Lobby Grasses and Plants Re-Shape High Rise Building


The lobby of the Oracle Centre in Minneapolis was slated for a remodel. As an area that tenants passed through frequently and a natural gathering space for tenants and visitors to congregate before and after lunch and meetings, the lobby needed to be entertaining and inviting, which would also provide a strong amenity for nearby retailers. It was decided early in the design process to incorporate lobby grasses and plants and large artificial trees to add warmth, texture and color, reduce noise, provide scale, and create intimate pockets of space throughout the lobby. The artificial trees were implemented due to limited natural light, and Commercial Silk Int’l was chosen as the contractor for its ability to provide both artificial and live plants.lso added a warm and authenticated quality to the Oracle Centre Lobby.


Five 20’ artificial Mediterranean Olive Xanadu trees were selected for their fine textured foliage and gray stem colors, which blended seamlessly with the modern and minimalist building architecture. Artificial grasses accompanied the Olive trees, and Oriental Bamboo trees were added to the exposed second floor to both strengthen the modern design and direct traffic. Live Bromeliad flowers were chosen to provide a splash of color and synchronize with the bold lime-green and red carpet patterns.


Commercial Silk Int’l provided the large artificial Olive trees, Bamboo trees, grasses, and Bromeliad flowers for the lobby redesign. The trees helped reduce noise in the large open space and served several design functions such as creating scale and space, and adding warmth, color and texture. The after-hours plant delivery was installed without complication, and the architect and the building tenants were pleased with the final results. Ongoing live plant service is performed by Commercial Silk Int’l on a monthly basis.


Minneapolis, MN

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