Artificial Interior Trees for Hotel Chain Indoor Landscape


Commercial Silk Int’l was approached by the owners of the C’mon Inn Hotel chain with a unique artificial interior tree proposition. In short, they wanted to bring the out in -- or the outdoors to the indoors, to say it more clearly. The interior artificial tree landscape design also needed to cater to both family vacationers and business clientele. Commercial Silk Int’l was sourced after demonstrating extensive experience with hotel and resort interior landscaping.


With the opportunity to select from a variety of wilderness foliage and authentic looking artificial trees and plants, the owners of the hotel chain worked with the Commercial Silk Int’l creative team to design the resort atmosphere with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Commercial Silk Int’l offered the flexibility to customize the size and shape of our artificial trees and plants, which ensured an appropriate vertical scale of the atrium.

Commercial Silk Int’l installation experts had the experience required to mount the artificial plants and trees onto existing artificial rockwork and in free standing pots, which created a vibrant and authentic looking interior landscaped wilderness theme.


Custom artificial trees and plants were initially installed in four C’mon Inn locations across the northern U.S. Other installations have followed as the Commercial Silk Int’l artificial foliage product line has upgraded and expanded over the years to include species indigenous to other parts of the country. To date, each hotel chain destination has become a unique, warm and friendly resort complete with life-like artificial landscaping that brings the outdoors inside. Or, you could say, the out in.


Multi Location, US

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