Fake Maple Trees and Fake Maple Leaves for Central Park Exhibit


Czarnowski, a company that provides a full range of exhibit, strategic and events services, sought fake Maple trees and fake Maple leaves for an exhibit design. Their client, the online recruitment company The Ladders, desired a trade show booth that replicated Central Park, and Maple trees fit the bill. The booth was in need of fake trees and plants that would create an atmosphere symbolic of a manicured city lifestyle.


The Commercial Silk Int’l design team worked closely with exhibit designers to create large artificial trees similar to those of busy and energetic Central Park. The trees would provide a human scale for the exhibit hall with high ceilings while also symbolizing maturity and growth, qualities of an upscale lifestyle typical of The Ladders’ target market. The booth design plan called for the fake Maple trees to be planted in low profile pots and covered up with artificial turf. A local landscaper provided mulch along with live bushes to enhance the realism of the park-like greenery.


The Maple trees were carefully designed with botanically correct foliage found in Central Park and the booth was a major hit at the trade show. Commercial Silk Int’l manufactured the trees on schedule and within budget while meeting all state fire code regulations.


New York

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