Flame Resistant Silk Plants for Kewadin Casino Expansion


Kewadin Casino recently expanded its casino in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, with the design focusing on an artificial rock outcropping with waterfalls, plants and trees to create a 'Northern Exposure' look and feel. A major challenge was finding a manufacturer of flame resistant silk plants, and one who could handle the complexity of installing 18’ trees on 30’ vertical rock formations.


Commercial Silk Int’l started by researching the indigenous trees to the upper peninsula of Michigan. Once the tree varieties were selected, the Commercialk Silk Int’l design team worked with the project team to select the quantity of the flame retardant silk trees and the appropriate heights. Last, a clay model of a planting plan was created to show how the display theme would increase the impact of the rock formation.


Commercial Silk Int’l successfully installed over ninety artificial trees ranging in height from 4’ to 18’, along with several hundred flame resistant artificial plants. Despite the extreme hillside conditions, the entire installation was completed in less than a week.


Sault Ste. Marie, MI

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