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Artificial Evergreen trees are a popular selection for Northwoods and other forest themes for indoor and outdoor commercial projects. Continuously expanding, the Commercial Silk Int’l line of artificial trees now includes distinctive Evergreen varieties such as the artificial Sequoia tree, the Colorado Spruce tree with snow, and several varieties of authentic artificial Cedar trees.

The Commercial Silk Int’l team of designers can transform any office interior or building exterior into a lush wilderness of artificial Evergreen trees that don’t look plastic or fake. Plus, every item can be customized to specific project requirements and won’t require the headaches of ongoing care and maintenance. Contact us today to discuss custom options, pricing, and your other commercial landscaping needs.

What is a theme park or an entertainment venue without any dramatic décor elements in it? Or how relaxing or visually appealing your hospitality space or retail space is without the presence of design elements which are full of flair and warmth? Every commercial setting needs landscape elements which will add energy and drama to the space. And nothing comes better than our collection of artificial Evergreen Trees when you have to add style and personality to the setting. If you’re looking for perfect trees to make your business space inviting, then have a look at our artificial Evergreen Trees. A great way to add richness, variety and thrill to the setting, our trees will grab the attention of every viewer and provide an invitation to take a seat.

From Colorado Spruce to Sequoia Trees, Norway Spruce to Cedar Trees, Redwood to Juniper Trees, we have a wide array of silk Evergreen Trees which will turn your commercial property into a highly impressive and inviting sanctuary. Highly stately trees with refreshing foliage, our faux Evergreen Trees will go a long way in generating more smiles and creating a vibrant ambiance in your landscape. Not only they fill the void in the space, but they can direct the traffic in a busy space and be an inspiring presence.

These fake Evergreen Trees can be displayed in a range of commercial settings including office or corporate buildings, government buildings, retail stores, entertainment facilities, healthcare and hospitality spaces, senior living facilities, casinos, theme parks, airports, colleges and others and will engage the senses. Crafted from premium quality material, our Evergreen Trees have a highly realistic appearance and do not require any constant upkeep.

Beautiful, full of flair and highly durable, they will be an extremely pleasant appearance in the landscape till times to come. Our outdoor trees make use of innovative technology which combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments making them inherently fade resistant. This allows you to use our trees even in outdoors without worrying about the color loss due to sun, wind, water or snow.

Simple yet stunning decorative elements which will make sure that your dream commercial space comes true, our Evergreen Trees will truly transform the landscape. Whether you’re looking to add some style and panache to the landscape or are looking to bring year-round interest in the setting, these trees are exactly what you need.

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