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Outdoor Artificial Ivy Vine Mat is manufactured in 12" x 12" plastic mat panels for use in creating faux Ivy vine walls, privacy screens, hedges and Ivy trellis fence coverings. Artificial Ivy vine mat is very popular with designers, architects and general contractors because of its ease of installation. Manufactured on a plastic fence panel, the faux Ivy vine mat can easily be sectioned together similar to wall tiles, creating beautiful Ivy wall coverings or privacy screens. In addition to being easy to install, our Ivy vine mats are durable and the Ivy leaves are UV rated for outdoor use. If you would like to specify our artificial Ivy vine mat for a project, or would like to have us manufacture a custom sized faux Ivy trellis or Ivy hedge, please contact us. Our outdoor artificial Ivy vine mat is sold in bulk and is for sale at wholesale pricing.

Imagine your workplace building or your favorite restaurant or cafe or the store you visit frequently comprises of fresh, stylish looks catered to appeal to you and your senses. You get a sense of calm, comfort and joy every time you walk through the landscape. Wouldn’t it make you feel relaxed and come back day in and day out? Now, if you’re a business-owner why can’t you create such a commercial landscape for your customers? You’ll only need to introduce some rejuvenating foliage in your business space. And here is something which will be absolutely ideal – our selection of outdoor artificial English Ivy Mat Foliage. Whether you want to turn the walls or fences of your outdoor landscape into a visual masterpiece or you just want to give them a cozy, intimate feel, our outdoor artificial English Ivy Mat Foliage is perfect.

Due to its highly vibrant and energetic looks and ease of installation, our outdoor silk English Ivy Mat Foliage is very popular with designers, architects and general contractors. They are manufactured on plastic fence panels and can be sectioned together similar to wall tiles to give you a hassle free and heart-warming setting. If you love foliage and greenery and would love to introduce the beautiful color and grace, then this outdoor faux English Ivy Mat Foliage is ideal. Whether you’re looking to create an energetic or pleasing space, a highly fun or casual space, these outdoor fake English Ivy Mats will help you create a business space just the way you need it.

Our English Ivy Mat Foliage makes use of high quality material which gives them a hassle free, realistic look and feel. Extremely stylish and durable, they do not require constant upkeep and will bring character to your outdoor landscape till times to come. They are manufactured using our innovative technology which combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments. This makes our mat foliage inherently fade resistant and no matter how harsh sun, wind, water or snow is, you can be sure that there won’t be any color loss.

If you’re looking for design elements which will enhance your commercial landscape without much time and finance requirements, then these English Ivy Mats are perfect. They will not just offer a protective covering to your walls and fences but will make them attractive and refreshing. Our mats will give you a highly dynamic and special business space.
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My sales rep. was extremely professional and helpful in my purchase of faux ivy for my restaurant and followed up with me throughout the process to make me feel more at home. I have since purchased more from Commercial Silk and will continue with their great representatives.

12/4/2012 - (Atlanta, GA)

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