Grocery Store and Supermarket Interior Design with Artificial Trees


The owner and developer of an upscale market in a suburb of Chicago was looking to create a unique shopping experience using innovative grocery store and supermarket interior design techniques. It was important that the market, which features a diverse selection of authentic foods, also feature a store design that delivered an enchanting shopping experience. Specifically, the store interior design needed to make guests feel welcomed into a warm and inviting park-like atmosphere.


Commercial Silk Int’l began by working with the owner to identify and select artificial trees, plants, and decorative plant containers that resembled a typical park or green space. Product considerations included color, texture, size and style, and once the proper products were identified, a Commercial Silk Int’l landscape architect and graphic designer created a landscaping plan for the space. The design plan was communicated to the client through the use of photo imaging and product specification cut sheets.


The grocery store interior design plan included large Black Olive trees and artificial Ficus trees placed at the main entrance to create an immediate visual impact as guests entered the store. The size of the large trees gave a human scale to the space, making it feel smaller and more intimate. Terra cotta pots planted with flowering plants, ivies, and grasses were placed on top of display cases to pull the landscaping design into the store and extend the vibrant shopper experience down the aisles. The supermarket interior design project was completed with IFR™ (Inherently Fire Retardant) foliage in order to comply with local fire codes, and installation was conducted efficiently to minimize interruption of normal store activity.


Chicago, IL

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