Tropical Themed Restaurant with Silk Palm Trees


The Rainforest Café® restaurants began with the vision of creating a themed indoor rainforest complete with lush foliage canopies, giant aquariums, cascading waterfalls and animaltronics. As the concept was developed, the first restaurant site dealt with a number of challenges. When the company designed and built the first restaurant, they selected a wide variety of artificial foliage designs to create the desired theme. Their anticipation was to topically treat the foliage with fire retardant materials. As it turned out, the company was having a difficult time getting that foliage to pass fire code requirements. In addition, the fire retardant treatment was leaving a “milky” film on the foliage that was both unsightly and collected a lot of dust. In order for the concept to be successful, the Rainforest Café® had to eliminate the need to topically treat the foliage while still meeting fire code requirements, and to find a partner that could deliver large quantities of artificial foliage in a short time frame to meet the demand for anticipated store openings.


Commercial Silk Int’l approached the Rainforest Café® with our extensive line of proprietary IFR™ foliage. Because our fire retardant foliage is manufactured with chemicals impregnated into the material, it eliminates the need to apply any topical fire retardants. In addition, our line of artificial plant foliage allowed the Rainforest Café® to keep with the original foliage design selected for the first restaurant. We also custom designed and manufactured artificial foliage exclusively for all Rainforest Café’s®, including foliage screens for ceiling and wall applications that were used in setting the structure of the restaurants. Our team directly imported foliage from our Asian factories to the client site, and maintained large on-hand inventory levels in order to meet the demand for our client’s rapid national and international expansions.


Commercial Silk Int’l has been working with the Rainforest Café® for many years and has successfully completed projects all over the world. Our success with the Rainforest Café® has been a direct result of providing the client with a turnkey solution from the designing and importing of proprietary IFR™ foliage to manufacturing and installation.


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