eyesores like TV antennas, cell towers and other utility boxes, these Boxwood Mats are ideal and will provide a calming ambiance to the setting. Featuring revitalizing hues and rich texture, our they will bring irresistible freshness and joy to your commercial property.
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Our sales representative was very helpful and the product looks great.

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We received exactly what we needed quickly and our sales person was extremely helpful.

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