Decorative Cedar Trees for AVIA Woodlands Hotel Lobby


For AVIA The Woodlands hotel, a new and colorful addition to North Houston, Commercial Silk Int'l was sourced to provide rustic looking, decorative Cedar trees to put the finishing touches on a warm and elegant hotel lobby environment.


After the primary architect specified the desired height of the decorative cedar trees, Commercial Silk Int'l identified the major considerations that needed to be addressed, including state fire codes and the custom manufacturing processes required to straighten the cedar trunks. Commercial Silk Int’l also manicured the cedar branches and covered blemishes with paint for a polished appearance.


The fire retardant cedar trees were installed along the walls of the hotel lobby, framing the front desk and the grand staircase. Fully implemented, the trees added rustic enchantment to the sophisticated lobby, while the cedar texture and scale accentuated the lobby's natural charm.


North Houston, TX



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