Decorative Tropical Trees & Plants for Key Lime Cove Water Park


Investors in the Key Lime Cove, an all-inclusive resort with a Caribbean theme including retail shops, restaurants, and a 'Lost Paradise' indoor water park, wanted decorative tropical plants and trees and other rain forest inspired greenery to bring their entrepreneurial vision to life. With light levels less than optimum, the likelihood of some abuse, and what would be high ongoing maintenance costs for live plants, artificial palm trees were the best solution. Commercial Silk Int'l was contracted to supply the decorative tropical trees and plants while meeting stringent fire code requirements.


Using a broad inventory of fire retardant foliage and plant material, Commercial Silk designed a Caribbean paradise using artificial palm trees and bamboo groves as key elements. Working with local contractors and fire officials, Commercial Silk Int’l devised a landscape plan to disguise much of the water park mechanical systems, reduce noise, and separate different water park attractions. It was determined that strategically placed artificial palms could also direct traffic into shops and restaurants.


A life-like waterfall covered in an array of artificial plant decor greets guests as they enter the resort, providing a tropical oasis in the land-locked Midwest United States, where long winters often have inhabitants clamoring for a nearby warm weather getaway. The tropical landscape decoration is carried throughout Key Lime Cove with large tropical palm trees and a Bougainvillea Trellis on a second floor balcony, achieving the Caribbean paradise theme set out by Key Lime Cove investors.


Gurnee, IL

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