SIlk Maple Trees Accent Office Northwoods Theme


Express Scripts was developing a new Class A corporate office building in the Upper Midwest. Part of the building design included a large expansive atrium with floor to ceiling glass and a massive fireplace that would work perfectly with silk Maple trees and other large artificial tree varieties. Commercial Silk Int'l was retained to complete the interior landscaping design-build for the project.


The Commercial Silk Int’l project team began by developing a list of criteria that needed to be addressed as part of the final design, including: making the large space feel smaller, defining seating areas, eliminating unsightly views and creating a cozy northwoods feel with the silk Maple and Birch trees.


Through the use of large artificial trees the expansive space was given a human scale. In addition, the large artificial trees were strategically placed to create smaller, more defined spaces around the seating areas and were also used to terminate views in the elevator corridors. Finally, we used a combination of silk Oak, Maple and Birch tree varieties (all of which are found naturally in the Upper Midwest) to create the feeling of being in the northwoods.


Minneapolis, MN

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