Artificial Plant and Tree Product Specifications

In order to make your job as an architect or designer easier, we have included specifications for all of our artificial plant and tree products on our website, including a 3 part spec and CAD drawings.

All of our products can be customized to suit the needs of your project, including large and custom artificial trees, due to our extensive artificial plant and tree manufacturing capabilities.

To download product specifications use the navigation tree on the left side of our website to find artificial plant and artificial tree products. Or use our site search engine.

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IFR Premium Grade Foliage   Cable System   Tapered Branch Tips
IFR™ Artificial Foliage

We offer the industry's largest selection of Class A rated fire retardant foliages. See our
fire retardant specification guide for more information.

Premium Grade Foliage

We offer only the best grade of materials that are treated with a special coating, giving the foliage a more realistic feel and making it easier to clean.

  Cable System

Major stems are cabled or wired together to preserve the tree's shape.

  Tapered Branch Tips

Provides a smooth transition from branch to foliage.

Branch Additions Hand Painted   PVC Collars   Base
Branch Additions

Branches can be added to the main trunk using doweled ends and steel reinforcements to increase a tree's density and to create a specific shape.

Hand Painted

Branch cuts and imperfections are hand painted to blend with the stem's natural coloration.

  PVC Collars

The trunk bases are sealed and installed into PVC collars to prevent deterioration.

  Standard Container Base

Trunks are secured into their PVC collars and embedded into a reinforced base. Smaller trees can be shipped completely assembled. Larger trees require removal of the trunks from the collars for shipping, and are easily reassembled on site.

Optional Steel Base Plates

The trunks are anchored into steel collars and the base plates are bolted into the floor, providing a permanent installation.


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