Plastic Boxwood Mat Foliage Used for Outdoor Pool Cabanas


The Mondrian South Beach in Miami offers the only bayside destination for watching the sunset in South Beach and needed to articulate a unique and chic style for their Sunset Lounge, an indoor/outdoor pool bar and relaxation area designed specifically for guests to watch the sun go down. Their modern design included plastic Boxwood mat foliage that would be tiled and clad into green cabanas, which would also provide shade during daytime pool hours.


With an extensive line of wholesale artificial foliage available for wholesale from Commercial Silk Int’l, there were many options for Mondrian management to choose from. Ultimately the boxwood mat foliage was chosen for the ability to be bent and tiled into shapes, along with its durability and low ongoing maintenance costs.


The Boxwood cabanas were assembled by tiling and securing the plastic Boxwood mats onto a metal frame, then bending the mats around the curves of the frame shape. Overall, the 12 foot tall Boxwood foliage cabanas provide scale and texture for this mod outdoor lounge. The Boxwood mixes with other playful yet sophisticated features of the lounge — breezy, over-sized curtains, a tented adult–sized sandbox and a labyrinth garden with discrete “kissing corners” — to create a very chic venue worthy of the lone bayside destination on Miami Beach with a sunset view.


Miami South Beach, FL

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