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Artificial Boxwood Mat Foliage is manufactured in 12" x 12" square panels and is used to create faux Boxwood hedges, topiary balls and artificial green walls. Our artificial Boxwood mat is made from plastic Boxwood leaves assembled on a plastic square panel and is manufactured fire retardant for indoor use and UV rated for outdoor use. Installation of the artificial Boxwood mat is made easy as each wall tile can simply be fastened to any substrate. In addition, if you do not have an existing substrate, we can manufacture Boxwood panels on galvanized metal screens or can build dimensional artificial Boxwood hedges to your size specifications. You really don’t have to settle for average, visually banal brick walls when there are much more stylish and better ways to create privacy, barriers, and hedges in your space. Even more so, if you’re a business space. In that case it becomes extremely important that you have a refined, healthy landscape and a property which is full of personality and panache. A striking commercial space delivers a strong statement and impresses the visitors, who in turn want to do business with you.

So, ditch those ordinary landscape aspects which put off visitors immediately and instead opt for design elements which will help you create a standout business space. Here is one such decorative element – our artificial Boxwood Mat Foliage. Lush and highly attractive, this collection of artificial Boxwood Mat Foliage can be easily fastened to any substrate and will give your commercial landscape a much more brighter and delightful look. Whether you’re looking to screen your commercial landscape project or want to create green walls without any hassle, our silk Boxwood Mat Foliage will do the job in the most effective and beautiful way. Perfectly suited to restaurants, cafe, hotels, entertainment facilities, healthcare and government buildings, office spaces, senior living facilities or any other commercial property, this faux Boxwood Mat Foliage will help you create striking and functional barriers which will bring a positive vibe in the setting. A great way to bring privacy with style and sophistication, our fake Boxwood Mat Foliage combines the elegance and grace of Boxwood with durability and will give you a green, healthy landscape without any hassles. Manufactured using premium quality material in 12” x 12” square panels, our Boxwood Mat Foliage can be used to create faux Boxwood hedges, topiary balls and artificial green walls. They look extremely lifelike, do not require constant upkeep and will give you a refreshing space till times to come. Our faux Boxwood Mat Foliage can be crafted using special materials to stand outdoor use without color loss or can be fire retardant. Just get in touch with us regrading your special requirements and we’ll come up with a custom product for your commercial landscaping needs. Easy to work with, our artificial Boxwood Mat Foliage will suit any type of interior or exterior landscape and will have a stunning impact in the setting. Highly functional and chic, this faux Boxwood Mat Foliage will add a finishing touch to your landscape.
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3 reviews

Our sales representative was amazing to work with. Very knowledgeable and quick to respond. Great products, great customer service and great prices.

3/15/2013 - (San Diego, CA)

Great prompt service and delivery, we will always order from you when we specify this product!

12/19/2012 - (Birmingham, MI)

Super friendly staff, that corrected a shipping snafu quickly. The faux boxwood tiles were exactly as specified.

12/9/2012 - (Dover, MA)

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