Faux Foliage & Decorative Fake Trees for Memory Care Village


A group of investors set out to create a memory care facility dedicated to a multidisciplinary program for persons with dementia and related diseases that would include faux foliage and decorative fake trees. One of the goals was to create a facility design that would ease the stress and frustration that can occur with memory impairment by creating multi-sensory areas that evoke pleasant memories and provide patients with gentle reminders of common activities like strolling through a park or sipping coffee at a local cafe. Given the scale of the project, faux foliage and trees would keep ongoing maintenance costs to a minimum, allowing more resources to go directly to patient care.


In order to create an authentic sense of familiarity, the design called for an entire Village comprised of four distinct neighborhoods surrounded by private residences. Commercial Silk Int’l was contracted to complete the faux foliage and decorative tree landscape design, then build and install it as well. In designing the landscaping for the project there were a number of factors that contributed to the final design, including: fire code requirements, patient safety with regard to the plant material, artificial foliage and tree authenticity, and the ability to create a believable park-like setting.


A large selection of flame retardant foliage gave Commercial Silk Int’l designers the ability to build multiple plant combinations in order to make each village neighborhood unique. Faux foliage was used in combination with a synthetic grass product to build ground cover -- using artificial grass instead of a loose material like rubber mulch avoided the potential danger of the product being misused or mistaken for other things. Large fake trees using natural wood trunks were used to increase the realism of the environment while providing canopies that conveyed a streetscape-like setting. Last but not least, the entire project was completed on time and within budget.


Cedar Rapids, IA

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